Dewalt DW292 Review 7.5-Amp 1/2-Inch (Who It’s Suitable For)

The Dewalt company is well known for turning out quality tools for both the weekend warrior and professionals alike. They are designed to be dependable and to get the job done. Dewalt DW292 Review discover more about one of the best corded impact wrench on the market

Their wide range of products include all types of equipment from basic hand tools to heavy duty power tools and air compressors. Dewalt even has tape measures and utility knives. Cordless battery-operated tools and corded tools.

The Dewalt DW292 Impact Wrench is a solid piece of equipment in the Dewalt family of tools. It is versatile and dependable.

The Dewalt DW292 Review Basic

The Dewalt DW292 is a solid Impact Wrench that gets the job done. It is a ½” 13mm heavy duty design wrench. It is perfect for using to remove lug nuts from car tires and for use in construction and home repairs.

DW292 is an impact wrench so it’s important to remember that it works differently than a handheld wrench. An impact wrench works by the motor applying pressure to the nut or screw to be removed in short bursts. You do not need to twist it by hand.

The DW292 is the perfect tool for loosening stripped bolts or nuts with damaged heads or that have been overtightened.

The Design of DW292

The Design of DW292

The design of the Dewalt DW 292 is well thought out. One of the first things you notice when handling this tool is that it is ergonomically designed. And the grip is in the middle of the tool to aid in great balance when holding it.

It also uses a soft rubber grip which helps the dw292 to remain comfortably in your hand when working with it. The button to switch from reverse / forward is within finger reach, making it extremely easy to switch directions with just your finger. You will not lose any downtime due to fatigue or having to reposition the tool in your hand.

Additionally, the Dewalt DW 292 is constructed to have a soft grip, uses a Die cast aluminum housing gear and ball bearings. These all help the DW 292 to be a lightweight, yet smooth running, tool.

Power of DW292

The Dewalt DW292 is a compact powerhouse tool. It is corded so you will need to have an outlet source. It is a 7.5-amp motor and it produces 345 ft-lb of torque. This impact wrench will deliver 2100 rpm and 2700 ipm (impact per minute).

Accessories and Warranty Information

Dewalt covers this impact wrench with a 3-year limited warranty, 1 year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.

If you are considering purchasing this wrench, you should consider adding the Dewalt ½” 10-piece socket set as well. This set includes the 8 most common sized sockets, as well as adapters. It comes in a convenient and lightweight carry case. It also has room for a common wrench, for added convenience when working.


  • Soft rubber grip
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight, powerful motor
  • Accessory pack available
  • Ball bearings add to the solid construction


  • Need an electrical source to plug in power cord

Things we liked

Overall, we like the Dewalt DW 292 impact wrench. It has a thoughtful ergonomically designed handle and uses a soft grip. This helps cut down greatly on user fatigue. The Dewalt DW292 features a durable motor that gives the wrench enough torque to help loosen and remove the most stubborn nuts and bolts. The available accessory pack is a great feature too as it will only help expand the range of products this tool can handle.

We also liked how the wrench itself is made. The DW292 is constructed using ball bearings for smooth operating. It is also constructed using Die cast aluminum gear housing.

Another nice feature is the ease with which you can switch back and forth between reverse and forward. The DW292 is simple to just use your finger without having to put down, switch, then pick up the tool again. This allows the user to keep working without breaking stride.

The warranty from Dewalt is another great factor. They start by giving you a 90-day money back guarantee, which is plenty of time to decide if the product is right for you. They also include a 12-month free service and 3-year limited warranty.

Things we didn’t like

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the Dewalt DW 292 is that it is tethered to an electrical cord. Needing a power source can limit your ability to use this tool. If you do not have an electrical source, you are out of luck. And if you do have a source, you might need an extension cord or you will still be out of luck.


The Dewalt DW292 Impact Wrench is a solid tool with the ability to handle many jobs. It makes a great addition to any workbench and should be a tool you will rely on time and again.

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