Tips On How To Cut Porcelain Tile Without Chipping


When cutting and tiling porcelain tiles, you sometimes accidentally chip them. You might wonder how to cut porcelain tile without chipping and cracks to minimize the loss of materials. 

Porcelain, especially tiles, are firm and hard, so you will need a powerful tool to cut them. A wet saw or a handheld tile cutter can be a good choice. However, if you do not know how to cut correctly, you will risk chipping or cracking their surface. 

This article will show you some solutions to help you lower the ability of chipped tiles. 

What Are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are a mixture of sand, white clay, and feldspar rock powder, fired at a high temperature, making them harder and denser than normal ceramic tiles. Therefore, this kind of tile is suitable in areas with high traffic density as they can bear more pressure. 

Though porcelain are usually incredibly hard, they are not unbreakable. As a hard surface, if an object drops onto a porcelain at a sharp and right angle, it might cause it to chip and crack. 

And of course, when handling such a brittle and easy-to-break material, you need to be extra careful to get a clean, smooth cut.

What Causes Porcelain Tiles To Chip?

The porcelain tile chip when it collides with an external force. This type of tile has the characteristics of ceramic and glaze, so it can fracture or chip if hit hard with hard objects or rough surfaces.

Chipping can also happen when you are cutting with an unsuitable or blunt blade. Or else, you may use the wrong tool to cut. 

how to cut porcelain tile without chipping

Thus, we give you some tips and recommendations on how to cut porcelain tile without chipping, especially how to cut glazed porcelain tile without chipping.

How To Cut Porcelain Tiles Without Chipping

Cutting porcelain tiles is harder than normal tiles because it is firm, brittle, and chips easily. Cutting with the right tool and careful execution is the way to have the perfect shape tiles that you want. 

After understanding why these tiles chip when cutting, scroll down for some tips and tricks to have a perfect porcelain tile cut.

What Is The Best Porcelain Tiles Cut?

The best porcelain tiles cut should be the one with good shape and without chipping or cracking. While chipped or cracked tiles are inevitable,  some tools might help reduce the risk of that. 

If you are cutting a small porcelain tile, you can use a handheld tool such as a grinder or a tile nipper. For the bigger one, you should use a wet saw or a tile cutter to save time and have the most exact cutting line.

So, how do you cut porcelain tiles without them chipping? Here are some tips and tools that can help you do the job accurately.

Find A Flat Surface To Do The Cut

Place the cutter on a firm and steady surface so it will not move during the cut. Then place the tile on the stop point at the end of the cutter. Make sure the pressure is distributed evenly, so you can cut a straight line.

This action is small, but it affects the shape of the tiles after cutting. If you do not place the cutter on the sturdy surface, you won’t get straight cutting lines. 

Clean The Blade

One reason porcelain tiles chip when cutting is the scaled, rusted blade. The scale build-up around the blade is also steel and can crack the surface of the tiles.

Cleaning the blade helps you ensure its durability, prolong its use, and ensure the efficiency for the most accurate cuts. You can use a specialized cleaning solution such as alcohol and a brush to clean each crevice.

Tile Nippers For Small Cutting

If you want to cut those tiles into small pieces or cut their edges, a tile nipper is your best bet. 

In this case, you can handle the cut without chipping easily because the cut is simpler than the bigger one. However, do not be careless. You can still crack them if you apply too much pressure.

Manual Tiles Cutter

Due to the availability and simplicity of the tool, people use this method widely. For the cut to be accurate, beautiful, and the tile glaze is not damaged, the first thing you need to do is choose a blade suitable to cut the porcelain tile, then start cutting.

You can only use this type of tile cutter for straight cuts, and should proceed gently. If you press too hard, the enamel will explode. When you nearly finish the cutting line, it is advisable to push firmly, or you will chip the tile. 

Wet Saw

We highly recommend a wet saw in cutting tiles, especially porcelain tile. This tool is the best way to cut a porcelain tile without chips and cracks. The tool includes a blade and water reservoir beneath the cutter surface. 

Water is needed to effectively cool down the working cutter and prevent microcracks at the ends of the tiles. With a wet saw, you can have a perfectly straight cut without any chips or cracks.  

Water Jet Tile Cutter

The water jet cutter looks like an upgraded version of the wet saw. It can accommodate a huge piece of tile and cut it perfectly without any damages. However, this cutter is not the best choice if you need a mini tile size.

Some Other Tips For The Best Cut

Chipped porcelain tiles when cutting is inevitable, but you can minimize this situation by following the tips below:

  • Select the right tile cutter: You can consider those tools recommended above to ensure that the tile will not be chipped during the cutting process and the cut will be smooth.
  • Firm hands when cutting tiles: Holding the tile cutter firmly and keeping the tile in the middle will prevent damages to the tile.
  • Determine the exact position of the blade: Put the blade in the right position, then the cutting line will then be correct. If it is placed in the wrong position, you will deflect the cutting line. 

Any effort to pull it on the right path will damage the tile and might lead to accidents.

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Porcelain tiles can boost the aesthetics of your home or room. Therefore, cutting porcelain tiles is very important. If you can cut it beautifully, the house will look better with such a pretty porcelain tile cover.

If the work of cutting porcelain tiles is considered an art, the cutter is considered an artist. Surely you will want to cover your house with shiny, nice-looking tiles.

We hope that you have grasped how to cut porcelain tile without chipping after finishing this article. Always remember, your safety is most important. Good luck with your porcelain tile cutting!

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