How to cut wood slices with chainsaw? Useful Article For You

If you like DIY crafts, wood slices are indispensable. There are many tools you can use to cut wood slices, including chainsaws. Today, we will show you two methods to cut wood slices with a chainsaw, and some safety tips when using a chainsaw.

How to cut wood slices with chainsaw

How to cut wood slices with chainsaw

A chainsaw is a cutting tool with a teeth chain moving around a blade’s edge. This is one of the best tools to cut wood slices. You can use a chainsaw to cut wood slices in two ways: Freehand cut and cut with a wood jig.

Freehand cut

In this method, you will need only a chainsaw to cut. This is the fastest way to cut wood slices. Before starting to cut, you must wear protective gear for your safety. You will need:

  • A safety helmet with protection glass
  • Ears protection
  • Protective clothing
  • Anti-cut gloves
  • Anti-cut boots

Now let’s move to the cutting directions: 

  • Step 1: Wear protective gear. You must ensure your safety before making any cuts.
  • Step 2: Prop the log up. It is struggling to cut a log when it is on the ground. The chainsaw blade can hit the ground and become dulled. Lift one end of the log and put it on a log jack or wood scraps. It is ideal to prop the log up to about your knee height.
  • Step 3: Identify the wood knots. Knots are harder parts of the log. So cutting through them is more difficult and also potentially dangerous. Besides, knots can make your wood slices unsmooth and uneven. You should figure out all the knots and avoid cutting them as much as possible
  • Step 4: Measure the log and mark the thickness of slices that you want. Use a tape measure to measure the thickness of each slice and mark around the log.
  • Step 5: Turn on the chainsaw and hold it firmly with both of your hands. First, make a warm-up cut to check whether the chainsaw works well or not. Then, start sawing the log into slices according to the marks until the end.

Cut with a wood jig

If you want wood slices of the same thickness, you should cut them with a wood jig. A jig is easy to make and you can do it by yourself.

  • Step 1: Make the wood jig: First, measure the diameter of the log you will cut. Use this measurement to make 2 pieces of 2×4 equal to the length.

Then make 2 other pieces of 2×4 that are at least 4 inches longer than the previous ones. Nail these 4 pieces together to form a box. Now your wood jig is ready for use.

  • Step 2: Prepare the blade of the chainsaw so that it can’t touch the jig when cutting. You will need two equal size pieces of scrap wood. These pieces must be at least 1-inch thick. 

Glue one piece on one side of the chainsaw blade, near the back handle. On the same side of the blade, glue the other piece near the blade’s tip.

  • Step 3: Find the knots, decide the thickness of slices, and mark them on the log. Put the jig over the log and move it down a bit under the thickness mark. Use screws to secure the jig to the log
  • Step 4: Turn the chainsaw on and hold it firmly with both of your hands. Slowly move the right side of the blade to the log and cut. After finishing the first cut, remove the jig and continue to move it down. Repeat the process to cut new slices until the end of the log.

Safety tips when using a chainsaw

It is not a safe job to cut wood slices with a chainsaw. Here are some safety tips you should know when using a chainsaw:

Always wear protective gear before cutting

Protection clothing will protect your body. Wearing a safety helmet with protection glass will prevent sawdust from injuring your eyes. A helmet also protects your head from a kick-back accident. 

Ears protection will limit the loud noise from the chainsaw. Boots and gloves will protect your hands and legs from unwanted injuries.

Clear the ground before cutting

You should observe the ground before starting your work. Clear all the unwanted things from the work area. Moreover, make sure that no one can disturb you when cutting. A person appearing behind you can make you lose concentration and you can get injured.

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Avoid the kick-back zone of the chainsaw

The kick-back zone of a chainsaw is on the tip of the blade. If you cut with the kick-back zone, the blade will bounce back to you and can cause serious injuries. So always avoid this zone when cutting.

Avoid the kick-back zone of a chainsaw to prevent injuries

Always hold the chainsaw with both hands

If you only use one hand to hold the chainsaw, the slices may not be even. Besides, this can be dangerous because the chainsaw can slip and injure you.

Final Words

We have shown you 2 ways to cut wood slices with a chainsaw. Remember to follow the safety tips to protect yourself. We hope that you will have nice wood slices to make your DIY crafts.

Reference source: How to Make Wood Slices & Wood Cookies – Woodcraft & Wood Art


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