Dewalt Dcf885c1 Review – Who It’s Suitable For

The DEWALT DCF885C1 20V Max 1/4" Impact Driver Kit is a handy tool that loosens or fastens screws and bolts using a powerful downward and rotational force. This cordless impact driver is convenient to use in different places without having to worry about dragging a long cable.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight impact driver to use around your home, the DEWALT DCF885C1  is a worthy investment. The best part of using this tool is it relieves your arms and wrist from stress when loosening or tightening fasteners.

1. Motor

The DCF885C1 comes with a brushed motor. While it needs regular maintenance, it is cheaper than an impact driver with a brushless motor.

2. Torque

The DCF885C1 comes with a huge amount of torque which differentiates it from a power drill. It can produce up to 1,400 inch-pounds of torque for little resistance when used even soft and hard wood.

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3. Drive System

The DCF885C1 features a hex drive system allowing it to fit any type of fastener including screws, bolts, and lug nuts. It can also drive fasteners on wood, steel, and other materials.

4. Battery

The DCF885C1 is powered by a 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery. Its charger comes with an auto shut off system which means power supply stops when the battery is fully charged. The included battery and charger are compatible with any 20V Max tools.

5. Bits

The bits of this impact driver are easy to change making it convenient for first-time users of impact drivers.

6. Chuck Size

The DCF885C1 comes with ¼-inch chucks, the most common size found in powerful impact drivers. It accepts 1/4" hex chuck and with the right adapter, it can also accept 1-inch bits or shanks. It is possible to connect a hex chunk with only one hand.

7. Speeds

The DCF885C1 delivers 2,800 RPM, and 3,200 IPM. It is more than enough power and speed this impact driver needs to do any task.

The IPM represents the number of hammer-like blows made on a spinning chuck. This provides the tool with its torque and swiftness in breaking nuts and driving screws.

8. LED Lights

The DCF885C1 is equipped with 3 LED lights at the front to improve your visibility allowing you to work even in dark and tight spaces. The LED lights automatically shut off 20 minutes after you release the trigger. These LED lights do not produce any shadows.

9. Size and Weight

The DCF885C1 is 5.5 inches from its front to back allowing it to fit in tight spaces and in between studs. It is lightweight at 2.8 pounds preventing you from developing any strain even when used for long hours.

10. Accessories

The DCF885C1 comes with a carry case for portability.

II. What Users Say about DeWalt DCF885C1

Most users of the DCF885C1 love its portability. Being a cordless tool, it makes working around the workshop a lot easier. They also like that it can be held effortlessly with one hand and complete the job without developing any stain because it is so lightweight even with the battery.

A user says this tool may be lightweight, compact, and cordless but it comes with a lot of torque. He says can get to a lot of spaces underneath his car with this tool.

Another user says this is an excellent and powerful tool to drive screws. He used it to build 8-foot shelves in his garage and open shelves in his kitchen. He says that after 5 hours of work drilling dozens of holes, and driving screws, the battery was still almost full.


  • Compact and lightweight making it convenient to work within tight spaces.
  • It comes with 1400 pounds of torque making it have more power per charge.
  • Equipped with 3 LED lights for more visibility in dark and tight spaces.


  • Some users say the battery light is short.

III. Who should buy DeWalt DCF885C1?

The DeWalt DCF885C1 is an ideal entry-level impact driver because of its being compact and lightweight. Women can easily use this tool without exerting too much effort.

Both amateur and professionals will find this tool efficient and powerful enough to drive bolts into bricks, build shelves and even fasten a deck.

IV. How does DCF885C1 vs others?






Brushed Motor

Brushed Motor

Brushless Motor

Brushed Motor

No-load speeds

up to 2,800 RPM

up to 2,800 RPM

2800 RPM

up to 3250 RPM

Maximum Torque

1400-inch pounds

1,400 inch-pounds

1500 in-lbs

1825 in-lbs


20V Lithium-Ion

20V Lithium-Ion 

20V Lithium-Ion

20V Lithium-Ion

Hex Chuck Drive

1/4-inch Hex Chuck

1/4-inch Hex Chuck

1/4-in hex chuck

1/4-in hex chuck


5.5 inches

5.55 inches

5.55 inch

5.9 inches


2.8 pounds

2.8 pounds

2.8 lbs

2.4 lbs


Impact Driver


Battery Charger

Impact Driver


Battery Charger

Belt Hook

Carrying Case

Impact Driver
Battery Charger
Soft Case

Impact Driver

V. Conclusion

The DEWALT DCF885C1 20V Max 1/4" Impact Driver Kit is a powerful tool that comes with an efficient and consistent performance. While it is primarily designed for home use, it can also come in handy for professional jobs.

If you are doing your first ever do-it-yourself shelves, this compact and lightweight impact driver is a quality purchase. It is easy to handle and can withstand daily use.

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