How Much Water Should A Puppy Drink? How To Make Sure Your Puppy Is Perfectly Hydrated?

Is your puppy older than four weeks old and ready to drink water? Are you concerned that your pup is thirsty or drinking too much water? If so, you may be wondering, how much water should a puppy drink?

It’s a good thing you’ve asked, because puppy owners need to be aware of how much water is healthy, and how much water consumption is potentially hazardous.

Keeping your young pooch hydrated is absolutely paramount if she is going to remain healthy throughout her journey into adulthood.

Knowing how much water to give your puppy during the different stages of her life is crucial to your furry friend’s present and future health and well-being. After all, water is vital for all life!

How Much Water Should A Puppy Drink?

How Much Water Can A Puppy Drink?

Water stimulates your puppy’s metabolism, regulates her body temperature and flushes toxins out of her young and relatively vulnerable, yet highly energetic body.

While grown dogs require one ounce of water per pound of their body weight, puppies have to drink even more servings in proportion to their weight. Example: A ten pound puppy should drink at minimum, ten ounces of water everyday. 

On active days with play dates or walks around the neighborhood boost that amount up, sometimes to twice the minimum daily amount!

When your puppy is old enough (around 4 weeks) make sure she always has access to a bowl of clean water. You can put down a shallow bowl filled with about half a cup of clean water every two hours or so.

Try to do this at the same time every day. Keeping a regular water schedule for your puppy will help you keep track of her drinking habits, and will also help make the potty training process a much swifter one.

If you’re worried that your puppy is not consuming a healthy amount of water, there are many ways your puppy help you determine whether she’s drinking too much or not enough. 

How To Tell If Your Puppy Needs Water?

There are plenty of ways to tell if your furry friend is thirsty.

One way to find out is by using the tent trick. Grab your puppy’s scruff; if her skin quickly jumps back into place after you let go of it, that means she’s hydrated. If her skin slowly returns to its original position in the shape of a tent, that means she is dehydrated.

If you don’t want to do the scruff test, or you want to combine it with another method, check her gums. Your puppy’s gums should be lubricated; if they are dry and sticky that can mean your dog is thirsty.

If your puppy is thirsty, she may lose her appetite, show signs of depression or pant excessively. So keep an eye out for these symptoms and call your vet if they get any worse. 

When To Give Your Puppy More Water…

How Much Water Can A Puppy Drink?

Dogs don’t have the ability to sweat out water like humans do, but they do have the ability to drool. After engaging in physical activity or spending time in the heat, your puppy will feel thirsty and want some water.

Make sure that your puppy has access to water after playing so she can replenish her body’s supply. If it’s hot where you live, ensure that your puppy isn’t staying out in the sun for too long, and don’t leave her in a hot car.

Water regulates your puppy’s body temperature, so if she is spending a significant amount of time in a hot environment, always, always, always make sure she has access to clean water.

If you are also caring for the mother of your puppy, keep in mind that she uses her body water to lactate and is more susceptible to dehydration while she’s feeding her pups.

Again, it’s important to monitor your puppy’s water intake. If she isn’t touching her water, bring her to the vet. Refusing to drink water could be a sign of that your puppy has an illness such as Parvo or Pancreatitis. 

How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Water Can A Puppy Drink?

Water may be essential to your puppy’s well-being, but you do need to make sure she doesn’t drink too much — too much water can lead to water intoxication. If you find that your puppy’s water bowl is always empty and in need of a refill, you’ll need to make sure she’s not drinking too much.

Knowing whether your dog has had too much H2O is not as simple a task as finding out if she’s thirsty, but it will be obvious that something isn’t right if your puppy’s over-hydrated. Symptoms of over-hydration include vomiting, fatigue, dilated pupils, excessive drooling and confusion.

If your puppy is consuming excessive amounts of water, pay your vet a visit. Illnesses such as a bladder infection or diabetes can make your puppy extra thirsty. 


Keep several bowls of clean water available for your pup to drink from. Refill them regularly (every 2 hours is a good start) and keep track of how much your puppy is drinking from them. If she has access to water, she will drink it when she’s thirsty.

You can use a hydration calculator, like this one to determine how much H2O your pooch should be consuming every day once she’s matured a bit more.

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