DEWALT DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Review

The DEWALT DC825B Cordless Impact Driver is a lightweight yet heavy-duty tool. This cordless impact driver allows you to move in different locations without having to worry about dragging a cable.

Similar to other impact drivers, the DeWalt DC825B does a good job of easily driving screws. It does not strip the heads of the screws, too. It is a lightweight tool thus you can easily handle it with one hand.

I. DeWalt DC825B- Specifications

1. Motor

The DeWalt DC825B comes with a powerful frameless motor ensuring durability and long life. This tool comes with replaceable brushes for added lifespan.

2. Torque

The DeWalt DC825B offers 1330 in-pounds of torque. It may not be the most powerful impact driver in its category but it is more than what you may need for light to medium applications. It can drive and remove fasteners in concrete or metal as well as drill in metal and wood.

 The amount of torque of this impact driver fastens without causing any kickback thus you, the tool and the piece you are working on is well protected.
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3. Drive System

The DEWALT DC825B comes with a quick-release 1/4-inch hex shank. It drives and fastens all round-headed bits.

4. Speed

The DEWALT DC825B features variable speeds ranging from 0 to 2,400 RPM and 0 to 2,700 IPM. This means increasing pressure on the trigger will increase speed and number of impacts to get faster results. The trigger is highly responsive giving you total control of the tool.

This is a speedy impact driver and an effective and fast drill considering that it can deliver delivers 1330 in/lb. of torque at 2400 rpm and 2700 rpm at peak values. This allows the tool to drive fasteners into metal, concrete or wood.

4. LED Lights

The DEWALT DC825B features a front-facing LED light allowing you to work in dark spaces such as under a sink. The LED light turns on as you pull the trigger and automatically shuts off a few seconds after you release the trigger.

5. Battery

The DEWALT DC825B is powered by 18V batteries (not included). This ensures that you can continuously work with the tool without frequent stops to charge the battery.

Batteries for this tool are available in “Compact” or eXtended Run and Performance (XTD). The “Compact” type however offers half the run time of the XRP with the same specifications. The

This tool can be used with the DEWALT 18-volt XRP Li-ion battery or XRP NiCad batteries. The DEWALT 18-volt XRP battery, however, offers up to 40% more run time than NiCad batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries have a longer lifespan and usage time than NiCad batteries. The XRP Lithium-Ion batteries are lighter and can be charged (according to DeWalt) 2000 times while NiCad batteries can be charged 800 times.

6. Design and Construction

The DEWALT DC825B comes with tough and all-weather construction. It is built using the latest heavy-duty mechanical system technology protecting the user from any kickbacks.

 It comes in a magnesium gear case for added durability and a sturdy yellow plastic outer shell standard in all DeWalt tools.

This impact driver features a compact and lightweight design.  It featured a textured grip offering anti-slip properties for optimum control and comfort. Using this tool for extended hours even in hot environments will not result in sweaty hands.

 It also comes with replaceable brushes which translate into a longer lifespan for this tool. This tool also allows superior airflow for added durability.

7. Size and Weight

This tool weighs 2.2 pounds without the battery. It weighs 4.2 pounds when fitted with a Compact DeWalt 18V Battery and 4.8 pounds with a DeWalt XRP 18V Battery. It has a tool length of 5 ¾ inches.

8. What’s in the Box?

  • Bare tool
  • Carrying case with hard body

II. What Users Say about DeWalt DC825B

A user says he used this impact driver to change brass and satin nickel hinges in his home with so much ease. He was able to change 3 hinges of a door in less than 3 minutes and he did not have to take the door off the hinges. It has plenty of power for most jobs he needed to do in his home.

Another user says has a torque strong enough to drill drywall screws through 3 inches of wood without the need of any hole-pre-drilling. He also says it is lighter than most drills he has worked with thus it is easier to hold for extended periods. He is also impressed with the quick snap-in and snap-out of the bits.

A user says he dropped this tool twice from about a 10 feet height it remained intact and functional.


  • Features a frameless motor for durability and extended lifespan.
  • Replaceable brushes for extended life.
  • Magnesium casing and all-metal transmission.
  • Components come with the latest technology.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Features a comfortable and anti-slip grip.
  • It can fit into tight spaces.
  • It comes with a torque that can work on a wide variety of fastening applications.
  • Its modern casing helps prevent excess discharge and overloading.
  • Sleek yet efficient design for reduced fatigue and increased efficiency.
  • It lasts long even when used with tough jobs.


  • It does not include battery and charger.
  • It does not come with a belt clip.
  • It does not include bit storage.

III. Who should buy DeWalt DC825B?

The DEWALT DC825B is ideal for driving medium to long lags and screws as well as tightening nuts. It is a good choice for light to medium applications.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions - DeWalt DC825B

1. Can this tool take off lug nuts from tires?

No it cannot.

2. Can this tool use a 20V battery?

Yes it can with the Dewalt 20V Max Battery Adapter for 18 Volt Tools

3. Will this tool accept screwdriver bits?

Yes it will. You can also screw it through wood.

V. Conclusion

The DEWALT DC825B  is a powerful tool for your home projects. It comes in extremely handy when you need to drive or remove fasteners in concrete, metal or wood and when you need to drill in wood and metal.

It is a good investment because unlike other DeWalt tools, this impact driver features replaceable brushes making it highly serviceable thereby reducing maintenance costs. It is also compatible with various batteries like the DC9180 and DC9096.

The DC825B  is a straightforward and simple yet powerful tool that allows you to easily and efficiently do your job. Its anti-slip grip and LED lights offer great comfort and protection. It is a great investment for your tool arsenal.

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