Ultimate Guide On How To Cut A Taper On A Table Saw

The table saw is a familiar item, especially for construction or interior workers. This device makes it simple to cut your materials. So its usage is too simple for everyone. However, cutting a taper on a table saw requires some support and must follow a specific process. So how to do it? Let’s find out here.

How To Cut A Taper On A Table Saw

Cutting a cone with a table saw is not as simple as pushing wood through a table saw at an angle, so it can be dangerous if you are not careful. For your procedure to be safe and accurate, you should follow the process:

  • Preparing instruments
  • Install the blade guard
  • Draw pencil lines đường
  • Attached with the manual
  • Place a fence
  • Start cutting

Ultimate Guide On How To Cut A Taper On A Table Saw

As long as you follow these steps correctly, your work will be completed quickly and create the desired product.

Doing it right will help you avoid reverse siding while also controlling the surface to produce precise cuts.

Step 1: Prepare tools

The main tools you need to prepare are a table saw jig and a good saw blade. Also, some must-have items are clamps, pencils, screws, mounting blocks, power supplies, and tape.

The table saw’s taper jig is made of abraded aluminum rails. The handle is high so your hands don’t touch the blade. Protractor design for precise taper edge placement.

  • Good blade for clean cuts onboard saws.
  • Clamps are to attach workpieces during taper cutting to ensure your safety.
  • Pencils are to create outlines on a piece of wood for easier cutting.
  • Screws are to screw the adapter into the mounting blocks.
  • Attack the block that holds the wood to be cut in place.
  • Power supply – the electric saw cannot operate without power, so prepare an ideal power source and place it conveniently to link to the device.
  • Tape, you need to measure before and after cutting; this tool will help you do it.

Step 2: Install the blade guard

Install the guard on the saw and change the height of the blade to ensure that even if the edge of the wood gets in the way, you are still cutting the base of the blade. The guard prevents your hand from touching the blade and prevents flying shards from flying towards you.

Step 3: Use the pushrod

Fingers closed and placed on the back of the board while using pinky held on the fence to cut 6 boards wider and wider. 

You must secure the edge of the board with a saw fence when moving the wood over the knife. Note, you should only give it slowly, and the operation must be steady and continuous.

Move the board over and completely recoil the piece. Turn off the saw and push the torn part aside to prevent it from splashing out of the saw and possibly hitting you.

Step 4: Draw the pencil line

You use a drawing pencil to draw the shape of the cut you are about to make. If you want to create a chair leg, take a pencil and draw a straight line of the required size. Then when cutting, you just move the wood along that line.

Then, you will not spend too much time editing the cut line many times. At the same time, avoid the situation of missing cuts that may have to remove the wood panel.

Step 5: Attach the manual

Use plywood or a board large enough to cover the trash can. The selected board must also be long enough to reach both sides of the empty square.

Then adjust it equal to the kerfs line drawn earlier. To attach it to the waste bin, you use screws to secure it.

Step 6: Place the fence

After you have attached the board, you stroke the wood from one end to the other. The task of the guide board is to place the saw in the correct position to cut. 

Without the support of this board, it will take you more work to establish the saw. Therefore, take a moment to install the guide board.

Step 7: Start cutting

Having completed the previous preparations, you are now ready for the important step of starting to cut. 

First, you will remove the instruction board because if you have put the saw in the correct position, the board will no longer work.

Once removed, you are free to cut the wood panel into parts for your assembly or crafting. Cut those pieces of wood so that the ends will be square and the sides are parallel to the jigs.

Before cutting, you must adjust the taper angle, and you change the taper angle so that the rocker taper fixture and the cutting blade meet at one point. Note that this point should coincide with the point where you plan to cut.

When cutting, there will be a layer of wood pulp created. Do not rush to throw them away because they can be reused.

Notes for safe tapering

  • Concentrate while working
  • Understand the working principle of the machine
  • Follow the order of steps

Ultimate Guide On How To Cut A Taper On A Table Saw 1

Using the right approach, being flexible in each situation, and always fully focused on the job is what you need to ensure you stay safe to succeed at work.

In addition, learning lessons and creating the most suitable process for you will help optimize your job a lot.

Working with a saw can sometimes lead to some injuries, be it hand hitting the saw blade or wood splashing on the body. 

However, these things happen when you don’t use the right strategy or are too careless.

Concentrate while working

To avoid these dangers, you need to use the right tearing strategy. 

The covered method will make cuts such as long tears, short tears, and equal tears to timely detect abnormal panels and immediate repair.

Cutting the cone with the push-pull method is quite dangerous, even if you already have a blade guard. 

Your hand still has to be close to the blade, so if you lose focus for a moment, you can lose a finger.

Therefore, to improve the above anxiety, you should focus 100% while working. Also, the push stick will allow your hand to be positioned further away from the blade using the way of tearing small pieces. 

The handle on the side of the foot gives you a tighter grip on the wood, so slippage is less likely.

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Understand the working principle of the machine

In addition, if you are new in this field, you should learn how to use the saw effectively. 

Specifically, it is necessary to grasp the basic operating principles always to use the machine properly. This not only protects you but also prolongs the life of the appliance while improving work results.

Follow the order of steps

Even though you have a lot of experience, you must not be neglected by skilled workers. 

Try to follow the cutting process and focus on work because occupational accidents do not spare anyone.


How to cut a taper on a table saw above will not be difficult for people in the industry. But newbies may have many details wondering how to do it. Therefore, you need to read the steps carefully and slow down each step. 

After a few times, once you get used to it, everything will be easier. Besides, you can also create your cutting process, but remember to ensure safety.

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