Dewalt DCF889B Review (Who It’s suitable For)

Dewalt DCF889B by Dewalt is designed to work best for plumbers, automotive mechanics, mechanical contractors, maintenance and repair workers and lastly anyone who’s considering doing some remodeling. This wrench is great for any fastening job or adjusting nuts and bolts in just about any material. Let discover everything it on Dewalt DCF889B Review below

One of the best things about this Dewalt wrench is the massive about of torque it holds. It’s handle makes for a comfortable grip and is easier for even the novice to use. It can be a great addition to your toolbox at home or be used in professional jobs. 

I. Dewalt DCF889B Review Basic

This wrench is packed with power, a ton of great features and can get whatever job you use it for done without much effort on your part. Next, we’ll go into the details of some of the best features this Dewalt impact wrench is equipped with to help you decide if it’s the tool for you.

II. The Features of Dewalt DCF889B

1. Torque

Dewalt DCF889B is packed with 4800 ft. lbs. maximum torque which makes whatever job you’re using it for that much more simple and quick to perform



The DCF889B is equipped with an ergonomic handle that gives you the highest level of comfort and control while you’re using it. It’s also designed with a speed trigger that has an electric brake for additional control and safety.

3. Lighting

When you’re shopping for an electric wrench, lighting may not be something you think of but DCF889B sure did. This model has a great addition of the LED light that has a 20-second delay to make it easy to tackle jobs that are harder to see or if your schedule has you working outdoors in the evening.

4. Battery

You will find a battery fuel gauge indicator on DCF889B. This lets you know to see how much charge you have left at all times. The wrench itself has a 20-volt lithium ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are known for how long they last during use and over the batteries lifetime overall.

5. Case

Upon purchasing, you will get the magnesium gear case that has metal transmissions. The case of DCF889B is built to last for years and will keep the wrench in good shape when stored in the case. It also makes for easy traveling if you’re going from job site to job site.

6. Warranty

Dewalt DCF889B comes with a 3-year limited warranty which is great whether you use it daily or just for odd jobs around the house. There is also a whole year of free contracting service that comes with your purchase as well. Lastly, there is a 90-day money back guarantee if you decide that this specific wrench isn’t what you’d like or need.


  • Comfortable in Hand
  • LED Lighting For Dark/Hard To See Jobs
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Fuel Gauge Indicator


  • Won’t Remove Lugnuts
  • Top Heavy

Things we liked Dewalt DCF889B

When you’re using this wrench, you can tell it’s heavy duty as it gets most jobs done with ease. The LED light is a great addition even when using it in the daytime or in well-lit areas. This wrench will save you time and effort on jobs. The battery gauge is great for when you need to see how much life it has left so you know if you need to charge it again before the next project.

Things we didn’t like Dewalt DCF889B

The main thing that this wrench doesn’t do is remove lug nuts well. It doesn’t have enough torque to get the job done a lot of the time. It can do it but may take some extra effort on your end. It’s a bit top heavy which can be uncomfortable at first but is fine once you get used to it. It’s also good to note that it doesn’t come with a battery, so that’s an additional cost.

7. General Impressions

This is a great cordless electric wrench that allows you to get jobs done quicker than manual tools and which much more ease. It may be a little top heavy at first but after you get used to that, it’s a perfect tool to get a variety of jobs completed in no time.

III. Conclusion

Dewalt is known for having great power tools and Dewalt DCF889B doesn’t fall short. You’ll be using this powerful cordless wrench to get jobs around the house done and you can even use it in a professional setting. Consider the key features, the pros and cons listed above and the price to decide if it’s the next wrench you’d like to add to your toolbox.

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