Dewalt Dcf887d2 20v Max XR Review

The DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver Kit is an upgraded version of its first-generation model. It comes with more speed, torque, and working efficiency. It is compact and lightweight allowing it to reduce fatigue so it can be used for long hours without resting.

This cordless impact driver can be used in tight spaces and poorly illuminated areas. It is also equipped with a cold-forged impactor handle making it more durable. It is also easy to maneuver because of its being lightweight.

I. DeWalt DCF887D2- Specifications

1. Motor

The DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver is equipped with a brushless motor making it more powerful and capable of longer run times. It is ideal for heavy applications because of its increased torque as well as superior power and efficiency.

2. Torque

The brushless motor DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver delivers a maximum torque of 1,825 in-pounds making it ideal for heavy applications.  Its increased torque provides superior power and efficiency.

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3. Drive System

This impact driver comes with a quick-release chuck with a ¼ inch hex chuck. It has an easy-grip sleeve. It can also accept 1-inch bit tips. 

4. Battery

This impact driver is powered by two 20 volt Lithium-ion batteries (2.0ah. The batteries are responsible for increasing capacity and runtime. 

5. Speeds

The DCF887D2 comes with an integrated 3-speed mode selector to suit various applications. Mode 1 is for small and light jobs; Mode 3 is for heavy impact applications. A Precision Drive is added for versatility and more control of the tool.

This tool comes with 3,250 revolutions per minute (rpm) maximum speed. Other speeds are 0-1000 and 2,800 rpm with 3,600 IPM.  

6. LED Lights

The DCF887D2 is equipped with 3 LED lights with a 20-second delay. The LED lights allow the convenient use of this tool in dark and tight areas. The time delay feature automatically shuts off the light 20 seconds after you take your finger off the trigger.

7. Size and Weight

This tool is compact and lightweight being only 5.3 inches in length and weighing 7.5 pounds. Being lightweight it is easy and comfortable to use the tool.

8. What is in the Box

  • DCF887 Impact driver
  • (2) DCB203 – 2.0 Ah 20V MAX* XR Batteries
  • Fast charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Storage Box

II. What Users Say about DeWalt DCF887D2

A user says one of the features he loves about this impact driver is its 3-ring LED lights system on the front of the tool. The position of the LED lights produces only minimal shadow and gives off a lot of light in areas it is most needed.

A user says this is an outstanding tool too. The three speeds are wonderful for a wide range of applications. He says Speed 1 delivers a low torque that will not break a screw making it great for starting screws.

Another user says that even at a low setting, this tool can drive a 4-inch screw without stripping the head. It has a good built and versatile enough to use in various-sized projects.


  • It is lightweight making it easy and comfortable to handle.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Soft handle with an easy grip
  • Bright LED lights with no shadow visibility.


  • Not applicable for woodwork applications because of too much torque.

III. Who should buy DeWalt DCF887D2?

The DEWALT DCF887D2 is best used by the pros for heavy-duty and high-volume applications. It is versatile and powerful enough to handle any job site application with maximum performance. It is also ideal for home use.

V. Frequently Asked Questions of DCF887D2

1. Does this tool come with variable speeds?

Yes. It has three speeds or torque settings.

2. Will this tool run with an 18 volt battery?

No. It will only run with a 20 volt battery which is included with the kit.

3. Is this tool strong enough to remove loose lug nuts?

Yes it can if you properly torque it and use a powerful ½ shallow impact socket adapter. You will need an adapter because it has a hex drive.

4. Is it normal for the tool to shake?

When it is new, it should not shake. It will however after a few drops.

5. Will the tool work with a Lithium battery of a different brand?

No. it is recommended that you only use DeWalt batteries on DeWalt tools.

6. Does the 2.0Ah battery have a fuel gauge button?

Yes it does.

7. Can a 5.0 Ah battery be used with this tool or does it need to use 2.0Ah?

Yes. You can use a 5.0Ah battery with this tool. DeWalt’s 20 volt batteries and chargers are interchangeable and can be used with all DeWalt tools.

8. Can this impact driver be used on a live wire or a screw with a voltage?

No. It can be dangerous to do so.

9. Does this tool impact in reverse?

Yes, it impacts both in forward and reverse.

10. How long do you need to charge the batteries that come with the kit?

Depending on your charger it can take about an hour.

11. Can this impact driver screw into break?

Yes it can drive 14x2-inch screws into plastic anchors in both concrete and brick.

12. What is the difference between a brushed and a brushless motor?

The DeWalt DCF887D2 impact driver is equipped with a brushless motor. This means it has more running time than a similar tool with a brushed motor.

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