German Shepherd Pregnancy: 10 Questions and Answers

When you’ve learned your German Shepherd is pregnant, mind-boggling questions arise. I know how ecstatic the feeling is to welcome new members of the furry family. But this phase of your dog’s life is pretty challenging and yours as well. And as a responsible and loving furparent, you need to make sure to educate yourself about your dog’s pregnancy.

As you realize how fragile they can be, you want to be as cautious as possible about their diet and other activities. But to ease all those worries and uncertainties, we’ve answered the ten most common questions about German Shepherd pregnancy.

Yes. We’ve answered them all for you!

1. Do German Shepherds Behave Differently When They Are Pregnant?

Yes, they do. Just like what most pregnant dogs do, German Shepherds instinctively have their ways to be comfortable during pregnancy. So when your German Shepherd acts differently from the way she usually does, let it be

It may go around the house and look for a comfortable place to lie on such as couches, corners, or anything that seems cozy. It may feel restless. Similar to what human mothers go through, your dog may also experience morning sickness.

Your dog might become defensive and get agitated around strangers, playful kids, or other pets. You should take preventive measures and don’t allow children, strangers, and other pets to go near your dog.

2. Does A Pregnant German Shepherd Need A Particular Diet?

The best dog food for German Shepherd, especially when pregnant, should be high in protein. You can feed your dog puppy food from now until she gives birth and a few more weeks after that. Puppy food contains all the protein and nutrients your dog and its puppies need.

You can change your dog’s diet little by little by mixing a small amount of puppy food to its regular food. Over the next two weeks, you can give your dog small portions of its regular food until it gets used to the new food. If you’re having a hard time changing your dog’s diet, adding boiled white rice to its food will help your dog get used to it.

You should also provide a lot of fresh water.

3. How Much Should I Feed?

Your dog tends to eat more than the usual when it is pregnant. Remember, it is feeding not only itself but also the growing puppies inside. Your dog may get hungry from time to time. You can feed your German Shepherd three small meals a day instead of two full meals. Don’t let it overeat. If your dog gains too much weight, it may have a hard time giving birth.

On the sixth week, however, you may expect your dog to lose her appetite. The puppies would be big enough by this time and your dog’s belly would be stretched and large that it won’t have enough room for food.

4. How Many Puppies Does A German Shepherd Can Have?

German Shepherds have large litters. They usually have five to eight puppies but some have as many as ten.

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5. Is It Possible To Know How Many Puppies My Dog Will Have Without Ultrasound?

It is possible but not always accurate. The embryos would be as big as walnut on the 30th day since mating. If your dog allows you, you can touch its abdomen and you’ll be able to determine how many puppies are there.

6. How Many Days Will It Take Before My Dog Give Birth?

The average gestation period of a German Shepherd is approximately 58 to 63 days. If a puppy is born earlier than 58 days, it may not survive.

7. How Long Can A German Shepherd Be In Labor?

The entire labor may take 12 to 24 hours. Your dog may also wander around and look for a secure spot where it could give birth. It will also rip up some newspapers, blankets, or towels. You can also provide a whelping box if your dog finds it comfortable.

You’ll know your dog is about to give birth if you notice a clear discharge from her vagina and its temperature drops at 101 to 98 degrees.

As soon as you notice these signs, you’ll expect the first puppy to come out within minutes. The usual interval between puppies is 30 to 60 minutes. Sometimes, it may take up to 2 hours before another puppy comes out.

8. Does A German Shepherd Give Birth Naturally Or Via C-section?

Nature takes it course. German Shepherds don’t usually experience any complications when giving birth. However, if 3 hours have passed without active contractions and no puppy comes out, it is best to take your dog to the vet.

You can also take it to the vet if your dog is over the gestation period and still does not give birth.

9. Is It Okay To Groom My Dog During Pregnancy?

It is better not to. It can make your pregnant dog uncomfortable and may also cause stress and anxiety.

10. I Want To Take It Out For a Walk. Is That Okay?

Yes, it is okay. You can take your dog out for short walks. But remember not to overdo it because your dog will get too tired


Your dog needs proper care and assistance during pregnancy. You may take note of all the information mentioned above. But it is always best to take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups to know what safety measures you should apply.

Have we answered your questions about your German Shepherd’s pregnancy? If you have any questions or concerns, you can share them through the comment box below!

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