How To Cut Quarter Round Outside Corner? This Answer Makes You Surprise

Quarter round outside (referred to as shoe molding) is always considered as a useful finish step in all rooms. A hand saw and miter box can help you cut these thin pieces of wood. Believe us! You can finish this hard-to-do task if you strictly follow our instructions! Now let’s dive into this writing and find out how to cut quarter round outside corner.

How To Cut Quarter Round Outside Corner?

Here we’re going to instruct you on cutting the quarter round outside the corner. As mentioned above, you had better read our guide carefully and keep following to achieve the best result!

                        How To Cut Quarter Round Outside Corner

Step 1: Choosing The Quarter Round Corner Outside In Your House

First of all, it is a must to select the quarter round corner. Normally, the length of a quarter round corner is 8 ft (equivalent to 240 cm) or 16 ft (equivalent to 490 cm). In case you do not know the exact dimension, you can measure them with a tapeline. 

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Step 2: Aligning A quarter Round On The Wall & Mark With A Pencil

Next, you should put your quarter round piece on the ground pressing on the wall. And there, you can quickly use the pencil to mark the places for your cuts. Remember to indicate small positions that need trimming later.

Step 3: Determining the angle’s direction of your cut.

The third step is to specify the angle directly of your cut. The quarter round piece should be cut at a 45-degree angle. 

Our advice is to cut two 45-degree angle joint pieces in one direction. By that, we mean both have to be angled to the left or the right. To create a flat line against the wall, you have to make sure those joint pieces can snap together.

Almost all corners we can observe are 90-degree angles. In this situation, just cut these pieces at an angle of 45 degrees in opposing directions to ensure that they can match together (one to the left and one to the right).

If the corners are significantly different from 90 degrees, let’s measure the angle by a protractor and divide it into 2 to determine the angle of your cuts. In case the quarter turn ends in an obstacle, you should cut the corner at 45 degrees and attach a quarter round return.

Step 4: Using A Miter Box And A Handsaw To Cut A Quarter Round.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – cut a quarter round outside the corner using a miter and hand saw to cut. 

You need to put a quarter round piece into the miter box and secure it with the pins. Continue to determine the exact angle for your cutting, use your non-dominant hand to keep the miter box steady, and your dominant hand to hold the saw. 

Then, you press down the saw and keep moving around until the cut is complete. 

Be noted that you should wear protective eyewear and goggles to avoid unexpected situations!

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Why Should You Use Quarter Round?

If you have recently replaced your carpet with parquet, tile, laminate, or even concrete floors, the quarter round outside corner would have worked well. You will need something to fill the gap between the new floor and the skirting board in these cases. When it comes to the cost and labor of disassembling and resuspending skirting boards, a quarter round is a good way to bridge the gap.

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Some Tips For The Successful Application To Cut Quarter Round Outside Corner 

To cut a quarter round outside the corner successfully, there are some handy tips for you. 

When you do the cutting job with quarter round moldings, our first tip is to cut them into 8-inch pieces (about ¼ round). This way, you can make sure that the outside corner will appear exactly. 

Basically, we have various types of quarter rounds, yet the most popular one is wood made from Home Depot. Plastic quarter rounds are less commonly used as it is fragile and easy to break. When you hammer a nail on a plastic quarter round, it sometimes breaks.

Another type that is commonly available in most stores is the fragile plastic foam that melts when the miter is cut. With this foam type, you should cut them quickly to prevent them from getting too hot and melting. 

You can also see the quarter round made of compressed fiber. It is coated and has various patterns similar to wood. As a result, the compressed fiber makes the blade of a miter saw a bit harder when cutting. In this case, we suggest you use a sharp blade to get the perfect appearance of a quarter round.


If you have read as far as here, we believe that you can now understand our method on how to cut quarter round outside corner. Believe us! If you take our advice seriously, you will find this cutting job not too difficult as you thought. Of course, this also takes a lot of time, but it’s worth the effort!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our next article. See you then!

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