Best Table Saw for Small Shop – Top 6 Choices of 2021

To get the most out of the power tools, you first need to buy the best table saw for small shop available in the market. You should have the right tool in your hand. If your small shop or working place involves wood cutting, investing in a good power tool is the right move. 

You can invest in a table saw that can make the precise cuts effectively and quickly. You will need to measure twice, and you have to cut twice, But that one cut you will make will be very fast with the help of the table saw for home shop.

The table uses its fast-spinning blade for quickly and accurately cutting wood. In using it, the blade is still, and you will need to move the wood piece for cutting into different angles. There are different types of table saw, so you have to make the perfect decision for yourself in buying the best table saw for small shop.

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DEWALT DWE7491RSCuts hard lumber easily
Has a solid 2 hp, 15A motor
Spins at 4800 RPMs
32 ½ inch rip capacity
Has a rolling stand
Accessories include a miter gauge and a push stick
Wide rip capacity
Simple to install
9.8/10 Buy On Amazon
DEWALT DWE7485 Lightweight and compact
Stable base
Accurate cuts
9.8/10 Buy On Amazon
SKILSAW SPT99-11Has a powerful 4 ⅖ hp, 15A motor
Spins at 5000 rpms
30 ½ inch rip capacity
Has a solid rolling stand
Multiple accessories, including a miter gauge, insert plate, and a push stick
9.8/10 Buy On Amazon
SKIL TS6307-00Can make micro-adjustments
Fast blade spins
Lightweight and compact
Less expensive
9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
DEWALT DWE7491XEquipped with a 15 AMp and 120V motor
Compact folding "scissor" stand.
It's durable and tolerable
9.2/10 Buy On Amazon

Top 6 Best Table Saw for Small Shop Review

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 15 Amp motor
  • Rip capacity is 32-1/2 inch
  • Telescoping fence rails
  • Foldable rolling stand
  • Built-in storage system
  • 2-1/2" Dust Collection Port
  • 2-1/4" at 45 degrees and 3-1/8" depth-of-cut at 90 degrees angle

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw is by far one of the best cabinet hybrid tables saw for small shops. This DeWalt best cabinet saw for small shops is renowned for its smooth cuts because of its powerful 15 amp motor. It can handle the toughest and hardest of materials and ensures you a smooth wood edge and cut. It cuts hard lumber easily, and it has a wide rip capacity. It is also a portable table saw that is light, and the rolling stand cuts down on the time to get up and running. It is simple to install, and the safety features are up to par. Thus, it makes it easy and safe to use. But this type of table saw is not budget-friendly and is more expensive. Also, it is not the best quality control.


  • It can work on narrow rip cuts
  • It is possible to cut bigger shelves
  • Easy to access or reach out other accessories kept in the onboard storage system. You can keep other accessories such as miter gauge, riving knife, and others when not in use.
  • The rolling stand is easy to setup and fold, thus guarantees excellent stability
  • The wide table surface offers superior support
  • It is easy to collect dust and connect to a vacuum.
  • Quick and easy rips of hardwoods
  • The retractable telescoping fence rails makes the table saw portable
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the rack and pinion through the telescoping fence system


  • Difficult to adjust the micro-bevel

DeWalt DWE7485 Small Shop Table Saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 15 Amp, 5800 rpm motor
  • 24.5 inches of rip capacity
  • 45 pounds weight
  • Rack and pinion fence rails
  • Metal roll cage
  • Compact size

This table saw model from DeWalt is also one of the best table saw for small shop. One feature of this model is that it is a compact type of table saw. Meaning it is easy to carry and lightweight. It weighs 45 pounds, but it is not even weak in wood cutting. Also, it is sturdy, and it cuts accurately and it is easy to use. Like the others, it even has a dust collection port to stop the blade from clogging. 

It has 15 amps and 5,800 RPMs from the motor. And this model is much cheaper compared to the DeWalt DWE7491RS Table saw, and it has excellent customer support. But this model is more expensive than similar designs. The 8.5-inch blade limits thickness that can be cut, it does not come with a wheeled base, and cannot accept dado stacks. It is a recommended table saw for small shop you can invest.


  • Portable because of its compact size allows easy transport and storage
  • Easy to adjust made possible by the rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. It makes the fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
  • Can yield variety of cuts, 24.5 inches of rip capacity for ripping 4x8 plywood or OSB sheets
  • Onboard storage provides easy access to the site pro guarding components and push stick when not in use
  • Metal roll cage ensures job site durability
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Not capable to do dado cuts
  • More expensive

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10 Inch Table Saw

Highlighted Features:

  • Legendary worm drive
  • Rip capacity of 30-1/2 inch and can cut a depth of 3-5/8 inch
  • Wheeled stand
  • Dust port
  • Outfeed and left support
  • 15 amp motor

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 Worm Drive Table Saw is a professional-grade model of a portable job site table saw and the best table saw for home shop. This table saw model is an excellent entry into that market. It works well for an array of people in construction, from hobbyists to professional contractors. 

This portable table saw also possesses a solid maximum 30 ½ inch rip capacity but cuts deeper than even cabinet table saws at 3 ⅝”. Thus, even the densest hardwoods present no problem with this tool. Also, this table saw is more expensive compared to others and the adjustment controls are made of fragile components. It is best to invest in a pricey tool as long as it will serve its purpose well.


  • Solid cart making it easy to transport
  • 5000 rpm speed
  • Precision rack and pinion fence system makes fence adjustments quickly and smoothly for accurate cuts.
  • Dust port elbow contains debris to 1 area for clean-up.
  • Outfeed and left support allow for larger cuts to be made by 1 person.


  • Challenging to assemble
  • Less precise
  • A bit difficult to adjust

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 25 inches rip capacity
  • 10 inches blade
  • 10 Amp motor, 3,650 maximum rpm, 110 volt
  • GTA47W Gravity-Rise
  • SquareLock rip fence
  • Smart Guard System
  • Arbor lock
  • Built-in storage

Bosch Power Tools Table Saw Model 4100-10 is one of the best hybrid table saw for small shop and the highest recommended saws even for an entry-level woodworker because of its highest cutting accuracy. And the cuts are not just accurate, but they are also smooth. The secret behind the clean cuts it offers is its fast blade. This table saw model has a good safety feature with decent power. 

This table saw model produces very smooth, precise, and clean cuts with no rough edges to be detected. It has safety features like anti-kickback pawls and smart guard systems. Thus, you can use this table saw without worries and cut without hanging back. The gravity rise table feature of this model meant you could adjust it to your height.


  • Arbor lock: Permits easy blade changes, with arbor lock and blade wrench located onboard.
  • Large cast aluminum top: Provides increased workspace and material support with a 30 In. ripping capacity
  • Soft-start circuitry that manages the intensity of motor start-up and minimizes the likelihood of tripping a circuit breaker
  • Constant Response circuitry helps maintain speed under load
  • Restart protection: Helps to avoid accidental startup.
  • Portability: Works seamlessly with the included lighter GTA47W Gravity-Rise.
  • Wheeled Stand for easy job site mobility, with single-action setup and takedown.
  • SquareLock rip fence: Engineered for enhanced clamping and trueness
  • Smart Guard System: The riving knife and anti-kickback pawls provide protection. And guard assembly provides a barrier to help prevent blade contact while allowing an unobstructed view of the cut.
  • Onboard storage: Allows for access to all included components.


  • Smaller rip capacity
  • Difficult to micro adjust

SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 4x4 cutting capacity
  • 24T stock blade
  • Rack and pinion fence rails
  • Integrated Folding stand
  • 2-47° bevel capacity
  • Dust port elbow
  • 15 amp motor

The Skil 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw is also the best table saw for small shop and has the power and capacity to tackle hardwood cutting, but it also features a foldable stand. It has integrated folding legs and a higher quality build than you will expect at its price. It also has a stable cutting and rack and pinion fence system. Physically it has a solid feature set, and the dado stack compatible up to 5/8-inch. However, it has a 1/32-inch variance across your table and a 24T stock blade, which is common to most table saws in this price range.


  • Ensures fence stays parallel to blade for fast, smooth, and accurate cuts
  • Legs quickly fold in to provide portability and convenient storage
  • Parallel blade alignment: Available micro-adjustment of the blade so that it is parallel to rip fence and miter slot
  • Cuts material up to 4x4 at 90 degrees
  • Cuts between 2 positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees with quick-release lever
  • Redirects dust to a container for easy cleanup


  • Limited option for clamping or sizing

Dewalt DWE7491X Table Saw

Highlighted Features:

  • 32-1/2 in. rip capacity
  • Telescoping fence system
  • Two-position rip fence
  • 15 amp motor
  • 3-1/8 in. depth-of-cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 in. at 45 degrees
  • Dust collection port

DWE7491X Table Saw by DeWalt is one of the best cabinet saw for small shop. It is good enough for cutting almost any kind of wood required in wood making. The motor is powerful enough, the table standstill and sturdy, and the blade is significantly sharp so that every wood cutting and trimming feels at ease with this tool. It has multiple uses, and it is pretty quiet while using. This saw model is ideal for professional ripping, mitering, crosscutting, and beveling. Also, it has an attached Riving knife. But the blade is hard to adjust, and it has no stand included.


  • 32-1/2 in. rip capacity can cut different trimming projects and sizes
  • Two-position flip-over rip fence allows for narrow rip cuts and material support
  • It is easy to adjust the guarding components through the Site-Pro modular guarding system. It does not require using other tools
  • Dust collection made easy through the dust collection port connected to a vacuum
  • It features an onboard storage system. It allows easy access to the riving knife, blade guard assembly, miter gauge, fence, wrenches, cord wrap, and push stick.
  • Folding scissor stand designed for easy setup and breakdown with excellent stability
  • 15 amp motor quickly rips through hardwoods with ease
  • Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package
  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System makes the fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate


  • Some package comes with misaligned blade

Best Table Saw For Small Shop – Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable table saw for your small shop will be a hard decision to make. You need to consider many things and do some research. Now, this section will help you decide and offer you choices for the best table saw for small shop.

There are different Table saw. The portable table saw, also known as the benchtop table saw, is small. You can carry this tool from different places. However, provide the table or stand from your side. You can use it at your home, but this table saw is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

The contractor table saw is another powerful tool you can choose. This type of saw is larger than the benchtop table saw and has a more powerful motor. They attach this saw to the frame having wheels. It will allow you to roll the saw to the job site or where you want to take it.

So, what are the things to consider in buying the best table saw for small shop? If you want to know the depth of the cut, determine the blade diameter. A 10-inch blade can cut 3.25 inches. Table saw blades are available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 inches. The primary consideration will be the blade diameter, as that determines how deep of a cut you can make. 

If you want to achieve finer cuts of wood, use a blade with small teeth. Otherwise, if you choose the large-sized teeth, then it will give you a rough but fast cut. If you buy a blade with a maximum of 80 teeth, it will give you fine cuts.

Table size

The next consideration is table size. The size of the table, or the maximum distance from the blade to the fence, determines how large of a piece of wood you can cut.


Weight is an important consideration. Heavy table saw is less likely to vibrate and more stable. However, the heavier the saw, the less portable it will be. A cast iron table remains flatter than an aluminum table.

Tilting arbor

Choose a table saw with a different tilting arbor. The left-tilting arbor prevents binding between the fence and the blade. While the right tilting arbor keeps a consistent measurement. But check the measurement between the blade and the fence.  Some woodworkers find it easier to get a clean cut with a right-tilting arbor, as the back of the blade does not exert as much lifting force on the workpiece but pushes it against the fence.

Saws can be powered with a belt or direct drive. Belt-drive saws run a little smoother and usually provide more torque to the arbor.


The motor is also a significant consideration while buying the best table saw for your small shop as it determines the speed with which the blade will spin. If you invest in a table saw that has a powerful motor, it will cut through the hardwood fast and easily.

Dust collection system

Make sure that table saw you are buying has a dust collection system. This feature will help to automatically pull the sawdust inside the collection bag while you cut the wood.

What is the best table saw for small shop?

The best table saw for small shop is one where the trunnion has minimal play (grasp the motor and attempt to move it when tilt and elevation are locked). The blade has little runout (shaft play) and parallel to the miter slots and the fence, and there is minimal vibration when operating.

Final Thoughts

Different saws have specific uses. If you’re looking for a hybrid table saw for a small shop, the product reviews listed above can help you a lot. 

Ultimately, the best table saw for small shop is the one that you can afford with the features that meet your needs. It also needs to have the quality to produce accurate cuts and facilitate safe operation. The capacity of the table saw blade vary depending on your project.

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