Impact Wrench Dewalt DCF899B Vs DCF899HB Review – Which Is Better And Why?

Choosing the best Dewalt impact wrench can be a challenge. There are various models that you can choose from. How do you know which one will work best for you? The Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF899B and Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF899HB are the top two models that are popularly used by many industries today.

Check out how both models of impact wrenches are similar and in what aspects they are different.

SpecificationsDeWalt DCF899BDeWalt DCF899HB
Size9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches
Weight6.39 lbs5.8 lbs
Battery20V Lithium-ion20V Lithium-ion
Max Torque700 ft-lbs700 ft-lbs
Breakaway Torque1,200 ft-lbs1,200 ft-lbs
Speed (IPM)2,400 IPM2,400 IPM
Speed (RPM)0 – 400 / 1,200 / 1,900 RPM0 – 400 / 1,200 / 1,900 RPM
AnvilDetent Pin AnvilHog Ring Anvil
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Dewalt DCF899B with Detent Anvil

Dewalt DCF899B is a brushless wrench. The brushless motor provides this impact wrench with superior durability, runtime, and superb performance. DCF899B is equipped with a ½ impact high torque. Its detent anvil gives support to its brushless motor and resistant to breaking and shearing.

Dewalt DCF899B features a 3-speed selector for drill and drill time control. DCF899B is equipped with one of the best torque systems of about 1000 ft / pound. Its buildup is durable.

DCF899B also features a 20-second delay time on its LCD light ideal for use in areas with poor lighting. It runs on one Nonstandard Battery (sold separately).

Dewalt DCF899B is heavy duty but lightweight tool ideal for use in construction sites. Although light in weight, DCF899B can withstand a 6 to 8 feet drop.

A user says DCF899B is an amazing product. He says he has more than four air impact guns and DCF899B is the most powerful even when he is using a high powered compressor. Cranks, tires, anchor bolts, you name it, there is nothing DCF899B cannot handle.

DCF899B is recommended that it be used only by those with the right technical knowledge. Extra care should be done when used at home.

Dewalt DCF899HB Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil

Dewalt DCF899HB with Hog Ring Anvil is a brushless impact wrench. DCF899HB comes with a superior torque system for demanding applications. DCF899HB's torque system is what makes this impact wrench a heavy-duty tool. It comes with a maximum torque of 700 fts/pound. Its maximum breakaway torque is 1000 fts/pound.

Dewalt DCF899HB comes with a hog ring anvil. The hog ring anvil is in effect a higher version of a Detent anvil. DCF899HB model also comes with a Detent anvil, so to speak, to provide durability, runtime, and superior performance. DCF899HB's hog ring anvil provides additional strength. The hog ring in this impact wrench allows a more comfortable and faster socket swapping.

DCF899HB comes with an easy to regulate a 3-speed control panel. DCF899HB comes with a superb body buildup that is not only beautiful but durable enough to withstand a 6 to 8 feet fall without breaking or shearing.

A user says he had a lug nut stuck on his jeep. He says he tried a 4-point lug wrench and a breaker bar but they did not work. DCF899HB came in the mail that day. The tool hammered for 2 seconds and then, bingo, the lug loosened just like it was not stuck in the first place.

DCF899HB is also equipped with a LED light that features a 20-minute delay mechanism to help workers in not so well lighted or dim areas.

As can clearly seem, the main difference between a Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF899B  vs DCF899HB lies in the anvil. While the DCF899B comes with a Detent Anvil, the DCF899HB comes with a Hog Ring Anvil. The question now is how are these anvils different?

An anvil is the part of the impact wrench that receives the impact. It consists of a square head and a body. The square head is at the end of the round body.

Dewalt DCF899HB Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil

Detent Pin

A detent pin has a pin that fits into the impact socket with a small hole where it is connected on the impact. It uses a ball bearing with spring on the side of the square end to keep the socket secured in place.

Hog Ring

A hog ring has a circular ring around the square end of its driver to keep the socket secured in place.

Many people say that a hog ring holds tighter. Depending on how often you replace sockets, this can be a plus or a minus.

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