Bosch PS41-2A 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Review

The Bosch PS41 (2A) may not be the most powerful among the impact drivers on the market, but it is packed with more punch for jobs when compared with other impact drivers within its category. Its price is attractive and its features, especially the lightweight tool and the long battery’s lifespan are excellent.

Other powerful drivers available in the market are not as reasonably priced as this. With all the desirable features, this impact driver is well suited for most jobs. In its class, there is no other tool that is more compact than it is.


  • It is a very lightweight impact driver.
  • It produces good torque.
  • It is small in size.


  • In comparison to the 18V impact drivers, it is less powerful.
  • It doesn’t have a belt clip.
  • When using bit that has dents, some of the drivers have been reported to wobble.

I. Features of the Bosch PS41-2A

  • Features a battery fuel gauge that lets the user know when they need to recharge.
  • A one-year base manufacturer warranty.
  • Three-LED light ring, important for working under enclosed areas or in the dark.
  • Exceptional lightweight tool design weighing just 2.18 pounds.
  • Two 12V lithium-ion batteries coming with 1.3-Amperehour and sixty minutes charge time.
  • Features a high performance motor that delivers 3.100-BPM.
  • Also comes with a variable speed trigger – 0-2,600-RPM – which is important in the provision of reliable control and a hammer action that is capable of producing 930-in-pounds of maximum torque.
  • The package features a 12V ¼” cordless and variable speed impact driver, a soft carrying case, and two lithium-ion batteries (12V) together with 2 1.5” power drive belts.

II. Benefits of Using the Bosch PS41-2A

  • This is the most important thing needed and sought for in any machine. It is because of power that work is made easier thus; power is the opinion of most of the users and experts alike. Comparatively, amongst the 12V impact drivers, this comes second out of the many drivers in most of the tests done by pros. You will only be assured of more power when you go for an 18v machine but the heft and size may be too much for you.
  • Long battery life is always a plus. A majority of users do talk positively about this tool because of the long life its battery is known for. If you expect a long life battery to be heavy and big, then you need to try this one. It features a technology that results into a compact and lightweight battery with a life that is comparable with just but a few batteries on top of the ladder.
  • The turnaround time is fast and impressive. The tool is accompanied with a quick charger to charge it in thirty minutes. Most reviews both online and offline attest to this fact. Users are commending Bosch for promising a quick turnaround and that’s exactly what the user end up experiencing.
  • The brilliantly engineered batteries are a welcome addition to the marvellous bare tool. From latching to power down, the mechanism of the batteries is flawless. The tool automatically stops working when the battery goes into sleep. Therefore, unnecessary loss of is something out of the question. Compared to the batteries that gradually turns into slowpokes and decrease function, the Lithium Ion batteries are far more intuitive.

III. Feature of benefit

The battery gauge inclusion is one feature that users highly recommend. This is an extremely nice feature, which often misses even from the much pricier drivers. The in-built LED work lighting system is yet another pro that enables users to work even in the darker environments. This is especially an important feature bearing in mind that the tool has been designed to work even in the very tight areas. The illumination from the LED allows you to work regardless of the darkness associated with such tight areas. This is one of the main features that make this tool to be a favorite of contractors, homeowners together with mechanics.

The conspicuously missing belt disappoints a number of users. However, all the other superior features it has, together with the Bosch’s ProVantage program that comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty makes it an outstanding tool. Under the 3-year Bosch ProVantage program, the 12 months involve a ‘free tool replacement warranty’ with the remaining two years covering the battery.

IV. Conclusion

This is an impact driver that any user, regardless of whether using for professional daily use or just some home use will really appreciate owning. It is durable, lightweight, and small in size and features an ergonomic handle design for comfortable use.

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