Dewalt Dcf887b Review – Who It’s Suitable For

The DEWALT DCF887B may be compact and lightweight yet it is one of the most powerful impact drivers available in the market. This impact driver comes with awesome versatility. It can drill holes, drive screws, as well as tighten and loosen screws. It can easily work in tight spaces.

1. Motor

DEWALT DCF887B comes with a 20-volt brushless motor which in high gear produces 1,825-inch- pounds of torque. The motor has a peak voltage of 20 V with usual usage at around 18 V. This brushless motor comes with a quieter operation than most of its competitors.

2. Battery

This impact driver runs on a Lithium-Ion battery. You can choose between one that is officially made for DeWalt models and any third party battery brand. A battery with a higher mAh rating will last longer under normal conditions.

The battery is not to be overcharged and should be taken out of the tool when the tool is not going to be used for a while. The battery and charger are not included in the set.

3. Speed Capability

This impact driver comes with adjustable 3 speeds for varied torque settings. It comes with speeds of up to 1000rpm in 1st gear, up to 2800rpm in 2nd gear, and up to 3250rpm in 3rd gear. It has a peak voltage of 20V. For added control, it comes with a Precision drive.

4. Hex Chuck

This impact driver comes with a ¼-inch hex chuck. It uses hex shank bits which are easy to replace with one-handed loading because of its convenient grip. 1-inch bit tips can also be used with this tool.

5. LED Lights

This impact driver features 3 LED lights around the shaft to reduce obstruction while working in tight spots. The LED lights are ON while the tool is in use and remains ON 20 seconds after the release of the trigger for visibility minus the shadows.

6. Weight

This impact driver weighs 2.4 pounds. It is compact and lightweight. A tool belt clip comes with the set for safety and convenience.

II. What Users Say about DeWalt DCF887B

Most users of the DeWalt DCF887B are impressed with the results of this tool. They say it applies a huge amount of torque making it easy to drive screws into hard materials. It comes with a lot of power, too.

One user says he is a sheet metal worker and finds this impact drive a nasty tool. It is a heavy-duty tool providing maximum productivity yet can easily reduce speed for delicate jobs with the variable trigger and Precision setting.

Many users appreciate the versatility of the torque ranges – 3 speeds. They are impressed with the tool’s capability to produce 3,600 impacts per minute.

Many users also love its compact design making it easy to handle in tight spaces. Its multiple LED lights also allow them to work in low-light areas with the same precision.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 3-speed settings
  • Works well even in tight spots
  • Features 3 LED lights that shut off 20 seconds after the release of the trigger.
  • Drives, loosens, tightens screws in most surfaces and can also drill.
  • Durable and can withstand occasional drops.
  • Long battery life
  • Includes a tool belt clip
  • Comes with an excellent warranty


  • Can be a bit heavy when used in long sessions
  • Does not have any inclusion except the tool itself
  • Cannot reliably penetrate concrete
  • Sometimes you will need to hold on to the reverse button

III. Who should buy DeWalt DCF887B?

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or even a seasoned mechanic, the DEWALT DCF887B is a great addition to your arsenal of useful tools.

IV. DeWalt DCF887B Most Commonly Asked Questions

1.Will this work in removing old screws?
Yes. This is the best tool to remove old bolts and screws.

2.Will it be able to remove lug nuts?
No. This is an Impact Driver with a ¼-inch hex chuck so it used to fasten small bolts and screws. 

3.Can this be used with a 5AH battery?
Yes. All 20V DeWalt batteries and chargers can be used interchangeably with any tool in the 20V Dewalt product line.

4.Will this impact driver compatible with the 20/60 volt flex battery?
Yes. The 20/60 volt flex battery is backward compatible with all DeWalt tools. 

5.What batteries are compatible with this impact driver?
  •  DeWalt DCB203-2 20V Max Compact XR Li-Ion Compact Battery
  •  DeWalt DCB203-2 20V Max Compact XR Li-Ion Compact Battery
  •  Dewalt DCB205-2 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery

6.How long will a single charge last?
It depends on the amount of amp the battery has. Batteries with higher amps have longer run times. 

7.Can a 7/16 12" drill bit be used with this impact driver? 
Yes, but only if it features a ¼-inch quick change end. Otherwise, you will be better off with a drill. 

8.Is there a delay when you pull the trigger?
Not really. But since this tool comes with a variable speed, you will notice that it will start out slow. The speed will gain momentum and be faster as you continuously pull the trigger. 

9.Is there a spot in the tool to store other bits?
No. It does not come with a storage space for extra bits.

10.How so you lower the speed?
To lower the speed, hold the trigger all the way down. That will reduce the speed of this impact driver. You can also easily shift to # 1 setting to decrease torque and speed.

V. How does DCF887B compare vs others?

DCF887B vs. DCF888B

The DEWALT DCF887B impact driver is 2mm shorter than the DCF886B. The DCF887B is a little bit heavier than the DCF886B driver. The DCF887B has a higher optimal torque than the DCF886B.

If you need an impact driver that is powerful, flexible, compact in size, and with a brushless motor, the DCF887B is ideal for your needs.

If you simply need a powerful yet simple impact driver without specific features, the DCF888B is a perfect choice. Both DCF887B and DCF888B are bare tools so batteries are not included in the set.

DCF887b vs. DCF 885C1

The DEWALT DCF887B comes with a brushless motor which is 50% more power- efficient. This allows you to use it for long hours with a single charge.  Brushless motors usually produce less heat making the tool and its battery last longer.

The DEWALT DCF885C1 comes with a 1.5 amp brushed motor. Although it is not susceptible to overheating, the tool needs to be allowed to rest between tasks. Brushed motors though work better at low speeds.

The DCF887B comes with 3 speeds of up to 1000 rpm, 2,800 rpm, and 3,250 rpm. It also produces 3,800 IPM at 1,825-inch-pounds of torque.

The DCF885C1 also comes with up to 2,800 rpm and delivers 1,400-inch-pounds of torque.

The DCF887B is a bare tool so you will need to separately purchase 20V XR batteries. These batteries have efficient operating and charging times and come with a long lifespan.

The CF885C1 set includes a 20V MAX battery which can operate for 45 minutes with a single charge.

The DCF887B weighs 2.4 pounds and measures 5.3 inches.

The DCF885C1 weighs 4.2 pounds with the battery and measures 5.5 inches.

DCF887B vs. DCF885B

The DCF887B and DCF885B both do not include batteries in the kit. Both only come with a belt clip.

The DCF887B comes with a faster 3-speed transmission with the highest gear delivering up to 3250 rpm. The DCF885B comes with variable speed triggers delivering up to 2800 rpm.

The DCF887B produces up to 2000 inches per pound of torque while the DCF885 delivers a maximum torque of only 1400 inches per torque.

DCF887B vs. DCF887D2

Both the DCF887B and DCF887D2 come with brushless motors which are efficient and reliable.

The DCF887B runs on a 20V Lithium-Ion battery but it is not included in the kit. It does not come with a charger, too.

The DCF887D2 comes with two 20V Max XR lithium batteries and a charger.

The DCF887B and DCF887D2 run at a maximum speed of up to 3,250 rpm.

The DCF887B and DCF887D2 deliver a maximum torque of 1,825 inches per pound.

The DCF887B weighs 2.4 pounds without the battery.

The DCFbb7D2 weights 2.0 pounds without the battery.

VI. Conclusion

An impact driver is a powerful tool that delivers an enormous amount of speed and torque for efficient driving of fasteners and screws.

The DEWALT DCF887B is a compact, powerful, and flexible impact driver with a brushless motor. Its 3-speed transmission allows you to have complete control of the task.

 You will never go wrong in choosing an impact driver with a brushless motor. It requires less maintenance and there is no need to replace damaged brushes.

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