How Do Impact Wrenches Work? – Let’s Explore Them

Intro: You reach for an impact wrench when no other tools work, and you’re about to give up on this particular screw. But do you know how it works? Let’s explore the question of “How do impact wrenches work?” to understand more about this lifesaver in your toolbox!

How Do Impact Wrenches Work?

Impact wrenches are powerful thanks to their unique working mechanisms. All impact wrenches are installed with a motor, and this motor helps the wrench tighten its grip on anything you put in it. 

So let’s say you’re trying to loosen a worn screw with this kind of device since no other wrenches or driver can hold onto the screw’s edges anymore. So how does an impact gun work?

The motor gets the gripping beaks of the wrench to hold tightly on the screw. Its grip will strongly twist it in short intervals and slowly loosen the screw’s hold on your surface. Why the wrench does these short intervals is to avoid damaging or disfiguring the screw or the object in the works with brute force.

You can argue that these short bursts of twists can also be created by using a normal wrench and keep pushing slowly. But doing that will tire you out after a few minutes, and the process may take hours of pushing and turning to get a bolt loose. An impact wrench can apply the force quickly and effectively, making it a more effective tool in this scenario.

How Do Impact Wrenches Work

The same mechanism of the impact wrench is not just for taking things off but also for fastening parts onto a machine with the same motion. The wrench can push the fastener forward and tighten it more than mere menial force can!

How Do Different Types Of Impact Wrenches Work?

There are many kinds of impact wrenches currently on the market. These lines of the product differ from one another by where the motor’s power comes from. There are three main genres of impact wrenches in terms of motor:

  • Cordless Impact Wrenches: So, how does impact gun work? Cordless impact wrenches are powered by batteries of different voltage and amperage. The higher the voltage/amperage, the stronger the wrench and the harder it is to control the wrench when it’s in power. Lower volt wrenches are also smaller in comparison.
  • Corded Impact Wrenches: Rather than depending on batteries, corded impact wrenches are made with an electric cord to let them plug into electrical outlets and draw power from there. 
  • Air Impact Wrenches: How does an air impact wrench work? These devices utilize compressed air to do the job and will require a unit to work.

How Will Using Impact Wrenches Benefit Me?

  • Cordless Impact Wrench:

A cordless impact wrench is much easier to hold and use because of how it is considerably smaller than other devices of its kind. Its stature also makes it very easy to store since it does not take up as much space. Using a cordless impact wrench is also much easier since you can control its torque and speed on the simple buttons.

You will go through a lot of batteries, especially if you’re constantly working on one object for a long time. But it takes a cordless wrench much less energy than its corded counterpart, despite costing more.

  • Corded Electric Impact Wrench:

Corded electric impact wrenches might be bigger in size in comparison to other motor models, but you cannot deny that it is strong. With the cord constantly feeding the wrench more energy, you will never have to worry about it stopping in the middle of your work because of energy depletion.

Depending on the model, you can get different torque and speed ratings, but generally speaking, corded wrenches are extremely robust. Just watch out if you are using the wrench for a long time and let it rest, though, or it will overheat and burn your hands even quicker than it unscrews a bolt!

  • Air Impact Wrench:

Once you can answer “how does a pneumatic impact wrench work?”, you’ll know why they are the most widely used type. It uses compressed air to move parts around, so there is considerably less risk of motor malfunction or overheat, which helps lengthen the device’s shelf life. Compressed air motors are no less powerful than electrical ones. Therefore,  don’t worry about air wrenches’ effectiveness. 

Another great thing about using this kind of wrenches is that you won’t have to spend as much. You will switch to using compressed air units to give your wrench an uninterrupted flow of air instead of batteries, so it’s going to be cheaper. The device itself is also quite affordable!

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Now that you know the answer to “how do impact wrenches work?”, you can safely choose one that fits your working style and budget. We wish you luck with every job you do with these wonderful devices, and we hope that they fit your work well!

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