How to build a miter saw table? The easiest way to do it!

A Miter saw table would be the best solution to help you fix the saw effectively. However, it’s often not cheap or even very high. 

Instead of going to buy a miter table saw, you can make it yourself with simple ingredients. How to build a miter saw table? Follow the next share in this article for the most detailed instructions!

How to build a miter saw table?

You can build a miter saw table quickly with these 4 simple steps:

  • Cut parts
  • Assembling the table
  • Attach the saw
  • Construction and mounting of fences

An unstable saw will make your job more difficult. The cuts will not be completely accurate, and it is easy to damage the material.

You can overcome that situation when using a miter saw table to fix the saw.

How to build a miter saw table

However, the current saw machine on the market has a very high price. Spending a lot of money to buy a miter saw is not suitable for you.

If you are a DIY person, you can build a miter saw yourself. The advantage here is that you don’t need any experience to do them.

Follow the detailed instructions below and start building right away!

The necessary tools

To complete the perfect miter table saw, you need the following tools and materials:


  • Hanger bolt with wing nut (fits snugly to the saw blade mounting hole)
  • Wooden pieces and sticks


  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Clip
  • Drill bit set
  • Miter saw
  • Saw table
  • Tape measure
  • Protective glasses

1. Cut parts

The miter table saw is complete by assembling many different parts. So before assembling, we need to cut the wood pieces into pieces of suitable size.

Before proceeding to cut, you should measure to get accurate data.

How to build a miter saw table 1

You will first tear the plywood into 15-5/8 inch wide pieces as the bottom surface. Another 16-inch strip for the top.

In addition to the table saw, you can use a circular saw to cut the tape with one hand. There will be some incorrect cuts, though. But the minor deviation cuts really don’t affect the results much.

Next, you cut the 8′-long 1x6s into six 15-5/8 inch lengths to make the separator. Use a ruler to determine if they are equal in length, width, and thickness.

Equal widths of planks will give you the same height that will fit the planks into the project.

2. Assemble the saw table

How to build a miter saw table 2

Once you have the pieces of wood, you begin to arrange their positions. Stack the pieces of wood vertically and at an equal distance from each other to form a divider. Now their width will be the newly erected height.

Next, use your saw gauge to create the miter saw cavity. Make sure to measure the exact size of the saw and that the saw compartment is large enough to work with it.

Screw the mounting plates to the base and measure the final height of the table without the top. Use this height to create the back plywood pieces for the saw table. The height you just measured is the width of the rear fenders.

For all other cases, leaving the sawmill compartment uses the right-sized pieces of wood to create the top table.

Fasten the tabletops to the compartments that do not contain the saw.

3. Attach the saw

How to build a miter saw table 3

Insert the saw into its holder, fixed in place. Use a drill to drill holes 1/8 inch deep to mark the locations. The drill bits need to be sized to fit the hole diameter in the saw base.

Take the saw out, drill the hole and drive the hook bolt. Use the appropriate hook bolts prepared in advance.

Next, you use a nut or tighten the two nuts together at the top of the machine thread. Feed the holes in the saw base through the bolt and lock it in place with the wing nut.

4. Construction and installation of fences

A table saw would not be able to function effectively without its fence. However, it does not always work effectively.

We will create a fence that is removable and you can attach it as needed.

How to build a miter saw table 4

Use two 6′-long 1x4s wooden slats the same length as the reverse side of the top. Screw two 1×4 bars together to form an L. The width of the wooden bar is initially the height of the L.

Evenly space the braces, twist them 1×4. Align the fence with the slotted fence. Once in the correct position, screw the fence onto each separator.

You have completed a super easy and convenient miter saw. Without spending a lot of money, you can use waste wood pieces every day to create a sturdy table.

Why should I build a miter saw table?

1. Fixing the saw

If you’ve ever used chainsaws, you’ll know that they vibrate violently when in operation. The fact that a saw is constantly moving will cause difficulties for the user.

A miter saw table would be a solid fulcrum for the saw to work. You will greatly reduce the vibration and everything will work more stably.

2. Make precise cuts

When the saw is working, it will create significant vibrations. This will make it challenging to cut precise cuts.

The saw table can stabilize the saw and make your cuts straighter and smoother. A solid fulcrum will always bring you higher work efficiency.

3. Store essentials

On the miter saw table, there are quite a few small compartments that can store things. All your items will be neater and easier to use.

4. Cost savings

One important thing is that you will not have to spend a lot of money to buy miter saw tables at stores. Miter saw tables are usually costly.

For a carpenter, spending such a large amount of money on a table is difficult.

What’s more, you can use scraps of wood to create this amazing saw table.

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5. Easy to work

You don’t need any experience to create this table. It is just the process of cutting and using simple machines. You need to know how to use a saw and drill to complete it well.

You can also customize the features or parts of the saw table to your liking. This is a limitation that the saw tables do not have.


The miter saw a table is a handy tool that helps you a lot in the process of using the saw. Building a miter saw table is not complex.

Hopefully, through the detailed instructions in this article, you can successfully make your miter saw!

Reference Source: How to Build a Miter Saw Table

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