Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Top 8 Outdoor Choices

The shoes we wear in a game contribute a lot to the performance we are making. Just imagine if we are wearing less durable shoes, it will surely affect our speed and momentum. Thus, choosing the best shoes for our sports is important. 

One of the most well-known sports internationally is basketball. It is one of the best outdoor sports that require the best outdoor basketball shoes. 

We cannot just be in a basketball game to have fun. At some point, we join to win and to improve our skills. And, with this, we must consider one of the most important factors to perform well, the basketball shoes. Here are the best outdoor basketball shoes 2021.

Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3 


  • A low top type of shoes
  • Sizes are between small and large
  • The shoes are narrow at some point
  • Built in synthetic leather
  • Classified as shoes that are minimal

Detailed Review

This pair of outdoor basketball shoes perfectly suit players that are lightweight and thin in size. The interaction of players with the floor is absolutely good. Players can maintain great speed and momentum with this product. The fact that it was rated excellent in traction explains this. You can use it both on clean and dusty courts without requiring for any wiping.

Even when it’s fitted it can still give comfort and allow a player to move quickly and smoothly. 

 It has leather breaks that are synthetic giving high standards of comfort and support. The support is really great. The forefoot movement actually has no side-to-side hassle. There is no problem in slippage as there is a high level of stability with its outrigger that is lateral. 

It is an excellent choice for choosing affordable yet lightweight and comfortable outdoor shoes. It comes in a variety of colors and these include royal, black, white, and mod grey. 

Playing basketball with these shoes secure and ensure your protection. We oftentimes find the right shoes that will best fit our size. If you know that you are lightweight and not that huge then these shoes are the best ones for you. 

It does not suit or compatible with someone that is heavyweight. So, assess yourselves and choose the right one for you. You can achieve an exciting game using this pair of shoes.


  • It has an excellent traction
  • Allows good and fast performance
  • It is lightweight and easy to be carried
  • Has synthetic leather that provides support and comfort
  • Fitted comfortably


  • Too firm cushion
  • Not good and compatible with heavy players

Nike Lebron Soldier 13


  • Has a great and excellent traction
  • A kind of high-top type of shoes
  • It fits and suits true to size
  • The width is slightly narrow in nature
  • It has great straps that allow 1:1 fitting

Detailed Review

One of the main factors that we consider when buying the best nike outdoor basketball shoes is their durability to perform well. Regardless of its type, the comfort it can give to our feet is the one that matters most. Moreover, we tend to look for shoes that can sustain great support and stability when moving around the court. 

Nike Lebron Soldier 13 comes in a type of high-top basketball shoes. The sizing is just right between small and large. The materials used suit well for a long-time run and use. It is built highly durable and comfortable. 

If there is something in these shoes that makes it worth buying, it is the great traction and support that it has. The best thing about this pair of shoes is the traction ability. The outsole performs good both outdoors and indoors. With its cushion, the Lebron Soldier 13 has better cushion at the forefoot and heel. It also offers impact protection because of its thick midsole. The materials used speak for itself in terms of performance.

These shoes are good for all-around work and all around the court. It is dust-resistant as it attracts only a very amount of dust. It beats the top in any categories whether in hardwood or blacktop. The top part of the shoes defined how well the shoes were structured.

As we all know, playing basketball requires high standards of support and stability from what we wear. And, shoes play this crucial role. Nike Lebron Soldier 13 is a kind of basketball outdoor shoe that is capable to provide this service. 

It does not set any limit on the players using it as long as the size range suit them. And, expect a strap that performs well and lasts in a heavy-duty activity.


  • Highly durable in nature
  • Provides great comfort
  • Sustain supports and stability
  • The traction is excellent
  • Straps performs well


  • Cushioning is not that comfortable and somehow divisive
  • Cushioning could still be improved

Puma Clyde Hardwood


  • Combination of rubber and pattern compound
  • Profoam cushion
  • The size of this shoe suits true to size
  • It is slightly narrow in width
  • Low top type of shoes
  • The heel is made up of real leather
  • Synthetic leather on the forefoot
  • It has a base that is flat and wide

Detailed Review

Finding a kind of shoes that are both inspired by the old and current trends is something that is unusual. However, Puma Clyde Hardwood outdoor basketball shoes introduce this kind of shoes. 

It expresses the perfect blend of the modern and old styles of shoes. But it does not mean it embraces the idea of being outdated. It still goes with the current trend and flow of style with its remarkable features. 

This shoe model is new in the industry of outdoor basketball shoes. It is a great combination of modern performance and the old—school leather making it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes. The material is not restrictive to the skin because the material used comprises textile and mesh. The rear part is leather and suede.

The cushioning of these shoes is highly minimal and basic in nature. However, don’t get it wrong, after a long run, it gets softer. It builds and sustains great support for the users. It possessed excellent and one-of-a-kind traction. 

It is responsive in nature as cushioning is really good. The materials used which are knit and leather are really great and premium. It has TPU midsole that offers better torsional support.

We do not buy outdoor basketball shoes just to waste our money. Thus, it is important to know our taste. If our interest lies within embracing the classic and modern, then these shoes are the best for us.

Dusty courts are not a problem

  • Materials used are durable
  • Leather materials are premium
  • Great and excellent traction
  • Dusty courts are not a problem


  • It is heavyweight
  • Cushioning is so basic

Adidas Dame 7


  • Low top type of shoes
  • The width is significantly wide in nature
  • Sizing fits and suits true to size
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Foam cushion that is light strike

Detailed Review

We oftentimes encounter shoes where we easily lost balance and we are not really capable to be stabilized on it. That’s why we always tend to look for outdoor basketball shoes that can give us the assurance of balance and stability. Maybe we are looking for these shoes. A kind of product that can last on any duty outdoor and can give us the full incentives we desire. 

This shoe comes in a variety of colors. It offers multiple colors for you to choose from. If you are looking for outdoor basketball shoes that can give the most balancing position then, these shoes are the best ones to consider. 

There is no joke in the materials used in manufacturing these shoes. They are all of the good quality and possessed liberated ventilation on their feet. It also provides and sustains good stability in lateral position. 

If you opt to play outdoor for a long period of time there would be no problem as the rubber built on it are well-structured and durable. It means that it can last and perform heavy-duty and tiring activities all day. 

Having something as great as this shoe is important especially to players who continue acquiring skills. This could be an excellent choice for beginners for a safe drive and run on the court. The fact that it sustains balance and support makes it one of the most ideal shoes.


  • Cushioning is great for balance
  • An excellent outdoor and indoor traction
  • Upgraded version


  • Materials used are not the most notable
  • No ankle supports

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2


  • Weighs for about 11 oz.
  • Width is medium size and slightly narrow
  • Suits true to size sizing
  • High top type of shoes
  • An HOVR type of cushioning

Detailed Review

Some players oftentimes find themselves being thrown by a sudden impact of whatever factors that may cause it. With this, it is important to look for armor that will truly help the players to perform well without worrying about losing stability. These shoes might catch your interest and attention if you find time considering their features. 

The cushioning that these shoes have provided and sustain great protection in a sudden impact. It is exactly just right in terms of its position. 

You can expect premium and quality materials from this product. All are meant to strong and durable in nature. It does an excellent way of locking and providing comfort for the feet. 

Traction is really great as it can allow players to run with increasing speed and momentum. The fact that it is slightly narrow explains why the feet are capable to stay in place and move in accordance. 

These shoes might be the best choice if your main goal is to play with security and protection. Even it is fitted, it still offers and gives comfort to the feet. It does not make any excuses for having inconsistent traction. Even though the traction is changing, the features that it has been uniquely designed on it making it one of the most remarkable outdoor basketball shoes. 


  • Materials used is that of excellent and high quality
  • Fitted comfortably when wearing
  • Protects user from impact
  • Locking of feet is great
  • Provides high standards of stability and support


  • The traction is inconsistent

Jordan React Elevation


  • High top type of shoes
  • Sizing ranges truly to size
  • Width is significantly wide and in medium frame
  • Comes in 7 varying colors
  • Composed synthetic and genuine leather
  • Lightweight  

Detailed Review

Shoes with great compatibility on different surfaces always win. We always opt to choose the best outdoor basketball shoes through the features that they possessed. And, we should not forget to consider which one has the highest compatibility. The fact that at some point of our life we have encounter buying shoes that is very slippery or rough to carry, buying a kind of shoes is something that we should think about.

Jordan React Elevation shoes got you supported regardless of the court. It provides great support that allows players to play without worrying too much about their changing position. Materials are good enough to perform well and last on all-day activities. 

The setup of the cushion is very comfortable and ensures a high level of protection for users. The fact that it was classified as high-top shoes explains why it sustains great support in the ankle. It also ensures responsive and smooth cushioning with is durable foam. 

It facilitates different kinds of motion especially the circular one with its pivot. The traction is really remarkable and amazing as it allows and permits different kinds of movements in the court.  

The features that these shoes possessed are something that highly expresses a good and excellent quality making the choice of buying it worth it. All the features that it possessed including its cushioning, traction, and overall structure truly embrace the idea of uniqueness.


  • It has an amazing setup for cushioning
  • The traction works well regardless of the surface
  • Sustains great support in player’s ankle
  • Foam is highly durable


  • Materials could still improve
  • The overall structure can still be improved with the materials

New Balance Kawhi 1


  • It is wide at some point of the width
  • Mid-top type of shoes
  • Cushion setup of FuelCell
  • Upperparts are synthetic

Detailed Review

Looking for shoes that will perform well on and off the court is easy with this New Balance Kawhi 1. It offers multiple features and colors that will truly amaze us to buy it. Players tend to choose the most satisfying shoes that handle great support for them. These shoes might be the perfect one to consider.  

Support is the main highlight of these shoes. It allows the players to run and play well on the court with its remarkable feature.

New Balance Kawhi 1 is a shoe model that was inspired by Kawhi Leonard. It is good both for indoor and outdoor activities. Regardless of the court, it always provides good traction. 

It has a heel that is slightly firm. The cushion setup of these shoes is a fuel cell, making the style very bouncy and responsive. 

What makes this pair of outdoor basketball shoes really great is the support that it gives and sustain to the users. Instabilities are very unusual to these shoes. Players don’t have to worry about slipping or losing balance.

The foam built with it is the FuelCell helps the players to perform and drive over the court with enough velocity and momentum. 

It best works with players that are heavy and big in size. If you are aiming for great stability and high standards of durability, then these shoes are the best ones for you. 


  • Conducts and provides great support
  • A very durable structure and outsole
  • Serves excellent traction regardless of the court
  • Gives a great and excellent support


  • Easy to get stick with dust
  • Heavy in weight
  • Materials could still be set to a higher quality

Adidas D Rose 11


  • Mid-top type of shoes
  • Sizing fits true to size and is classified under half size
  • The width is slightly wide in nature
  • Upper part is made up of textile that is Adizero
  • It has an extended and advanced heel
  • Come in three varying colors
  • Fitted comfortably

Detailed Review

Every player has their own unique size of feet. Some are small, some are huge, some are narrow, and some are wide. Regardless of whatever size you have, always take note of the best shoes that will suit your taste and size. 

If you are having a hard time looking for shoes that will perfectly fit your wide feet, then these shoes are the best for you. It is good in many activities regardless if it is indoor or outdoor. You can use it with no hassle since it is lightweight in nature. 

These shoes are highly recognized as well as outdoor and indoor basketball shoes. It can perform well with its excellent traction and cushion. 

Its cushion implements a light strike that is in full length. It features a heel that is bouncy making it well equipped in terms of its cushion and protection. 

It established a good balance for the users and protects them from sudden impact. These shoes are meant for people who are wide-footer. The fact that its width is slightly wide explains this matter. 

Adidas D Rose 11 is a kind of shoe that sustains great support leading to a high standard of stability. It is very lightweight in nature. And, this is something that makes it very fascinating.


  • Cushion provides great comfort
  • Traction is really good and excellent
  • Provides and gives support
  • Sustain balance and stability
  • Super lightweight


  • Fitted unorthodoxly
  • Materials used could still be improved
  • Materials used are not that good and of high quality

Puma RS Dreamer


  • Fits and suits sizing that are true to size
  • Low top type of shoes
  • The width is wide regularly
  • Consistent and excellent traction
  • Consists of a cushion that is ProFoam

Detailed Review

One of the most important things we consider when buying is the price of the product. However, regardless of the price, we will always choose to have the one that has an excellent feature. 

When planning to buy outdoor basketball shoes, be able to choose the best yet affordable one. We don’t have to spend a lot to say that it will work well. Puma RS Dreamer shoes are here to serve. It possessed different unique features.

Puma RS Dreamer shoes is a shoe model that has excellent indoor and outdoor traction. It completely expresses a setup that is responsive all throughout the court. The pattern is a little sketchy, but works well on court. It offers consistency in any surface. 

The support it gives makes it an ideal shoe to pick. There is no problem with the stability as it was given thoroughly together with the support. It guarantees support to the torsion shank at the midfoot. 

It can be fitted well and comfortably without having any hassle. The price is somehow affordable at some point. But it does not mean that it does not possess good quality materials. In fact, the materials that were used to build them is working well for the varying duty of the shoes. Textile mesh is the primary material used with little suede patches, giving it a moderate feel of new and old pattern. 

The lock-in of these shoes is built with no hassle and any feeling of uncomfortableness. We can enjoy playing all around the court with these shoes. There is no more hassle and stress in maintaining a good stance in the court. These shoes actually got you protected and supported.


  • Traction is excellent and good both indoors and outdoors
  • Serves and offers great support to the users
  • Good for players that are large in size


  • Lacks protection from sudden impact
  • Somehow heavy in weight to carry

Adidas DON Issue 1


  • Low top type of shoes
  • Comes within half the large size
  • It is regularly wide in width
  • Cushioning is bouncy
  • Materials are really great and premium in nature

Detailed Review

Materials are one of the most significant parts to consider when buying shoes. We oftentimes encounter some shoe products that possessed not-so-good material. That’s why being a skeptic in choosing the right one is important. 

If you’re looking for the best cheap outdoor basketball shoes, Adidas DON Issue 1 shoes got you. It has an affordable price range that causes no regrets when bought. It features different characteristics that significantly made an impact on its overall structure. 

It features good traction. However, some instances suggest that when wearing this shoes, users must be careful as it is prone to slipping. 

The designs in the upper part were inspired by a spider-web look. It ensures lateral support and stability when wear. 

It has a fine cushioning that makes the locking of it comfortable and secure. It is bouncy and flexible at the same time. 

hese best budget outdoor basketball shoes are highly durable due to the materials used to build them. Despite the fact that the materials are of good quality, it does not cost so much.

The price range is still affordable. Having something that both suits our needs and wants are really satisfying. Not all affordable materials need to be doubted as well as not all expensive things deserve to be praised. In short, when we are looking for shoes with the characteristics of being ideal and affordable, Adidas DON Issue 1 shoes are the best ones for you. 


  • Highly affordable in price
  • Materials are excellent and of good and high quality
  • Provides great support and stability
  • Flexible in nature
  • Good traction


  • Traction is prone to slipping
  • Heavy for its type
  • Bulky

Buying Guide - Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

We have to set our standards and be able to set the things we have to consider when buying outdoor basketball shoes. You have to make sure that you know what kind of shoes that you want. The style and structure matter. Be able to consider these things. 

The following are the things we need to take into consideration when planning to have a purchase of this product.

The durability of the overall structure

This one is the most important factor to consider. We do not buy shoes just to waste money and only for one-time use. We have to choose the best and most durable outdoor basketball shoes for us to maximize the value we pay.

We play sports to acquire and improve our skills. On behalf of this, having something that will boost our desire more is important. Durable outdoor basketball shoes defined it all.

Our shoes must be strong and long-lasting enough for us to indulge the moment in the court. Since we are dealing with outdoor activities, shoes that have something to say make the purchase very worth it.

Take time to check the traction

The traction of outdoor basketball shoes is one of the things we should consider when buying these shoes. It must be preferably wide to reduce its capacity in attracting dirt and for giving a well-done performance.

Materials used

The materials used are very important to consider. It will define and determine if the shoes suit our standards and tastes.

There are instances that some people prefer materials that are genuine while some prefer the combination of genuine and synthetic. Thus, taking time to check on it is necessary so there would be no regrets in the end. 

Be able to consider the cushion

Cushioning has an important role to consider. It is the one that handles and manages the pressure that is being released in our joints. This is very important especially when a player is having a hard time due to some injuries. 

Choosing the best cushion that will suit your needs and desire is important because we do not buy shoes just for fun. We buy for a purpose and that is to maximize its usage.


Your budget matters. Don’t owe for something that is too much for your money. Make sure to buy the best one that still meets your standards and you’re capable to buy off. 

Final Words

We ought to buy shoes not just for the sake of adding an appeal but to use them for a purpose. We have to consider the things that matter when planning to purchase this kind of shoes.

Basketball as we all know takes a lot of courage and patience. And, just like its process, it takes outdoor basketball shoes that will go along that hardships. The fact that playing basketball comes very common, clearly suggests why we have to give time to discuss this matter.

It is impossible for us to play basketball with our barefoot. If these instances happen, it would really cause damage and injuries to us. From this, we could see how important having shoes that will carry us all throughout the game.
We have to find the perfect and best shoes for us. Never settle on the idea of thinking that having shoes is enough to play basketball. We play to win, don’t barge in if you are not equipped.

Be able to choose the right one for you. Purchase not just shoes, buy the best and durable one.

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