Top 30+ Must-Have Home Decor Items List

Furniture not only meets the needs of users but also contributes to your home’s aesthetic beauty. Therefore, this job is challenging and makes you spend a lot of time making appropriate decisions.

Suppose you want to buy some interior decorations for your new home or are looking for some decor items to change the interior style of your apartment. In that case, this article is what you are looking for.

Below is a summary of the home decor items list needed for your home. This article will give you exciting suggestions to decorate the interior of the rooms and areas of the house beautifully and impressively. 

Now, let’s read on to discover!

Why Should You Choose Home Decor Items?

The choice of interior decoration items is critical. Now, the task is to meet the family’s needs and show the aesthetics of the space.

Simply put, the selection of decorative items will help you show unity in style and color for the whole house.

Choosing interior decoration is also an art that helps the space become more beautiful and brings a tiny feng shui element, for every job in the family is always lucky.

The first benefit of choosing decor items for interior decoration is to beautify and stand out more than the house’s architecture.

For example, if your home follows the neoclassical concept, it is best to choose decorations that show classic elegance and impression.

If your home has a modern style, you can buy decorations with novel and impressive designs and intelligent and versatile furniture because they create more aesthetic accents and create a youthful and dynamic feature for your home.

Home Decor Items List

If you are having trouble finding and choosing the right furniture for your home, read the following content right away. We have compiled a list of essential items to meet your family’s needs and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

Decor items in living room

First, we would like to introduce you to some suitable decorations for your living room space. Usually, the living room is ample, and people often welcome relatives and friends here.

Therefore, decorating the living room space is very important because it is the space that people visit when visiting your home. The decoration of the living room helps to create a unique impression and highlight.

Some living room interior decorations you should choose to buy to make people around you impress from the first time they visit your home include:


Wall clocks are essential items for your living room space. Please note, it does not simply satisfy the need to determine the time but also contributes to creating its mark.

Nowadays, there are many models of watches on the market with awe-inspiring designs. They are not just simple squares or round shapes, but you can choose from animal patterns, peacock shapes.

For homes with a classical or neoclassical style, choose wooden clock models and pendulum clocks with unique designs such as boats, music boxes, churches.

Wall paintings/prints

Artworks such as 3D paintings or wall prints are also an effective way to decorate the interior. It would help if you chose pictures with the same theme and style as your home space.

If possible, invest in paintings by some famous authors. You can buy it at art exhibitions or auctions. Indeed, these works of art not only add aesthetic beauty but also add value to your home space.


Fur rugs such as fleece are also decorative items that many families use. You should not choose a small carpet with a large living room because it will make the rug fit in that ample space and not show the mark.


Besides, you can use the bookshelf as an interior decoration item for the living room space. A bookshelf that stands or hangs on the wall and holds your favorite books or some classic artwork is sure to make a memorable impression on visitors.

You should choose a durable wooden shelf material with an impressive appearance. For wall shelves, choose lightweight wood to reduce pressure.

Table flower vase

You can choose to buy a beautiful glass vase or crystal vase to put on the living room table. Ideally, choosing accurate flower arrangements would help because it creates flexibility and can be changed.

Indeed, you will feel great every day when you go to choose your favorite beautiful flowers to put in the living room.


The sofa is not only furniture, but it is also interior decoration for your living room space. The color and material of the chair should match the style of the entire room.

The choice of color will depend on the size of the living room and the color of the room paint. Make sure to harmonize or choose the right color to highlight the space.


Some families also quite like having more plants in the house. Thanks to that, the living room space is airy, bringing the beauty of nature and full of life.

You should only choose pots of the right size because big trees can take all your oxygen at night if the room is closed.

Another issue that you should also pay attention to is that you should only plant indoor plants if your living room can receive direct sunlight. As a result, the plant will grow better. 

Decor items list in Kitchen room

Next to the living room, the kitchen is also a space you need to pay attention to when choosing furniture. Although the kitchen space is not ample, you can still create your impression and style if you use unique decorations.

When preparing to buy furniture for the kitchen, keep in mind some of the following items to make this space more beautiful:

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets not only save space, are a place to store things to help the kitchen look more prominent and airier, but it is also a decoration. You can use both wall cabinets and cabinets under the kitchen table.

The choice of color and cabinet material will match the style of your kitchen. If you are a young person with personality and modernity, immediately choose innovative cabinet models with striking colors.

Vase of flowers

You can also use vases to decorate the kitchen space. You have a lot of choices, such as using fresh flowers to create newness continuously or vases of wax, confetti if you want to keep it for a long time and save money.

The color of flowers and vases also needs to create harmony with your room’s overall layout. Usually, you can place the vase on the top of the refrigerator or in the dining area.

Kitchen wall decoration frame

In addition, in the kitchen, you can still choose some murals to hang. Note, choose pictures on culinary themes but still ensure to show unity in design style.

The best place to hang pictures is in the direction of your family’s dining area. Make sure it’s away from the cooking area for best page preservation.

Tool holder

Besides, to save space, you should choose to buy boxes or racks for tools such as spoons, some knives, etc. Currently, there are many models of chests and frames designed to come with tools.

These kits have an impressive new shape to create a highlight for your kitchen space. In particular, they still meet the basic needs of food processing.

Kitchen table

The kitchen table is an essential part of the kitchen space. Usually, the builder will design and install the kitchen table before handing over the house to you.

However, to ensure consistency in the kitchen design style, you should discuss your ideas with the designer and builder first. They will create your desired kitchen area.

For homes that do not have a built-in kitchen table, you can visit and order it at other home furnishing stores.

Spice box

Instead of using traditional containers or pre-packaged spices, you can purchase a set of specialized containers. It not only helps to preserve better but also contributes to the unity of the whole.

Dinnerware set

Dishes in the dining room also contribute to the beauty of the space. Choose from a variety of themed synchronized dishes to help your family have beautiful and delicious meals.

In particular, the glass or crystal dishes will create a luxurious and modern look for the space.

Accessories list in Bedroom

The bedroom is the private space of your family members. However, everyone will have different preferences, so please respect everyone’s opinions and choose the style and the appropriate decorations. Some suggestions for you are:


The pinboard has a round or square design that can be installed on the wall in your bedroom. Usually, people will put it in the position of the desk in the bedroom space.

This tool is exceptional, and you can pin important announcements and notes related to work and study.

More specifically, the multi-design pinboard is a rigid frame with a cotton fabric center that allows you to pin easily. You also have many choices, such as painting or embroidery.

Small mirror

A small mirror in the dressing table area in the bedroom is essential for you. You look in the mirror every day, and at the same time, it also contributes to amplifying the electric charge of the room.

Note, choose a mirror with a suitable style for your bedroom space and should not be placed in the bed.

Table lamp

Table lamps or night lights are also a great interior decoration idea. Nowadays, there are many different models of night lights for you to choose from.

For example, if you love minimalism, you can choose simple lamps with dull colors. In addition, for families with a luxurious style, the chandelier with outstanding design is also a good choice.

Besides, you should choose the lights with outstanding decoration for the children’s bedroom according to the baby’s preferences. For example, a girl’s Bedroom with the primary pink color should select pink lights, princess lights, or Hello Kitty.

With a bamboo child in a blue room, choose a lamp with an excellent color suitable for the overall bedroom space.


If your bedroom has a large area, immediately buy an armchair and place it in it. Note, you should choose the right color for the bedroom space to create harmony.

You can place a chair by the window so that you can sit and watch the world around you every day after waking up or before going to bed. Sure, it was a great experience.

Essential Oil Amplifier

The essential oil diffuser is also an attractive interior decoration tool. Using essential oils helps you relax and sleep better.

In particular, there are many different models of essential oil diffusers on the market today. They have a quite luxurious, modern, and impressive design that contributes to the beauty of the bedroom space.

Pillow set

A pillow is not only an item to help you have a good night’s sleep, but it is also interior decoration. You should complete the pad under the blanket and bed sheet for consistency.

Wall painting

You can also choose some suitable paintings to hang in your bedroom. The images should have deep colors to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Makeup table

In the couple’s bedroom or the women’s bedroom, a dressing table is indispensable. Usually, you will buy it as a complete set of beds and cabinets to ensure consistency.

If the bedroom is not available, choose to buy a dressing table in color and style that matches the style of the room.

Clothes hanger

In addition to the wardrobe, you can buy additional shelves to hang new clothes. Thanks to that, it makes it easy to find and bring dirty clothes to the laundry.

At the same time, these unique hanging models also contribute to creating accents and increasing the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom. 

Accessories list in bathroom

Finally, it would help if you also chose decorations for the bathroom space. Although this area is rarely visited, this decoration shows the aesthetic beauty of the house as a whole.

In particular, you will spend time relaxing and resting in the bathhouse. Therefore, choose beautiful and impressive items to bring satisfaction and attraction to yourself, such as:


Floor tiles are also home decorations for your family’s bathroom space. Besides buying anti-slip tiles, you can also get samples of ceramic tiles with unique pattern designs.

Thus, you can ultimately use it as decorative paintings in the bathroom space.


If your home has a bathroom and toilet area in the same room, buy curtain frames right away. It not only helps to separate space, creating privacy, but also effective interior decoration.

Currently, there are many 3D curtain models with impressive textures for you to choose from. 

Accessory set

In the bathroom, you also need to use many chemicals to support the process of washing, bleaching, personal hygiene, etc.

Instead of using familiar packaging patterns, you can also buy an extra set of accessories right away, specialized accessories in the bathroom.

This set of equipment often has a glass material with an impressive design that helps preserve detergents better after each use.

Utensil holder

Usually, you will bring many items into the bathroom, such as cleanser, shower gel, specialized accessories, skincare set, hair care set, etc.

Indeed, all these items cannot be. Leave it on the sink shelf. Therefore, you need to buy additional wall-mounted storage racks.

Currently, there are many types of prices on the market with diverse designs and materials such as wood, steel, plastic, etc., for you to choose.

You should choose a shelf with a color that matches the overall space of your bathroom.


Small towel hangers are also decorative items for your family space. Choose a hook that matches the color of the wall paint or the color of your bathroom tiles. This type of hook helps you hang clothes and towels to keep them from getting wet.


Choosing home decor items will depend on your family’s preferences and financial conditions. Nowadays, there are many other exciting and unique items on the market.

However, the list of nominations above is the essential items you should buy to decorate your home.

Tips For Choosing Home Decor Items List

As is known, home decorations meet users’ needs and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

Therefore, if you only buy for the function, it is straightforward. Still, the important thing here is that you need to choose beautiful items suitable for the space and follow the other furniture.

To help you choose the best home decor for you, check out some of our buying tips. Surely this information will be helpful and help you prepare to make the right decision when buying.


Indeed, quality is the first factor you need to consider when choosing to buy a product. Therefore, the best tip for you is to buy good-quality decorations.

You should buy products from reputable brands and distributors to ensure quality. In addition, when purchasing products at these addresses, the warranty and customer service will be better to bring you the most benefits.


Indeed, when deciding to buy home decorations, suitability is also an essential factor you need to consider. Because the aesthetic beauty of the space is overall, but each main item contributes to this general overview.

If you want to buy some more home decorations, make sure they match the ones you already have. If you are looking for new home decor, it is best to orientate the general style to choose harmonious items in color, material, and style.

Impressions and differences

Choose to buy some unique and unusual decorations that are out of the way. These items will be the highlight of your family space. 

In particular, they contribute to expressing the homeowner’s individuality and make people remember your home space forever.


In addition, to decorate a new apartment or edit your living space accordingly, you should refer to some more information on this topic. Below is a summary of frequently asked questions on the subject of home decor.

What items are considered home decor?

Home decorations are items, furniture, electrical appliances, equipment used in the kitchen, bathroom works of art, and other accessories.

Interior decorations need to meet two needs: satisfying the homeowner’s needs and contributing to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

How can I decorate my home?

Of course, you can completely decorate your home by selecting furniture, kitchen appliances, and other unique accessories.

To decorate your house by yourself, you can do a few things like Choose a new paint color and repaint your room or house, repaint the door, replace the door or install more details. Thanks to that, your home will have a whole new look.

What should you not do when decorating?

In addition, you need to note a few more things not to do when choosing interior decorations so that they do not affect the beauty of your space and feng shui.

First, don’t choose rugs that are too small in an ample space. For works of art, wall passes, or chandeliers, you should not hang them too high.

In addition to us, you should also limit the use of blacksmithing, especially short curtains and small pillows in the living room.


In short, interior decorations are increasingly diverse and modern, with many intelligent features. It is best to make a note in advance to facilitate the selection and make sure to buy all the necessary supplies.

Hopefully, this home decor items list has brought you valuable suggestions. 

In particular, you should pay attention to choosing suitable items for the overall space of your house. Because interior decoration meets the basic needs of users, it also shows the style and personality of the owner. 

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