How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw – Step By Step Guidelines

Changing your floor type and looking for a way to fix the quarter round in order to fit the wall? The best solution is to cut and fix this wood piece with a miter saw; however, what if you do not have this tool? What else can you replace it with?

Continue reading this post to find out how to cut quarter round without a miter saw, and we will suggest other ways to get your work done conveniently!

Step How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw? 

How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw

The best tool for cutting a quarter round is the miter saw. But if you do not have the tool on hand, you can still use other things such as a hand saw, circular saw and multi-angle miter shear cutter to continue this work. So to come in handy for you to follow, we have separated the procedures step by step. 

Using Hand Saw

How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw 1

The simplest and most effective tool you can think of is the hand saw. Also, if you are a beginner, this is the perfect instrument for you to practice cutting a perfect round.

Here is how to do it:

Step #1

Quarter rounds come in many sizes, so the first thing you need to do is measure the right size for the place you need to install it.

Step #2

Following this, carefully measure the baseboard with the measuring tape.

Step #3

Use the measuring tape to mark the required length for the piece of wood.

Step #4

Subsequently, use specialized tools to mark the 45 and 90-degree angles, respectively.

Step #5

After measuring and marking the indicators, place the board on the floor and turn it upside down.

Step #6

Now use your handsaw to cut on the line of the wood. For best results, please measure and mark it correctly.

In addition, you should cut very slowly, not in a hurry; because every mistake will lead to a bad result for your work.

Using Circular Saw

The next tool that can help you cut a quarter saw is a circular saw. This will be a bit more difficult, so you should be an experienced user in order to be able to use this technique.

How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw 2

Step #1

Like the early steps of the hand saw, you still have to estimate the index correctly and mark it on the piece of wood before you start cutting the angles.

Step #2

For accuracy, use clamps to hold your mold tightly.

Step #3

Choose the saw blade for your circular saw. We recommend using specialized wood cutting saw blades or blades with 60 teeth or more.

Step #4

The next step is to adjust the depth of the saw blade (it’s no more than 1/4 inch deeper than the quarter round thickness).

Step #5

Start the cut molding with a circular saw. With straight cuts, there is nothing special to note about. However, when you start cutting corners, there needs to be a fine adjustment of the blade.

Using Multi-Angle Miter Shear Cutter 

Another great way is using a multi-angle miter shear cutter. This tool will easily help you cut or trim the quarter round quickly. 

Step #1

First of all, estimate and mark everything perfectly as you need.

Step #2

Place the piece of wood you need to cut into the saw blade with the flat surface at a safe distance away from you.

Step #3

Next, check to make sure you create the right cut using the hedge and angled line on the equipment.

Step #4

Start cutting by applying pressure to the multi-angle miter shear cutter. Remember to cut it slowly to easily trace the marked positions to create a nice quarter round.

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What To Keep In Mind When Cutting A Quarter Round?

Cutting a quarter round is not difficult. But for the job to go smoothly, there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing this process.

  1. First, make sure you always wear full protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection headphones. In addition, pay attention to appropriate clothing and not wear accessories when using sawing equipment. Make sure you also protect every part of your body to avoid any bad things happening.
  2. Next, you need to clear the spot where you will cut the quarter saw. You will need an open space without a lot of furniture to avoid distracting from making precise cuts. We highly recommend that you clean your desk and the entire workshop before starting work.
  3. Before getting down to your work, research the safety features of the sawing equipment you use because these tools can become very dangerous if you do not use them correctly. You certainly don’t want them to cut your hands or any part of your body, so to make sure that doesn’t happen, learn their security features to keep you and others safe.
  4. In addition to hand saws, other sawing devices require a power source to operate. So when not in use, make sure you have disconnected them completely from the outlet.
  5. After you have finished cutting the quarter square, clean it up again so that the wood dust is completely removed, as it will affect the respiratory system if you inhale them.
  6. For tools, please keep them in a safe place, double-check the power socket, saw blade, etc., before you leave the workplace.
  7. Last but not least, keep them out of reach of children and your pets. Make sure they are always far away from the workplace, prevent them from approaching dangerous tools, especially when you are in the process of working.

How To Cut Quarter Round Without A Miter Saw 3


In the above article, we have covered many methods on how to cut quarter round without a miter saw. However, please be mindful that there are ways suitable for beginners or only for professionals.

You can follow the steps and notes to complete your work successfully. Good luck!

Reference Source: How to Install Quarter Round


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