Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Plywood With A Table Saw

You have a project with the plywood. A table saw may cross your mind first because it is the quickest way. However, not many people know the way to handle that tool properly. How to cut plywood with a table saw?

We will show you step by step. So, you can do it quickly and easily. In the end, you can even discover why using a table saw is preferable to using other power equipment.

Now, let’s scroll and prepare well for your work!

How To Cut Plywood With A Table Saw?

Cutting plywood with a table saw will become easier than ever if you follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the blade
  • Step 2: Clean the blade
  • Step 3: Raise the blade to cut correctly
  • Step 4: Place the surface against the fence
  • Step 5: Provide some supports 
  • Step 6: Employ masking tape to the plywood
  • Step 7: Cut the plywood 

Now, let’s discuss each step in detail.

how to cut plywood with a table saw

Step 1: Choose the blade

When dealing with a table saw, you’ll need to invest in a specific blade with a big amount of teeth. This is to obtain the most accurate plywood cuts.

The majority of table saw blades are only good for rough cuts. So, you may not get nice cut edges.

You can use a margin saw adapter under the plywood instead of a saw blade. To make it, just put a whole sheet of plywood on the table while the saw is running. Remember to take care not to let the plywood slide or drop out of your hands.

There will be no space between the table saw and the hole in the saw on the table. A self-made plate will prevent the bottom of the table-sawn sheets from splitting. It is only possible to see a lot of plywood because you will destroy one to have the job done correctly.

how to cut plywood with a table saw 1

Step 2: Clean the blade

To begin, make sure the table saw blade is clean and well-polished. Rust and dirt can generate friction. They make it difficult to cut plywood. Pushing the blade down the grain of the wood is one way of ripping. The grain may appear in cross-sections.

There is no definite grain orientation in plywood because it comes from many layers of wood glued together. They begin at right angles then move to one another. 

Step 3: Raise the blade to cut correctly

By moving the blade, the teeth will enter the plywood in a different direction. The teeth reach the plywood surface at an angle when the blade moves slightly. Then, the teeth barely pass through it. 

You may obtain a perpendicular cutting by lifting the blade a bit higher. It results in a cleaner plywood finish.

Do not elevate the blade above the plywood more than one inch. You can make a smoother cut with a higher blade. However, it is also more hazardous. When sawing with a higher blade, take extra caution.

Be sure that the blade is at the proper cutting height. A reasonable basic rule is that the blade’s height should be one tooth higher than the plywood thickness. Before reaching forward to pick up the wood, wait until the blade has stopped running.

Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Plywood With A Table Saw

Step 4: Place the surface against the fence

Use a roller stand to hold the table when it comes off the table saw. Put the plywood’s best side against the table fence. Next, force the board’s corners into the fence to lock it there for the whole cut.

Step 5: Give supports for the entire plywood sheet

Plywood in large chunks may be rather weighty. Before you start to cut them with a table saw, ensure they are flat. Use easels to keep the sheet in place or enlist the aid of a friend.

Supporting the whole sheet enables you to keep your feed rate. It means you can maintain the pace at which you move the wood through the saw.

Step 6: Employ masking tape to the plywood

Use painter’s tape on both ends of your wood sheet. This method will retain the plywood fibers in place and avoid chipping at the edges. To avoid splitting, take off the tape gently once you’ve completed cutting.

Glue some fiberglass to the plywood. The width criterion is a two-centimeter margin on both ends of the cutting line.

It is preferable to paste tape with a dry towel to eliminate wrinkles and glue.

Step 7: Cut the wood sheet

Place the sheet on the table saw. Table saw teeth would start with the top and leave at the bottom of the blade.

Keep the blade steady and pushed firmly against the table saw’s guide. Pass the wood sheet through the blade with both hands.

To begin, press the plywood into the blade with the hand adjacent to it. Move the sheet toward the cut line with the hand that is furthest away from the blade.

Switch your hands’ positions as you approach closer to the endpoint of the cut.  Pull the rest of the sheet through the blade with care.

While using the table saw, be cautious. Watch out for the blade, or your hands may get hurt!

As the board passes the cut, employ a roller to assist it. Place the roller bracket so that it is slightly underneath the surface. As you push the board apart, ensure the roller bracket is in the right position. 

Before reaching forward to take the wood, wait until the blade has come to a stop.

Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Plywood With A Table Saw 1

Tips For Cutting Plywood With A Table Saw

Tip 1: Only use the sharp blade

If you need to cut plywood correctly, focus on the blade for your table saw. To create crisp and accurate cuts free of splintering, make sure the new blade you inserted is sharp at any time.

Luckily, most businesses guarantee that their blades are razor-sharp. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of the blade’s teeth becoming dull. 

You may have to understand how to sharpen the blade. Hence, you can handle the problem when it arises.

Tip 2: Take advantage of the zero-clearance

You have no choice but to use a zero-clearance addition to achieve accurate cuts.

The component will seal the gap in the surface around the saw blade. So you may get a matching attachment for your table saw.

You may also build your component if you have an idea of what it should look like. You may learn how to construct a zero-clearance attachment for your table saw by looking for instructions online. 

To obtain accurate cuts on plywood, you must set your saw to zero clearance.

Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Plywood With A Table Saw 2

Tip 3: Safety measures

Power tools have a bad reputation for causing fatal and disabling injuries. It would be fantastic if you prioritize safety. 

When cutting plywood with a table saw, always use a face shield, safety glasses, or goggles.

If you think the cutting process will be dusty, put on a dust mask. When using a table saw, avoid putting on gloves. Long sleeves, dangling jewelry, ties, and other loose-fitting clothes are unsuitable when working with the saw. 

Tip 4: Paint’s tape 

We have mentioned the paint’s tape in step 6. Why is it necessary?

When cutting plywood, your goal is to set yourself up for success. 

So, you will need to think of new strategies to boost your performance. Surprisingly, even something as simple as a painter’s tape may work wonders.

Apply a piece of low-adhesion tape to each cutting mark on the surface. The strategy is to bring the wood fibers together while you cut the sheet. 

To avoid splintering, ensure you fasten the tape snugly and firmly and very softly peel it off.

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Why Should We Choose A Table Saw For The Plywood?

We will go through four advantages of utilizing a table saw. These benefits are self-evident. 

  • Table saw is quick: You need efficiency and safety when working on large projects. Using a table saw guarantees that you get exactly what you want. They are considerably faster and safer than other types of portable saws.
  • It gives accurate cuts: A table saw works well with wood. It often offers straight lines.
  • It is easy to use: You’d want to finish more jobs in less time. Because you will find it easy to move a table saw over the plywood, it saves time.
  • It is flexible: Table saws appear to be bigger and heavier than other kinds of the saw. However, they are more adaptable. Table saws allow you to quickly execute a wide range of tasks by simply replacing the blade as needed.


Now you may figure out how to cut plywood with a table saw. There are seven steps you need to take. Each requires a different criterion. It would be best if you carried out the instructions carefully. 

Have we missed something? If you still have any questions, please feel free to comment. We will be right back for you as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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