How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On A Table Saw? Best tips for you!

Knowing about the cutting angle is unvoide part of woodworking. There are various kinds of angles. Some are easy, some are hard. Are you having trouble deciding the safest way to cut the 60 degree? Follow our guide to some useful tips to know how to cut a 60 degree angle on a table saw.

What Is A Bevel Cut?

When you cut a wooden item, it is usually done at a 90-degree angle. But, angled cuts are frequently necessary, and these slanted cuts are bevel cuts. The topic of today’s talk is a bevel cut on a hardwood item.

When you need to cut at a specific angle, you must use a decent saw. The belt-driven table saw is a one-of-a-kind tool for the job. Other sorts of cutting tools are available, such as jigsaws, circular saws, and others.

Usually, the necessity to produce bevel cuts arises as a result of design. These cuts are for interior moldings or cabinet trims. Building picture frames with beveled edges may also be beautiful.

How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On A Table Saw

How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On A Table Saw?

  • Step 1: Knowing Of Proper Angle
  • Step 2: Adjusting To Proper Angle
  • Step 3: Preparing The Wood
  • Step 4: Raising Blade
  • Step 5: Cutting

In order to cut a 60 degree angle, you will need a miter saw, wood stock for making a jig, workbench, safety goggles, gloves, ruler, carpenter’s pencil, and protractor.

Step 1: Knowing Of Proper Angle

Understanding how to measure bevel cuts on a table saw will make the process go more smoothly. To set a proper cutting angle on a table saw, subtract 45 from the supplied figure. Because, we want a 60-degree bevel cut, remove 45 degrees from that, making the cutting angle 15 degrees.

Step 2: Adjusting To Proper Angle

Many table saws adjust through a knob or release on the tool’s front. On your direct drive table saw, you must turn the knob and select the appropriate angle, which is 15 degrees in this case. This stage is critical, because its performance is directly connected to the project’s success.

How To Cut A 60 Degree Angle On A Table Saw 1

Step 3: Preparing The Wood

Getting the wood to the right form will need some practice. Shaping the wood into a precise cut will make all the tasks much simpler. Placing the wood vertically against the blade is the best method. 

Try to combine another scrap piece of wood with your primary working piece. It will prevent the blade from cutting more than necessary and any other cutting mishaps.

Step 4: Raising Blade

Raising the blade height allows wood to cut at a greater angle. The height of the blade is generally adjusted by a turning knob on the front of the table saw. Normally, the knob is in front of your table saw.

Step 5: Cutting

Turn on the machine and continue to push the material with moderate force. If you use too much force, it will bring uneven cuts and a rough surface later on. 

Make sure you have a solid grip on the material with both hands. You can also use clamps to get the maximum results.

how to cut a 60 degree angle on a table saw 2

How to Handle Uneven Bevels

The thin wood fins are one of the causes of uneven bevels. This is the area where the saw blade is unable to reach and make a cut. You can simply even out the bevels by using a plane. It comes with a flat and level bottom.

The main difference is that with a plane, you may choose which section of the exposed blade to control. If you can control the plane’s movement, you can easily perform curl shavings.

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Safety Guide during a Bevel Cut

The most crucial factor to consider while cutting wood with a table saw is safety. Even minor carelessness might result in a major accident. So, take the following precautions:

  • Put on gloves, eye and ear protection, and safety glasses before beginning any woodworking operations. 
  • Wear well-fitting clothing at all times. If they are too loose, part of the material may fall into the machine by mistake. It is quite hazardous.
  • Tie your hair back if you have long hair. Also, avoid putting your head too close to the workstation.
  • Keep your hands away from the saw. If you don’t want to lose a finger, please keep a close eye on what you’re doing.
  • Avoid placing too much force on the device. It will create uneven cuts as a result. In the worst case, you have to throw your wood and start with a new one.
  • Use clamps to secure your wood. It will prevent any slipping from occurring during the procedure. It will provide a precise cut.
  • Using the proper speed can prevent uneven bevels. You need to do your work at a consistent rate to ensure the best result.
  • Try to use the right blade to get the best cut.
  • Maintain your table saw well so it can work smoothly during the process. An old, rusted one won’t bring out the precise cut.
  • When marking on wood, an erasable pencil or chalk is the best.
  • Make sure you have all of the essential measurement equipment while cutting a 60 degree angle. Nothing is more annoying than completing a cut only to realize that you have the wrong one.

how to cut a 60 degree angle on a table saw


When it comes to measuring and cutting an angle on a table saw. The procedure is simple and not difficult. Before you begin, you must thoroughly know the method. Once you identify the angle, the easiest part is the cutting. 

In this thorough tutorial, we attempted to compile all of the required material in one spot. So, you could master 60 degree angle cutting methods without difficulty.

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