Best Reciprocating Saw Review And Buying Guide

Like any other product, getting the best reciprocating saw is all about finding that tool that satisfactorily meets your needs. While we recommend doing your own research before buying, our top rated reciprocating saws stands out from the rest for professional performance.

By reading the reviews and weighing their pros and cons, you can be sure that you are spending your money on the right tool. However, should any of our top 5 cordless reciprocating saws fall short of your expectations, then my guide below will provide valuable information so that you can have an easy time choosing a recip saw that meets your unique requirements and demands.​

I. Why is a reciprocating saw important?

Here is a set of core attributes that should inadvertently make it to any miter saw stand you finally land with.

Portability: Reciprocating saw come into two categories; corded and the cordless type. All the two categories are compact and portable. The fact that they are compact means the saw can be easily stowed away in small spaces for easy transport to any location. Because the cordless option does not need to be plugged into a power source, it is considered the most portable reciprocating saw.

Versatility: Reciprocating saws can easily cut through most construction materials horizontally and vertically. With continuous work, a reciprocating saw saves cutting time.

Convenience: Most reciprocating saws come with variable speed control this means you can choose a cutting speed of your choice to get the job done. The cordless unit is more precise as it does not have the obstructing cord. But all things considered, both options can make any job easier.

II. How to choose the right reciprocating saw (Buying Guide)

Reciprocating saws market is currently jammed with so many models all looking alike, but offering different benefits and features. With very close similarities between different options, getting the right recip saw is not a walk in the park. As a consumer, the knowledge of what you are buying is the secret to buying the best reciprocating saw for your cutting works.

Amperage: The power of your reciprocating saw greatly depends on this factor. If you are like me, you know very well that power is the most valuable thing in a reciprocating saw. Generally, the higher the amperage, the more powerful your saw will be. Reciprocating saws amperage ranges from 9-15 amps of power. While high amperage provides better performance, keep in mind that the higher the amperage, the higher the price. Besides, the higher the power, the heavier the saw. But all in all, make sure the battery of your tool is powerful enough to get the job done very fast.

Stroke length: This is what defines the speed of cutting. Typically the longer the stroke, the faster the cutting speed. But that doesn’t mean that you go for an overly long stroke, in other words, it should not protrude too far into the material you are working on. On average the stroke ranges between ¾” to 1 ¼”. Interestingly some reciprocating saws have adjustable strokes but to determine the best length for you start by knowing your projects. This ensures that your unit has a good length that can get the job done in seconds.

Blade change method: For a reciprocating saw, the blades need to be changed regularly for better performance. It is, therefore, important to consider how easy or difficult it is to replace the blades. Fortunately, most manufacturers equip their products with blade locks that don’t require any additional tool. Although blade lock mechanisms vary from one model to another, make sure the blades for your tool are easy to change.

Shoe adjustment: The adjustable shoe determines the depth your saw can cut. Not only that but it also gives your tool the balance it needs when cutting hard objects. However, it is worth noting that shoe adjustment mechanisms differ from one model to another. To settle for the right tool, make sure the adjustment system is precise and smooth.​

Warranty: This serves as an assurance of quality and durability. Therefore, whether you are a professional or a beginner, nothing is important as being assured that your tool will last. Because of their work, reciprocating saw wears out over time. Although this is normal, you don’t want it to break after a few weeks of usage, so look for the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure it provides ideal coverage.​

Weight: If you are going to use your reciprocating saw for long periods of time weight can be a serious concern. Therefore you should look for a tool with a balanced design to minimize the feeling of weight.​

Variable speed trigger: It is measured in strokes per minute, the advantage of this feature is that you can control how fast the blades will cut depending on the material or your angle.​

III. Our Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws 2019

After deep research and rounds of tests, I have ranked the top 5 reciprocating saws out there. Read on to see why I chose these saws

1. DEWALT DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw (tool only)

This reciprocating saw has a compact design and ergonomic handle that gives you the best grip when operating it. That’s not all because this saw is also made to be lightweight. Overall, weighs just 5.4 units which mean you can easily handle your task using just one of your hands. The small (14.5”) and compact design of this saw allows for easy storage. It also has 4-position blade clamp which makes it ideal for flush cutting.

​The cutting speed of this saw ranges from 0 to 2,900 strokes per minute; this means you can adjust the speed to suit your needs. Besides, its 1”-1/8” stroke length allows you to cut faster and this saves you more cutting time. Power should not be a huge concern as this unit runs a 20volts battery. However, you need to buy the battery separately because this DCS387B is a bare tool only.

Another great feature about this DCS387B saw is the flexibility it delivers. It also comes with a pivoting shoe, which provides increased versatility. Even if your works has studs, this saw can get all the work done because it easily fit in confined spaces. For easy workability, this saw comes with a LED bulb which is bright enough to light the dark areas. If you love night shifts like me, you may like this saw because it works well even in darkness.

What I liked about this reciprocating saw is the fact that blade changing is tool free and it accommodates all types of Sawzall blades, this means you don’t have to waste much time finding a fitting blade. When it comes to durability, this DEWALT reciprocating saw is made to last and to clear the doubt it is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Lots of power.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Variable cutting speeds.
  • Convenient for night shifters
  • Easy to control.
  • 3 years limited warranty


  • Vibrates horribly regardless of speed.
  • Blade release mechanism fails quickly.
  • Battery and charger not included.

2. DEWALT DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw

This Dewalt 304PKS saw packs plenty of power, although it is not the most powerful reciprocating saw, its 10 amp motor delivers just enough power to handle most tasks in the workshop. On top of this, the combination of variable speed 0-2800 strokes per minute, orbital motion and 1-1/8” stroke length allows faster cutting. That’s not all, this reciprocating saw comes with a variable speed trigger, and this allows you to control the cutting speed instantly from the trigger.

What I liked most about this DW304PKS saw is that it features a 4-position blade clamp which allows the blade teeth to face any of the 4 cardinal points (North, South, East, West) this means that you can comfortably position flush cuts in the tightest or awkward spaces something that most of the expensive reciprocating saws cannot provide. It also comes with a sturdy contractor’s bag.

Changing the saw blade is another breeze because the easy to use clamp allows you to change the blades using a single hand. Additionally, this saw features a stainless steel made to endure the roughest usage. Together with this is an impressive warranty package that backs up this unit. What’s in this package is a 3-year limited warranty, one year, service contract plus a 90-day full refund return policy should the unit fail to perform as expected. Finally, this unit is remarkably lightweight and balances well; this means that it is not going to cause much fatigue while operating it using a single hand.


  • Plenty of power for heavy duty applications.
  • 4 position blade clamp for increased versatility.
  • Variable speed trigger for enhanced efficiency.
  • Quick and easy blade change system.
  • Remarkably lightweight.
  • Switchable orbital motion.
  • Vertical, horizontal and side to side blade position
  • 3 year limited warranty, 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Small and compact design


  • Lack control for maximum speed.
  • No blades included

3. DEWALT DCS387P1 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Compact Reciprocating Saw Kit

If you have been looking for a lightweight reciprocating saw designed for confined situations, this DEWALT DCS387P1 20V reciprocating saw might be your ideal tool. It is specially designed, and it boasts a compact, ergonomic and lightweight design. It measures only 14.5 ” and this allows it to fit through studs. This professional saw can make cuts even in the most confined places with ease and full control. Weighing just 7 pounds means that this tool is easy to use.

In addition, this reciprocating saw comes with a 4-position blade clamp, the advantage of this blade clamp is that it allows for flush cutting. It also provides increased positional versatility with tool free blade changes. It also comes with a great pivoting shoe that enhances versatility while you are cutting different materials. The variable speed trigger with 0-2900spm provides for increased blade control while its 1-1/8” stroke length delivers a faster cutting speed. Combined together, the variable speed trigger and 1-1/8” stroke length allow you to make fast, accurate, precise and consistent cuts.

One thing I liked about this reciprocating saw is the fact that it features a bright LED light which illuminates dark areas for visibility. It is, therefore, convenient to use it even at night. Inside the box with this tool is a 20V Li-Ion Battery that lasts for a fair amount of time. In the same way, the motor of this saw provides a lot of power which ensure that the job is done in no time.

Another cool feature about this reciprocating saw is the quality and durability assurance that comes with it. For 3 full years, this tool is covered against anything that can be blamed on the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry spending the buck on this tool.​


  • It is exceptionally made; ergonomic and compact design.
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery that lasts for a fair amount of time.
  • It is easy to use and cuts faster.
  • It is very versatile so it can be put to various uses.
  • A bright LED light that illuminates dark work areas.
  • Backed by 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Allows you to make cuts in the tightest spaces.


  • The soft case it come with cannot accommodate back u batteries.
  • Its lightweight design provides less inertia when cutting, so you must be extra careful with your index finger.

4. DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw, Bare Tool Only

This reciprocating saw comes equipped with a patented technology and innovative features which make it very versatile for hobbyists and professionals. If you are a mechanical contractor, electrician, carpenter or a plumber, you may want to have this tool in your tool box to enhance productivity and performance. Being in the power business for long, DEWALT know that all you need from a reciprocating saw is fast cutting speeds, with this in mind they have equipped this saw with a 1-1/8” stroke length which enhances the cutting speed.

This saw also comes with a variable speed trigger which gives you increased blade control. This saw can create cuts with 0-3000 strokes per minute all you need is to adjust the cutting speed as needed. Uniquely, the faster application speed gives this saw more power and up to 181 more runtime. In addition, this saw comes with a pivoting adjustable shoe that not only extends blade life but also allows the depth of cut control. The rubber molded over the handle provides a comfortable grip which delivers optimal comfort and tool control.

Uniquely, this tool is available as a bare tool so you can use it with your existing batteries and blades. One of the great features of this reciprocating saw is a 4-positional blade clamp; this means you can easily adjust the blade in the 4 directions for flush cutting and increased positional versatility. What I liked most about this saw is the double oil sealed shaft that resists contamination and increases the durability of the tool. As for its power, this saw is powered by a 20 volts lithium ion battery which last quite longer than most tools.


  • Rubber over-molded handle for comfortable grip.
  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable.
  • Very versatile.
  • LED light that illuminates dark areas.
  • Certified frustration free


  • No saw blades included
  • Batteries and charger not included

5. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V MAX Lithium Reciprocating Saw (Tool only)

This new BLACK & DECKER saw stands out from the pool because of its tool-free blade changing mechanism. When it comes to convenience, this portable saw has a variable speed trigger and a pivoting shoe that provides increased convenience when using this saw. In addition to this, is a variable speed trigger to give you full control of the cutting speed? It can offer up to 3,000 strokes per minute, and the 7/8” stroke length allows for faster cutting.

It also comes with a maximum initial battery voltage of 20volts which is enough to get the first job done immediately you get it out of the box. When it comes to portability, let me tell you this recap saw topped the list. It is light weighing only 3.8pounds, compact and small which makes it also convenient for storage. As for warranty, this recip saw is backed by a 2-year warranty so you can rest assured that your tool will serve you for long.


  • Tool-free blade change mechanism.
  • Maximum initial battery voltage of 20 volts.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • High cutting speed of up to 3,000 strokes.
  • Variable speed trigger for flexibility.


  • It vibrates a lot, requiring you to take some stops to rest.
  • Battery not included.

IV. Conclusion

From what we have discovered, a professional toolbox is incomplete without a reciprocating saw. If you are still not convinced, its capacity to handle demolition tasks is proof that you already need this tool. Although you have the freedom to choose the best tool from different models; any one of these reciprocating saws is among the best on the market. Having done all the hard work for you, why would you settle for less? Compare and contrast the benefits of each tool and chose one that most appeals to you.

After trying out each of the 5 reciprocating saws, DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw is my favorite when it comes to efficiency, convenience, power, and ease of use. For your part, first, think of the job before you and then make a choice based on that. If you get stuck midway, please use my guide as it will help you know the basic features to consider before spending the bucks. Altogether, I hope you have found this best reciprocating saw reviews helpful and that my guide has helped you in selecting the best reciprocating saw for you.​

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