How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round

Are you wondering what steps you have to do to have a beautiful cutting job? 

Don’t worry. This is exactly the article you are looking for. This article shares the steps and useful notes, and tips to help you understand how to cut 45 degree angle on quarter round. Let’s get started!

How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round

Step 1: Measurement and points marking 

Firstly, you need to carry out the measures. Measuring is a very important step because precise measurement minimizes repeated cutting operations and saves materials and time.

After deciding the area for cutting, ensure that the markings are visible and that no mistakes are made during cutting; use chalk or pencil.

                        How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round

Step 2:  Choosing the correct cut type 

Next, you have to know exactly which kind of cut is most suitable for the corner position you are working on.

The cut can be made on the inside or outside of the corner. It is also important to choose the right setting for the saw machine in advance. 

An inside corner is like your room corner, created by two walls from an internal angle. A corner that turns around the wall is called an outside corner used to cover a raw corner of the cabinet box.


                        How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round 1

Step 3: Putting the molding in place

At this point, a designated molding region should be present in the saw’s cutting area. To avoid interfering with the cut, the circular section should be facing away or outward. It is recommended to stand while working so you are more stable.

The next step is to put the saw at an angle that matches the cut. Here you need to cut a 45-degree angle, right? So, the first thing you need to do is adjust and move the saw blade 45 degrees to the right such that it complies with quarter-turns at the cutting position.

        How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round 2     

Step 4: Getting the cut started

The last step is to start the cut.

First,  hold the presses firmly in place when cutting to ensure they stay in place and tighten the frame. Turn on the saw and wait until the saw reaches maximum speed. Begin cutting and keep your grip tight until the cut is complete.

After finishing, We must wait for the motion to come to a halt before removing the saw.


                                      How To Cut 45 Degree Angle On Quarter Round 3

Here is a simple way to obtain a quarter round with a chainsaw. It’s pretty easy to do but read a few more notes below to get the most out of it before starting.

Things To Pay Attention To When Cutting A 45-degree Angle On Quarter Round


Firstly, you should find a right saw that works for you because using proper angles, support tools, and edges perfects your work. And here are several types of saws that you can use:


  • Circular Saw: This is a tool for cutting various materials such as masonry, plastic, wood, or metal and mounted or hand-held to a machine but not the best for cutting molding.


  • Table Saw: It consists of an electric motor driving a circular saw blade set on an arbor. The blade protrudes through the top of a table, supporting the material being cut, which is commonly wood. The table saw is a good one for the deep rip but not the best for cutting.


  • Miter Saw: Most people use this saw to make precise miters and crosscuts in a workpiece with a blade mounted onto the board.


  • Miter Box and Hand Saw: You easily get exact crosscuts in jobs because of the hand-powered design. These machines are both light and quiet when using, allowing you to move conveniently.


And here are a few essential things you need to prepare in advance to complete your cut:


  • Measuring tape: This is necessary for precisely measuring the area where you want to cut.


  • A visible mark, whether made with a pencil or chalk, is essential for precise cutting. Having one of these will be beneficial to the user when it comes to marking.


  • Gloves: The handsaw has some sharp blades that can injure you if you don’t use gloves. Gloves are very important since they help prevent injury.


  • Eye protection: Because the saw produces dust, eye protection is required. They can have an impact on the eyes, causing little or serious issues.

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Now that you know how to cut 45 degree angle on quarter round, let’s start practicing with different types of wood until you can successfully make them without any issues.

Just try to focus, be meticulous, and be careful, and you will be able to manually decorate the objects and positions of your home beautifully in no time soon. Follow for more useful content!


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