Dewalt DCF895D2 20V Max XR Impact Driver Review

DEWALT DCF895D2 Lithium-Ion Brushless Three-Speed Impact Driver is an industry-grade power tool that works more powerfully and precisely than brushed impact drivers. Not only that, it has greater runtime compared to many other small and cordless power tools in its class. The Brushless motors of the DEWALT DCF895D2 can electronically transfer the energy within the tool, thereby allowing the impact driver to get longer work in between charges, whereas brushed motor tools in its category create much friction, which in turn decelerates the machine. Read this DEWALT DCF895D2 review to gather useful information on this widely used power tool.


  • Lightweight bare tool with compact design.
  • Pneumatic impact on highest setting helps in wringing the head of any screw.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Easy to switch bits


  • Batteries tend to break down too early.
  • Slightest touch on the direction switch puts the bare tool into safety mode, which is annoying.
  • Insistent hammer action on the highest speed may seem to be a bit of a downside for some workers.

I. Features of the Dewalt DCF895D2 Impact Driver Kit

  • The impact driver comes with a brushless motor, which maximises the runtime.
  • The three-speed mechanism helps in application-specific operation and controlling.
  • The push button comes handy for tradespersons who are used to one-handed operation during changes of accessories.
  • The lightweight impact driver has a compact design, which works an added advantage for workers who use it often in tight corners.
  • The integrated LED lights near the chuck blinks after releasing the trigger, which provides greater visibility.
  • Belt hook and other accessories that come with the bare tool translate into better portability.

II. Benefits of Using the Dewalt DCF895D2 Impact Driver Kit

The most obvious benefit of using the DEWALT DCF895D2 Lithium-Ion Brushless Impact Driver is its compact design. However, the basic mechanism and the integrated features of the battery-powered bare tool also hold great value for money for the end users. Read on this DEWALT DCF895D2 review to find some of the distinguishable benefits of the power tool.

  • The 2.0Ah DEWALT DCF895D2 impact driver is powered by a brushless motor. Compared to brushed motors, this one delivers at least 57% more runtime. Brushless motor also helps in less heat emission, and the motor lives longer as a result of low heat emission during regular operations. Going by the market response, the DCF895D2 is the best brushless impact driver on the market at this moment.
  • The variable speed of the brushless motor power tool helps in application-specific operation. The lowest speed setting is suitable for electrical plate covers and the likes, whereas the mid speed setting is absolutely perfect for setting screws in softer woods, for example. On the other hand, the highest speed setting is good for setting any sort of bolt, screw or fastener.
  • The built-in chuck is way more sophisticated than the traditional one. It works on nearly any impact bit and the release mechanism is just as good for industrial work as you might desire. There’s no need to pull the collar of the chuck and bit separately.
  • The brilliantly engineered batteries are a welcome addition to the marvellous bare tool. From latching to power down, the mechanism of the batteries is flawless. The tool automatically stops working when the battery goes into sleep. Therefore, unnecessary loss of is something out of the question. Compared to the batteries that gradually turns into slowpokes and decrease function, the Lithium Ion batteries are far more intuitive.

III. Dewalt DCF895D2: Built for What?

The 7.8 pounds heavy bare tool is ideal for drilling jobs. It certainly works more efficiently than a regular drill machine. The tool produces much higher rotational torque compared to traditional drill machines. This helps in nudging the fastener while keeping the screw tips in place. The DEWALT power tool can become a woodworker’s best friend as the three-speed mechanism is just good enough to execute lightweight jobs as well as jobs that require more torque and brute force. The impact driver comes as a natural choice for woodworkers who install cabinets, build furniture, build theatre sets and try to frame things with dimensional lumbers. It also helps workers immensely in building decks and the likes.

IV. Conclusion

Priced below 250 USD, the DEWALT DC895D2 offers great value for money for the end users. The kit includes one impact driver, 20V Li-Ion batteries, charger, belt hooks and other essentials. All in all, the DEWALT DCF895D2 is the best-in-class impact driver that works far better than traditional bare tools

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