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How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain? Even regular users are also unsure about the answer to this question. But do not worry, all revelations will be covered in this article! We recommend everyone not to miss out on this useful post because we will help you know how to prolong the chain’s lifespan and avoid dangerous situations while working.

When Should You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain?

Advertisements from saw manufacturers mislead some people, as “High-quality” does not mean that the saw blade can be used for a long time without sharpening. 

No matter how high the product standard is, you still need to perform maintenance (including sharpening) after a period of use. But exactly when?

How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

It is actually very difficult to answer all cases because there are so many factors to consider. For example, if someone tells you to sharpen the blade after cutting 5-6 logs, it is completely subjective as their work, and you have different variables. Big or small log? Is it hard or not? 

In general, you need to answer at least two questions below to have an accurate judgment:

  • What do you use your chainsaw chain to cut?
  • How do you perform your work with the chainsaw chain?

For example, it would be best to use chainsaw chains to cut clean timber. This is because harder objects such as rock, ice, or nails are more likely to damage the blade. Besides, one of the causes of chain wear is to collide with dirt. In other words, you should use a pedestal when cutting instead of placing the log directly on the ground. 

So what are the signs that the saw blade needs to be sharpened (or worse, replaced)? 

As soon as you realize your chain cannot do its job well, it is time to maintain it. Specifically, the blade is not sharp enough, and your hand must exert more external force to penetrate the log. 

Another way is to observe the teeth of the chainsaw. When you find it dull, you should also sharpen the blade immediately.

For light work, you possibly need to sharpen the tool after ten days. 

How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain?

Chainsaw Chain Life Expectancy

You do not need to change the saw blade in 5 years with regular use. The time can even last up to a decade if the frequency is not very regular. However, the life of a chain does not precisely depend on the expiration date.

The life expectancy of chainsaws depends on the frequency of use

As mentioned above, each chainsaw chain has different qualities and also does distinct tasks. In the best condition, you can sharpen it 10-12 times. The more you use it, the greater the wear. To estimate the lifespan of a chain, we take an average value of 3-5 times to come up with a formula as follows:

Chainsaw chain life expectancy = Average chain resharpening times x The number of days used per sharpening.

For example, you often use the saw and need to resharpen every ten days for a better cut. So the results according to the above calculation show your chain lasts about two months (10 days x 3-5 times = 30-50 days) for relatively light jobs. 

Now we will mention some real situations. In fact, chainsaw users often look for effective ways to make use of old blades. Even though more than two years old chainsaw chains are no longer good at cutting wood, it still offers unexpected added value.

A popular way is to fold them in half and use them as a sharp knife for softer objects. You may not believe it, but with this method, the value of the old ones can last up to 1 year. That’s why it is unfair to calculate the lifespan of the chainsaw chain without considering its informal benefits. In this case, merging both values ​​gives a more accurate result.

We assume that the average total life of the chainsaw chain is 3-4 months after calculating both conditions.

The Calculation Of Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

In the above two sections, we have gathered enough data to proceed to the last important step: calculate how many times chainsaw chains can be sharpened.

Here is the simple formula:

The number of chainsaw chain sharpening = Total chain life expectancy – The single sharp lifespan

The average return of this calculation is about 9-12 times over 3-4 months. So you might sharpen a chainsaw chain 9-12 times before using it for other purposes.

However, all of the above data are not strictly representative of all cases. They vary widely among users. You can perform a chain test based on the following two factors to get the most accurate assessment:

  • Firstly, check for cracks or breaks on the chain. Then, remove the chain immediately if you see any crack. Even professional repairers cannot solve this problem. 
  • Check the available line on a chain cutter (called sharpening mark): These lines show whether the remaining metal is safe enough for your sharpening. If there is no space left between the chain cutter and the guide pieces, it is best to install a new one.

The sharpening time varies amongst users

To sum up, everyone expects a chainsaw chain to last as long as possible. However, it does not mean that you can ignore the signs of damage and continue to resharpen according to the above recipe. 

We have to reiterate that the above data are only approximate judgments, and you should believe what you have observed in reality.

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In Conclusion

How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain? This article has just shown you the most detailed answer. The formulas above can help you decide on the value of your equipment. However, it is best when combined with careful observation of the chain condition. Finally, do not forget to perform regular maintenance and clean up after use to increase the durability of your chainsaw chain. 

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