Dewalt Impact Wrench DCF894b Vs DCF894hb Review

There are many reasons why an Impact Wrench is a practical tool to own. An impact wrench can help you loosen the lug nuts on your car tires if you need to change a flat. It can also come in handy if you need to remove nuts and bolts that have been factory installed or tightened. You might even find it very handy if you are building big carpentry projects such as a deck or gazebo.

Dewalt Impact wrenches are very handy to have if you are tired of using regular wrenches. Hand wrenches can be tiring to use and not tighten as securely as an impact wrench. Because the Dewalt Impact Wrenches are cordless. You will not have to drag around air compressors or extension cords when working on a project.

Dewalt makes two different styles of Impact Wrench. They are the DCF894B, which has a detent pin anvil and the DCF894HB, which has a hog ring anvil.  The two cordless impact wrenches are pretty similar in every area except for the pin.

I. What’s the difference between a detent pin anvil (Dewalt DCF894B) and a hog ring anvil (Dewalt DCF894HB)?

The difference between the two types of pins is pretty simple. It has to do with how the socket is attached to the wrench.

The Detent Pin Anvil (Dewalt DCF894B)

Some people feel that the detent pin anvil is a more secure method of attaching the socket to the impact wrench. A detent pin anvil uses spring loaded ball bearings to keep the socket attached.  This is a more secure way of keeping the socket attached, but it can be harder to remove it. This can be cumbersome if you are doing a job that requires multiple sizes of sockets.

The Hog Ring Anvil (Dewalt DCF894HB)

The Hog Ring Anvil uses a steel ring in the groove to fit the socket on o the wrench. It can be trickier to get the socket attached, but generally, they can be released easier. So, if you are doing a project with multiple size sockets needed, the hog ring anvil would be a good choice.

Now that we understand the difference between the two types of anvils, let’s take a look at the Dewalt dcf894b Cordless Impact Wrench with a detent pin anvil and the Dewalt dcf894hb Cordless Impact Wrench with a hog pin anvil.

II. Feature of product (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

1. Settings (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

There are 3 different settings on these impact wrenches. Having different settings allows the user to choose the best one for the project.

2. Power source (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

The Dewalt Impact Socket Wrench is cordless. This makes it easy and convenient to use in a variety of settings. There is no need to worry about extension cords or air compressors. Just take your charged battery with you and you are ready to work.

3. Batteries (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

Both of these impact wrenches do use lithium-ion batteries. Please note that while batteries are required, they are not included with the package. Make sure to have them on hand before starting a project.

4. Speeds (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

Dewalt has designed these two impact wrenches with a variable speed trigger control. This is a well thought out feature that helps the users to have ease of use and control when working with the tool.

5. Maximum torque (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

The maximum torque for the Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench is 330 ft-lbs. This is enough torque to allow the user to perform most projects and task with ease.

6. How heavy is the wrench (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

The Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench only weighs 3.48lbs. This makes the cordless impact wrench relatively light and allows the user to work for long periods of time without fatigue.

7. Motor type (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

These 2 models are constructed with a Dewalt brushless motor. This was done to ensure greater efficiency and run time versus the brushed model.

8. Precision Wrench Control (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

Dewalt has also constructed its Impact Wrench models with their Precision Wrench Control feature. This feature will prevent over tightening in forward use and fastener run off when being used in reverse.

9. Wrench size (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

This cordless impact wrench measures 6.95” x 2.85” x 8.25”. This compact size makes it ideal to use in tight or hard to reach places. It is perfect for all types of jobs.

10. LED light (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

Dewalt incorporated an LED light into the design of their cordless impact wrench. This feature helps illuminate work areas - no need to bring in extra lights or try and juggle a flashlight.

11. Warranty Info (DCF894B and DCF894HB)

Dewalt backs their products with their Guaranteed Tough promise - a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service and 90-day money back guarantee.

III. Conclusion

Dewalt DCF894B and DCF894HB are available in 2 different types- the detent pin anvil and the hog ring anvil. Depending on the type of project you are working on and how frequently you may need to change your socket, will determine which type of anvil you should purchase.

Dewalt DCF894B uses spring loaded ball bearings to attach the socket to the wrench. DCF894B of anvil makes it harder to remove the socket. If you are doing a project that only requires one size socket, this is the choice for you.

You would choose the hog pin anvil version if you had a job that required multiple socket changes. DCF894HB works by using a ring in the groove to attach the socket to the wrench.

All the other aspects of this cordless impact wrench are the same. The measurements and weight are perfect for the user to attempt small projects or jobs in hard to reach places. The lightweight ensures the user will not become fatigued.

The company has a very generous warranty, so you can buy their products and know that they stand behind them.

Dewalt is a company known for producing top quality tools. Their tools can be used for almost any project, big or small. The Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench is a great addition to any toolbox and it will be a tool that you reach for time and again.

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