Facts About Basketball For Kids  You May Not Know. Best Tips For You!

The first basketball teams include nine members instead of five!

B-ball is another phrase for basketball!

Height is not always a matter since a 1.6-meter man can join the NBA!

Have you ever heard anything like this? If not, the fascinating facts about basketball for kids will undoubtedly astound you. There are also some amusing slang and unusual records included in the article.

Little basketball fans, are you ready? Cover your mouth because you are going to say “wow” continuously. 

Overall Basketball History For Kids 

This popular sport was the idea of a P.E professor in Canada, Dr. James Naismith. In 1981, he came up with the idea of challenging his students to throw a ball into a hoop and called the game “basketball”. The trainees enjoyed the game more than he expected.

The new sport was then spread wider and wider, from country to country. As a result, basketball has become an official game in every international arena.

Facts About Basketball For Kids 

Basketball never fails to draw crowds to watch and play it. We believe that these facts make you fall for it even more. Read on and discover.

Some Interesting Records

  • Sun Mingming, who is 2,36m high, holds the record for being the world’s tallest basketball player. Muggsy Bogues, on the other hand, is the smallest professional basketball player with a height of 1,6m.

Facts About Basketball For Kids You May Not Know

  • Playing basketball can help you earn a lot of money, and Michael Jordan is the wealthiest basketball player on the planet.
  • The competition between Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic in 1996 was recorded as the most-watched NBA contest in cable television history. Michael Jordan scored up to 35 points at that game, helping the Bulls squeak through with 5 points ahead.
  • Wilt Chamberlain is the all-time leader in points scored in a single basketball game.
  • In 1951, Rochester Royals and Indianapolis Olympians played the longest basketball game in history, which lasted 78 minutes.
  • In 1983, Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets played the highest-scoring game in NBA history. Finally, the Pistons defeated the Nuggets 186 – 184, putting 370 points on the board.
  • Basketball is the world’s second most popular sport, after soccer. It has a global audience of over a billion.

The First Times

  • Nine-player teams played the first basketball games. The rule changed in 1897, allowing each team to have five players.
  • The first loops used were closed-bottom baskets. It means that the game is interrupted because you have to take out the ball every time you score. Fortunately, the net basket appeared to solve the problem.
  • Originally, people used a soccer ball to play basketball until 1929, when basketball was created.
  • The first basketball match came about in 1982. Then, the court was much smaller than today, and the game lasted only around 30 minutes.
  • Basketball was first officially recognized as an Olympic sport in 1936.
  • Although basketball is most popular in America, Canada was the first country to organize a professional basketball game.

Fun Slangs 

  • Slam dunk: It was first used to refer to a “dunk shot”. Then, an American commentator coined the word “slam dunk,” and it has remained until now.

Slam dunk a familiar slang in basketball

  • B-Ball: Although we have baseball or broomball starting with the letter “b”, b-ball only implies basketball.
  • Sixth Man: Because a basketball team has five players, the sixth man is the one who substitutes one of the starters. Some basketball fans also call themselves “sixth man” as they always support their favorite teams.
  • Flop: The phrase refers to acting as if you got a serious injury while you did not. The acting player is the flopper.

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Surprising Facts About Famous Basketball Players

  • Before becoming a legend, Tim Duncan was an exceptional swimmer. 
  • The NBA has banned the appearance of Air Jordan. However, Michael Jordan still wore them. Nike assured him that they would cover any fine he got.
  • When Kobe Bryant first joined the NBA, he was just 17 years old. So his contract had to be co-signed by his parents because he was too young.

Kobe Bryant is the youngest basketball player in NBA

  • Kareem Abdul Jabar was a 20-year NBA veteran. With a total of approximately 40,000 points, he is the all-time highest scorer. He only had one three-pointer during his time in the NBA.


Some facts about basketball for kids demonstrate how much the sport has evolved and altered since its introduction. It will continue to transform in the future. And kids, you are the ones who are transforming. The NBA always looks for a second Michael Jordan. So now is the time to start practicing and preparing for the world’s largest basketball club to pursue your goal!

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