How To Choose A Deck Stain To Coordinate With Your House. Some Useful Tips

A discolored deck with no end of smears makes your home become a blot on the landscape, doesn’t it? It’s so hard to eliminate them. Right! However, you can take this burden off right now with our piece of writing – “how to choose a deck stain to coordinate with your house.”  

How To Choose A Deck Stain To Coordinate With Your House

Step 1:

To choose the most appropriate deck stain, you should know which stain is good for your deck material and which color is suitable for your house. 

There are three factors to help you select the color of deck stain: the primary house color, the trim house color, and the color scheme wheel.

With the first two previous factors, you need to follow the color scheme.  If you have to choose a different color, pick one that still harmonizes with the existing color in your house.

    How To Choose A Deck Stain To Coordinate With Your House                                              

Step 2:

When you decide on your deck stain, instead of buying a lot of stains to carry staining, you should buy small samples to tint several parts of the deck. 

After making sure that this stain is conformable, you can start to stain the whole deck and contemplate your fruit.

Considerations to make When Choosing a Deck Stain

Types of Wood Decking

To coordinate the deck stain with the house and exalt the deck’s beauty, the first thing you need to focus on is to choose the most appropriate deck stain for your wood decking. Because each type of wood is suitable for different deck stains, understanding the material will help you choose the best deck stain to coordinate with your house.  

Commonly, the deck is universally made from three major kinds of wood: hardwood, softwood, and pressure-treated lumber. 

The first target is hardwood that is typically redwood, teak, mahogany, and ipe, in which redwood is the most prominent because it is extremely popular on the West Coast. Despite being expensive and less environmentally friendly, this wood’s durability, stability, and sturdiness make a good impression on homeowners. To exalt striking grains of these woods, you should use translucent or semi-translucent.

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The next common material is softwood, with the representation of cedar because of its natural resistance to rot and insects. Cedar and redwood are similar in the way that they come from old-growth forests, so they are environmentally friendly materials. Typical stains for softwood are solid or semi-solid stains.  

Another one is pressure-treated lumber. Thanks to the reasonable price and the ability to resist rot and insects, this wood receives so much attention from customers. With this material, solid stains are the best choice to enhance the beauty of wood decking and protect them from the negative effects of weather. 


If in the previous section we learned which stain is suitable for which wood, in this part, we will study the opacity of the deck stain. 

Opacity in deck stain consists of five major levels: clear, translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid. 

Clear is the lowest coverage stain because it looks like a thin transparent layer covering the deck without changing the natural color of wood decking. Clear stain is so apt for people who own a gorgeous deck and want to highlight wood grains.  

In terms of translucent stain, the translucence of this stain can show the aestheticism of the wood grain. Additionally, this pigment also consists of a little bit of color to raise the tone of the wood.  

Another level is semi-transparent, with more color in the mix without losing loud and clear wood grain. 

The next target is semi-solid, which is so helpful for discoloration or defects in the deck. The bold color and extensive coverage of this stain will give you a new attractive deck.  

The final and legendary pigment is solid stain. Thanks to outstanding coverage and bold color, this stain can give a brand new coat to the deck and help cover the defects in the deck due to time and deterioration of the material.


Another notable problem when choosing a deck stain to coordinate with your home is the color scheme. No matter how luxurious and sophisticated a house can be, it can become less aesthetic just by a small core design. In particular, facade designs as decks are even more affected, so be cautious in your choice.    

Commonly, the deck stain color included five types: natural transparent, brown, gray, red, and blue.

First of all, natural transparent is popular because it doesn’t have requirements in terms of the trim color of the house. However, it would be better if you own the perfect deck without discoloration and defects. 

One of the most prevalent colors is brown that is nearly conformable with diversified types of wood. Not only does brown make the deck elegant but also brings coziness to the home. This color is also easy in the scheme with other colors. 

The next prevailing color is gray. The suitability of various colors in paints, interiors, and accessories makes your house harmonious and subtle. 

                                            How To Choose A Deck Stain To Coordinate With Your House 2

Besides these above choices, red is a bright candidate with a riot of color style. 

Another interesting combination between deck stain and house color is blue that is tremendously universal in coastal areas. The similarity between water and ocean makes homeowners feel calm and peaceful.     

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Maintenance Requirements

Because of the function as a part of a facade of the house, keeping the deck always shiny and clean has become a wish of many homeowners. Besides that, suffering from the direct influence of weather, climate, and people’s activity lead to degraded conditions and a lack of aesthetics. This is why you should maintain the good condition of the deck.  

The first duty that you ought to complete every day is to sweep and mop the deck surface. 

You also need to watch the state of the deck stain to decide when is the best time to reapply the stain. The bolder stain is harder to fade than neutral-colored pigment.  


A gorgeous house is a house that is harmonious and perfect from interior to exterior. In addition, it must notably have a beautiful and apt facade.  We hope this piece of writing about how to choose a deck stain to coordinate with your home will be of great help to you.  

Good luck!

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