How Many Coats Of Polyurethane On Kitchen Table? An interesting find for you! 

“How many coats of polyurethane on kitchen table?”. When it comes to this question, there are many different answers about the amount of polyurethane. But the most suitable advice for you is at least three coats of polyurethane for your kitchen table.

The more coats of polyurethane you apply, the more beautiful and smooth your table is for a long time. 

Kitchen table is always the center of the kitchen, in which all family members gather to eat together, and it is used several times in one day. With some thin layers of polyurethane, it can make your kitchen table more attractive and durable.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits of polyurethane and how to apply it in the right ways. No more further ado, let’s get started!

Some Benefits Of Polyurethane

How Many Coats Of Polyurethane On Kitchen Table? 

Polyurethane is one of the indispensable materials used for woodworking. It brings a flexible and strong coat to protect some wooden devices in your house. Apart from protecting, this material also makes the furniture more polished and brings out other benefits:


Polyurethane is a famous material all around the world for woodworking. It is advised to use by some experts, so users can believe absolutely in its quality and safety  when applying to your wooden kitchen table. 

When the coat of polyurethane in your table dries, you will not feel any weird smell. Meanwhile, other materials usually release a strong scent for a long time after drying. 

Let the polyurethane completely dry, and you can rest assured there is no harsh chemical left. With this material, you also need to apply some appropriate protections after using it for your kitchen table, so that you can ensure your families keep away from toxic chemicals.


This is also the biggest advantage of applying coats of polyurethane to the kitchen table. 

The table is the heart of a kitchen, and all your family members frequently use it. So, some coats of polyurethane will protect the table from scratches and water damage.

Wooden furniture is quite expensive and popular for every family. Of course, you do not want your household devices to be damaged. Coating polyurethane will make them beautiful for several years.

If your family has many children or naughty pets, you need to use polyurethane for your kitchen table, or else you have to spend a lot of money to repair your table or change it frequently. 

With some thin layers of polyurethane, you can ensure the durability of the table without worrying that your children and animals will damage it. 

Attractive Look

Table used polyurethane

Polyurethane comes in many different colors that enable you to choose the most suitable one. You can also mix them to create your signature style.

Whether you choose the natural color of wood or some other colors, it will leave a shiny and smooth finish to the table. Not to mention, the glossy surface is much easier to clean. 

How Many Coats Of Polyurethane On Kitchen Table?

There is still no exact answer for this question, “How many coats of polyurethane on kitchen table?”. However, you also have to remember some fundamental rules to apply for the amount of polyurethane. 

Only with two coats of polyurethane, your kitchen table will be protected. However, with more than three coats and painted in thin layers, it is much better. You should also avoid using too much because it will affect the quality of the kitchen table.

The minimum coat is from two to three, and a few people use up to five coats of polyurethane for their kitchen table.

After finishing your kitchen table, you always want it to look more beautiful and strong enough to use for several years. If you want to get the best results, you need to apply at least three coats to your kitchen table.

Besides the number of coats you use, you also need to follow step by step the instructions of the polyurethane you are applying. Moreover, the right technique to cover your kitchen table is also required. The way you cover the table will affect its quality in the long term.

Which Tool Should We Use: Spray Or Brush?

When it comes to polyurethane, many different kinds can be well applied to your kitchen table. If you aim at a smooth surface, polyurethane spray is a perfect choice for you. With this kind of material, many fumes can emit around your house, so many people dislike using it. 

For spray polyurethane, you can consider the Minwax 33055000 Fast Drying Polyurethane. This product dries more quickly than others and provides the hardest protective coatings for your furniture.

Minwax spray polyurethane

If you choose to use a brush, you should use a foam rather than a bristle brush . This is simply because some bristle ones will leave many marks on the surface, which can decrease the smoothness and beauty of your kitchen table.

Foam brushes

Preparation For Applying Polyurethane

Before doing anything, preparation is an indispensable step that you need to do carefully. When you want to use polyurethane for your kitchen table, you need to sand and estimate the amount of polyurethane to use. 


Sanding is an essential step for those who want a perfect application for their kitchen table. Before applying polyurethane, you need to sand your table first to remove all pimples and enhance the adhesion of coatings.

You also need some kind of sandpaper grits, and you have to begin with the most sturdy one. Use it to sand your kitchen table until it becomes smoother. With some holes on the table, you can add some wood fillers to cover them.

You need to scuff each thin layer of polyurethane lightly and let it dry for at least one hour. If you do not follow the instructions of manufacturers, you will not get the results you expected.

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More than 3 coats

As we talk above, 3 coats of polyurethane are the minimum amount that you need to apply to your kitchen table. But you can also apply more if you like. The more thin layers you apply, the more attractive and better protected your kitchen table will be for several years to come.

After finishing using wood putty and sanding, you can apply the first thin layer on the table. When this first layer dries, use the sandpaper before the next coat. Remember to clean it carefully with a cloth to remove all dirt and debris.

This method is used by experts to get a mirror finish that shines, although it takes much time. After that,  the polyurethane will look great and preserve your kitchen table for several years with proper care.

Do not touch this table for at least one day after applying the last layer of polyurethane. The more time the layers are allowed to cure, the less likely the final coat will be damaged. The time for drying can be longer if you are in an environment with high moisture or cold weather. 


If your kitchen table is scratched, a coat of polyurethane may make a significant difference. Polyurethane is a great substance that provides excellent protection. Before using it, you have to know the answer to the question, “How many coats of polyurethane on kitchen table?”.

It could be 2 coats for a polyurethane finish or else with 3 coats, it will bring the best results for your kitchen table.

This table is important and necessary for every house. It also stores your family’s memories, so investing in some coats of polyurethane is worth your money.

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