How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw: A Complete Guide

People use baseboards for decorating their houses. They have a connection between your wall and your floor. Also, they add an appealing architectural feature to your rooms.

But it’s critical to know how to cut it correctly. Some of you may have struggled with this. How to use a miter saw to cut baseboard inside corners? Let’s find out the solution in this article.

How to cut baseboard inside corners with miter saw

To use a miter saw to cut baseboard inside corners, please follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Preparing the tools and materials
  • Step 2: Taking measurements
  • Step 3: Cutting the scarf joints
  • Step 4: Cutting baseboard inside corners

How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw

Using appropriate equipment is the finest and simplest method to finish your projects. Rather than relying on others to help you complete it every time. Using a compound miter saw to cut your baseboards is the key factor.

To have neat, beautiful baseboards, you have to follow the steps above carefully. Now, let’s take a closer look at these steps.

Step 1: Preparing the tools and materials

You always have to prepare your tools and materials before starting a project. You should know what you need. The biggest tip is you have to ensure that you’re not missing something while doing woodworking jobs.

To cut baseboards, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • A pencil to mark your measurements
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety glasses and a dust mask for your safety
  • Gloves
  • Crosscut saw

You should consider your safety while doing this. Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask. Also, please read the precautions carefully before using the compound miter saw. Using it correctly, or else you will harm yourself.

Step 2: Taking measurements

You should take measurements for your baseboards. Using a measuring tape to do it.

You have to take this step in order not to use the wrong measurements while cutting the baseboard.

What you need to know is how long your wall is, from one side to the other. And then take that measurement to make your baseboard.

How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw

Step 3: Cutting the scarf joints

Before jumping to the inside corners, take time to cut scarf joints first.

  • You should begin with a single baseboard. To make this, look for the longest wall.
  • Carefully follow the measurements that you made before. After checking the measurements, cut the end of the baseboards at a straight angle. Ensure that the ends are perpendicular.
  • Remember to join the pieces if you’re using two for the first wall.
  • The best solution is to cut and position the two boards with studs. Doing this can secure the scarf joints perfectly.
  • You can begin with two pieces of baseboards. You should cut it at a 90-degree angle.
  • Place the first board in position. Then cut the scarf seams in the center and mark 45 degrees cut with a pencil.
  • Lacerate 45 degrees at the end of the first board. After that, start smoothing it.
  • Nail the baseboard into place. Make sure not to over-sand the board. If you don’t be careful, the heads of finished nails will be exposed.
  • Use the tape measure to ensure that the next board is accurately cut from the previously placed board.
  • After finishing the second scarf joints, connect it to the first one. You can trim the ends at 90 degrees if there is a slight bow.
  • You can use one nail on the top of the base to ensure the connection is secure.
  • Use another nail into the angle and set it down on the floor.

How To Cut Baseboard Inside Corners With Miter Saw

Step 4: Cutting baseboard inside corners

The inside corners of the baseboard are also known as coped joints. You can’t use a butt joint in this case.

Because there is a gap between the two baseboard pieces you made before. That’s why you have to cut the next piece in the inside corner type.

  • Place one piece of baseboard at the right angle against the wall.
  • Then place a second one on the floor.
  • Hold the scrap piece of wood perpendicularly. And draw its contour with a pencil. Doing this will assist you to cut the inside corners joint correctly.
  • Cut the shape at a 45 degree angle.
  • Ensure to rotate the angle clockwise. Do it until it’s elevated to the machine’s left-hand side. Make sure that it is towards the right-hand side. After that, cut the piece.
  • Make a bevel cut along the profile. And shorten the profile at a 90 degrees angle. Join and engage the cut trim together.
  • Trim one of the boards carefully. Hold the other straight, put it on the floor. And enable it to join with the matching piece.
  • After that, remove the rear level. You will need to replace it with half-round files until the boards fit perfectly together.
  • Remember to glue the baseboard pieces carefully before finishing your work.

Few tips to follow while making baseboard inside corners

  • Be careful when collecting measurements and marking. You have to ensure that you obtain the right baseboard corner.
  • There is a good chance that the cuts made by the finest portable miter saw will differ during the first cutting procedure. Shape and trim with precise measurements until the baseboard piece fits.
  • The majority of the eliminated corners are far from ideal. All you need to do is fill up the gaps using caulk or other similar materials.
  • Maintain vigilance and take time throughout the working session to reduce the number of errors. You are permitted to shorten the trim to the desired length.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you cut a 90 degree corner trim?

Set the miter saw to 45 degrees to create a 90-degree corner angle. Using a compound miter saw, designed for cutting molding.

It will help ensure a precise cut. For the cut to operate, place the molding in the miter saw upside down and backward.

2. Can you just glue baseboards?

You can. But to ensure it won’t fall out, you should use nails too.

3. Should What angle do you cut the baseboard for inside and outside corners?

You should cut it at a 45 degree angle. While fitting these corners together, it will become 90 degrees angle. Then you will have perfect baseboard corners.


We have shown you the methods to use a miter saw to cut baseboard inside corners. After reading this article, you will figure out how to do your wood project perfectly!

Reference Source: How to Use a Miter Saw for Molding Angles

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