Green Vs Red Laser Level: Which One Is Better? Discover now!

A laser level is a tool that you could need. Especially if you work in construction, landscaping, or anywhere. Indeed, one of the most significant tools is the laser level when it comes to erecting structures or leveling the terrain.

However, which one you should use? Red or green laser level? What are the differences between them? We have just prepared the right article for you. Let’s find out via this article. 

Green vs Red laser level

There are many differences between green and red laser levels:

  • Brightness
  • Visibility Range
  • Battery Life
  • Cost
  • Accuracy

Green Vs Red Laser Level: Which One Is Better?


As we know, one of the big distinctions between these two lasers level is how luminous they are. Green laser diodes typically exceed red laser diodes in quality.

In addition, green lasers have their unique construction. They are significantly lighter than red lasers without delving too far into science.

In reality, a green laser beam maybe 10 to 50 times brighter. Depending on the exact brand of laser of laser intensity you get.

It shows that a green laser will be much simpler to see if you operate in light circumstances. Such as a brightly illuminated room or outside.

Visibility Range

Another important distinction is how far the laser beams are seen from a distance. Naturally, it has to do with the luminosity of the laser diodes. The stronger the laser beam is, the farther you can see it.

Depending on the quality of the particular laser level. A red laser level can be expected to reach anywhere between 25 and 50 feet. On the other hand, you can anticipate them to rise anywhere from 40 to 80 feet with green laser levels.

Again, just how far they reach depends on the quality and laser type. But in reality, the red laser level can reach the same length as the green.

Green Vs Red Laser Level

Battery Life

Because the green laser is stronger, brighter, and much further. Simply said, the more dazzling the beam, the more power it needs. That means the greater battery the laser level.

Since green lasers are so much stronger than red lasers. It may be assumed that green lasers are considerably more powerful.

Of course, this will not be a deal-breaker when it comes to usefulness for most users. After all, you will have no option but to surrender. Because the green laser can see in and is readily visible.


Another factor to consider is that a green laser can cost two or four times than a red one. Of course, the actual price will be determined by a variety of features and aspects. It also depends on the brand and model.

However, a green laser level will cost far more than a red laser level.


To be clear, we wish to emphasize that the accuracy of these two types of laser levels is the same. Green laser levels are neither more or less precise than red laser levels. Since they may reach further and are brighter.

Which level is best for you to choose?

Which laser level should you get based on your work situation and budget

The application for which you require the laser level actually boils down to all this.

It’s a green laser if you require a high-quality laser level that can reach great distances. You want it to be bright, and especially can be seen outside during the day.

But if you only work indoors, if you don’t need to use a laser so far. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you should go for a red laser level.

The red laser level is likewise better with regard to the price. It’s cheaper. Making it a perfect alternative for people who want a budget. Given its reduced visibility and simpler appearance.

If you don’t care about the expense. You might get a green laser level because it’s strong and gives greater functionally irrespective of its range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are green laser levels better than red laser levels?

Yes, in some aspects.

For optimal visibility in bright ambient light situations, green beam laser can be up to four times lighter than red beams.

2. Why is the green laser level more expensive than red?

Green laser is not cheap. They have additional elements such as an 808 diode and infrared laser crystal. And a second infrared. That’s why it takes longer to develop and can be pretty costly.

3. Can you see green lasers in daylight?

Yes, you can. Even in the bright daytime or in full sunshine, you may see the green laser. Some instruments that use green laser technology may even generate a visible beam.


We hope to provide the best answer to your question. “Green Vs Red laser level” which one should you choose? Select the color beam on a laser level based on your anticipated range of work and your budget. Green laser levels are needed in broader ranges. Whereas lower budgets are more appropriate for red laser levels.

Reference source: Tool Barn University: Green vs Red Lasers


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