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Wood is one of the good materials, suitable for a variety of uses. Today, the demand for outdoor natural wood is increasing due to the trend of using green materials in design. However, can you use non pressure treated wood outside? The answer will be right here in this article.

Can You Use Non Pressure Treated Wood Outside - Woodworking Knowledge

Can You Use Non Pressure Treated Wood Outside?

If you are wondering: “Can I use non pressure treated wood outside?”

Then, YES, you can. But, we must confirm that not all types of wood can be used outdoors.

Outdoor wood must have the natural qualities of treated industrial wood: resistance to sun, rain, extreme weather, and limited warping. Therefore, rare wood, hardwood, or expensive wood is not suitable for outdoor flooring.

That is because many factors can affect the quality of wood, which you need to consider before deciding to use natural wood outdoors.


Wood is made up of countless molecules linked together. When the temperature is high, this system of atoms will be affected by heat, causing their movement speed to increase, accelerating internal reactions. 

This process is called thermal expansion, which makes the wood surface prone to warping. Besides, wooden furniture exposed to a lot of sunlight will lead to discoloration, fading, and losing its original beauty.


Wood is a hygroscopic material because it attracts and repels water from its surroundings until it reaches a state of equilibrium. Therefore, the humidity in the air greatly affects the wood furniture.

When constructed in conditions of high air humidity, the wood absorbs moisture very quickly, making the wet wood surface unsafe. When exposed to heat, moisture in the wood can cause an adverse reaction to shrink or expand.

During use, high humidity or inadequate cleaning will cause the furniture to blister, mold to grow rapidly, causing loss of aesthetics and affecting the user’s health.

How Do You Treat Non Pressure Treated Wood Outside?

For untreated wood to last for a long time in outdoor conditions, users need to perform several standard treatment steps.

The most common way is to use water-resistant wood paint. This is a paint product manufactured with the main purpose of being used on natural wood materials.

Natural wood paint has high adhesion, scratch resistance, and weather resistance for natural wood. It can prevent the process of osmosis from air moisture, providing high durability for wood materials. Using paint also avoids damaging the structure of wood-based designs and eliminating unpleasant odors when water seeps into the wood.

Like any other painting process, before applying water-resistant wood paint, we need to clean and use sandpaper to create smoothness for wood. After that, you can paint the waterproof paint directly on it. Depending on conditions, it is possible to apply an additional layer of primer to increase the product’s effectiveness.

How Long Does Non Pressure Treated Wood Last Outside 

Natural wood durability depends on the type of wood, specifications, treatment, and use time, but the minimum is 3 to 5 years. The durability of untreated wood for outdoor use is 3 to 4 times higher than outdoor plastic wood flooring (composite wood flooring, also known as WPC wood flooring).

The duration of use of the product is also greatly influenced by user factors. If you expose them to the sun too much, the surrounding environment is humid, of course, the life of the wood will be reduced. In addition, regular maintenance of wood every 6-12 months is also very important in increasing the durability of unpressed wood.

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How Do You Protect Pine Wood Outside?

Proper Cleaning

To help outdoor furniture made from Pinewood keep its beauty and durability, you should clean the wood surface regularly, properly to avoid creating stains. 

If you don’t, the tiny dust particles combined with moisture in the air will accumulate and cling to wooden furniture, making cleaning difficult, affecting the color and quality of the wood.

When cleaning wooden furniture, you should use a soft cloth to bring about a quick effect and not cause scratches or damage to the wood surface. 

Do not wipe with water because it will cause the wood to crack and degrade. Instead, use specialized wood cleaning solutions to not affect the color and longevity of the furniture.

Maintain Proper Humidity

As mentioned above, humidity has a huge impact on the life of wooden furniture. Humidity from 40% – 50% is most suitable so that the life of wooden furniture is not affected. 

Therefore, you should always keep the surrounding environment dry and avoid pouring water directly on the wooden surface. In addition, users should also cover outdoor wooden furniture to prevent rain damage to wood.


Can you use non pressure treated wood outside or not? Definitely yes. However, you need to choose good quality wood and take a few steps to waterproof it for the best longevity. We hope you are satisfied with our answer. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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