Best Miter Saw Under 200 – Top 6 Best Miter Saw Reviews 2021

Do you want to buy the best miter saw under 200 dollars? With so many options in the market, it’s hard to pick which miter saw suits you best and within your budget. But don’t worry. This article will help you choose with help from reviews and a buying guide to know what makes a good quality miter saw.

A miter saw is a vital tool when you want to make accurate crosscuts and miters. It cuts by pulling down the mounted circular blade onto a block of wood in one swift motion. This tool is also known as a drop saw and comes in at least five different types.

You will find all kinds of miter saws in the market with some priced over $200, like DEWALT DWS779 and Metabo C12RSH2S. They're a bit pricy but have excellent quality as expected. However, this doesn't mean only pricy miter saws are of good quality. 

In this article, you'll find the best miter saw at a reasonable price of $200 and below. You can check the comparison table below for a quick glimpse of the products in this list.

Check Latest Price
DEWALT DWS715 Dimensions: 26.77 x 21.85 x 18.9 inches
Blade length: 12 inches
Speed: 4000 RPM
9.8/10 Buy On Amazon
DEWALT DWS713Dimensions: 24.8 x 20 x 17.72 inches
Blade length: 10 inches
Speed: 5000 RPM
9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
Metabo C10FCGS Dimensions: 20.4 x 15.4 x 14.4 inches
Blade length: 10 inches
Speed: 5000 RPM
9.4/10 Buy On Amazon
WEN MM1011Dimensions: 20.7 x 20.6 x 16 inches
Blade length: 10 inches
Speed: 4500 RPM
9/10 Buy On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1Dimensions: 25.59 x 19.06 x 14.41 inches
Blade length: 7 1/4 inches
Speed: 3800 RPM
9.4/10 Buy On Amazon
Metabo HPT C10FCH2SDimensions: 13.7 x 20.6 x 15.7 inches
Blade length: 10 inches
Speed: 5000 RPM
9.4/10 Buy On Amazon

Top Best Miter Saw Under $200 Reviews

You can know more about the best miter saw under 200 mentioned in the table through the following comprehensive reviews. Read on to learn what makes these miter saws our most recommended.

DWS715 12-Inch – The Best Overall Miter Saw Under 200

Highlighted Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Stainless steel miter detent
  • Precise miter system
  • Machined based fence support
  • Tall sliding fence
  • 2 x 8-inch crosscut capacity at 90-degrees
  • 2 x 6-inch dimensional lumber at 45-degrees
  • 0 to 48-degrees left and 0 to 3 degrees right bevel angle

DEWALT DWS715 is a miter saw featuring a 15-amp motor and 12-inch blade. It's a compound miter saw, a single bevel with a 2-inch by 8-inch crosscut capacity. DWS715 can also cut a 2-inch by 6-inch dimensional lumber at an angle of 45 degrees.

This miter saw does not have any advanced features, but that, in itself, is its charm. Its most features include a powerful motor with a speed of 4000 RPM, a precise miter system, stainless steel detent plate, and machined base fence support.

All these features make sense in DWS715 being our choice for the best miter saw under 200. You can already have an excellent quality compound miter at a price like this, capable of cutting 2 x 6-inch and 2 x 8-inch dimensional lumbers.

These features ensure that DWS715 can deliver extended power, provide repeatable precision, ensure durability, and make easy adjustments. Since it also has a lightweight design, not to mention the built-in carry handle, this miter saw is super portable as well.


  • High precision
  • Durable
  • Extended power
  • Portable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to operate


  • It doesn't have a laser

DEWALT DWS713 10-Inch – The Second Best Miter Saw Under 200

Highlighted Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Stainless steel detent plate
  • 14 positive stops
  • Precise miter system
  • Machined base fence support
  • Tall sliding fence
  • 2 x 6-inch crosscut capacity at 90-degrees
  • 2 x 4-inch dimensional lumber at 45-degrees
  • 0 to 48-degrees left and 0 to 3 degrees right bevel angle

At number two of this list is another DEWALT miter saw. DEWALT DWS713 is another powerful compound miter saw from DEWALT featuring a 15-amp motor. DWS713 has a 10-inch blade, which means its reach is a little less than DWS715.

DWS713 and DWS715 have mostly the same features – a 15-amp motor, stainless steel detent plate, precise miter system, machined base fence support, and tall sliding fence. They even have the same range of bevel angles. 

DEWALT DWS713 is also lightweight at 38.1 pounds. It also has the built-in carry handle that DWS715 has. These two features make DWS713 another portable miter saw that you could easily carry from one job site to another. Both are also single bevel, compound miter saws.

However, they differ in blade length, speed (DWS713 has 5000 RPM), and cutting angles. This shows while both are excellent miter saws, they have different capacities. Although that is the case, you can expect DWS713 to be durable and robust.


  • Repeatable accuracy
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable and flexible to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Super portable


  • It doesn't have a laser
  • It doesn't have a shadow line

Metabo C10FCGS 10-Inch – The Best Portable Miter Saw Under $200

Highlighted Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • 0 to 52-degrees to the right and left miter angle range
  • 0 to 45-degrees to left bevel range
  • Thumb activated positive stops
  • Large table
  • Horizontal handle

Metabo HPT C10FCGS is a 10-inch compound miter saw priced under $200 with excelling selling points. One of those selling points is its 15-amps, 12V motor with a speed of 5000 RPM. It is a corded miter saw with six feet long cord.

It has a miter cutting range of 0 to 52-degrees left and right. On the other hand, its bevel cutting range starts from 0 to 45-degrees to the left. It is super lightweight at 24.2 pounds, the second lightest miter saw in this list.

Since this miter saw has a 10-inch blade, its crosscut capacity is a little limited. However, it is satisfying enough and still easy to use when its cutting depth isn’t enough. All you had to do is to flip the board so you can cut from the opposite side.

Its blade has 24 teeth, which gives a smooth finish, although you will struggle a bit. However, it is excellent that you can switch this miter saw's 10-inch blade with other 10-inch blades. This means you can have a variety of 10-inch blades to use with this miter saw.

One of the best features of Metabo C10FCGS is you can engage both the miter and bevel simultaneously. You can move the miter between 0 to 52 degrees, both left and right. Additionally, it has positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 32.6, and 45 degrees.

On the other hand, you can tilt the bevel to the left up to 45 degrees when you want to use the saw for compound cuts. Metabo C10FCGS is highly versatile, and the cuts are precise. It has a large table, and there's a fence to keep the piece in place.


  • Versatile
  • Wide cutting angle range
  • Powerful motor
  • Super lightweight
  • Large working table


  • The dust collection system doesn't work well
  • Angle indicator isn't precise
  • Poor blade guard
  • Flimsy fence

WEN MM1011 10-Inch – The Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

Highlighted Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Onboard Class II Laser Guide
  • 45-degrees miter angle in either direction
  • 45-degrees bevel angle to the left
  • 9 miter stops
  • 7-1/2-inch crown molding nested capacity
  • 6-3/4-inch baseboard vertical capacity
  • 10-inch blade with 40 teeth and carbide tip

If it’s the best sliding compound miter saw under $200, our choice is WEN MM1011. This is a 10-inch miter saw with exceptional quality and advanced features. If what you're looking for is a miter saw under $200, but with premium features, this one is it.

Not only does it have superior features, but many attachments as well. The first notable feature of WEN MM1011 is the 15-amp motor, promising powerful performance. It is said to be able to cut board 12 inches wide and 3 1/2-inch thick maximum.

Its miter angle range is 45 degrees with 9 miter stops and moves in either direction. On the other hand, the bevel angle range is 45 degrees to the left. As for the blade, this miter saw comes with a 10-inch one with 40 sharp and carbide-tipped teeth.

The material that is this miter is made of is coated purely in metal, which adds to its durability. It is a bonus that there is no noise produced when you use the miter saw. This is great because then you won't be disturbing anyone while you work.

The most important feature of WEN MM1011 is perhaps the Onboard Class II laser guide. While it is not a crucial feature, it does make this miter saw unique than any in the list. Thanks to the laser, there is a light that illuminates the cut line as you work.

As mentioned, there are various attachments included with the miter saw. Besides the blade, it comes with two table extensions. It also has one clamp assembly, a dust port adapter, and a dust bag. This great for a miter saw priced less than $200.


  • Can saw wider boards
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Easy to handle and use
  • It comes with laser light
  • Durable with metal body
  • Exact meter and bevel degree


  • The lockdown knob doesn't work well
  • Cheap-feeling hold-down bracket
  • Complicated structure
  • Not for beginner use

CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1b – The Best Sliding Miter Under $200

Highlighted Features:

  • 3800 PRM Motor
  • 20V Li-ion battery
  • LED cut line positioning system
  • Variable speed control wheel
  • 80-inch crosscut at 90 degrees
  • 5-1/2-inch crosscut at 45 degrees
  • 9 casted miter detent stops
  • Side carry handles

The Craftsman V20 is this list’s choice for the best sliding miter saw under 200 dollars. It’s an oscillating multi-tool operating on a 20V max battery. This, together with the miter saw’s compact design and lightweight, makes Craftsman V20 super portable.

Craftsman V20 is one of our recommended miter saws with more advanced features.  One of these features is the variable speed control wheel. You can use it to choose its speed between 8000 and 18000 oscillations per minute.

While it has a lighter performance than other miter saws, this also helps keep the vibrations less when working. On the other hand, this tool has a spring-loaded clamp that holds its blades and sanding accessories secured in place.

It’s worth noting that it is quite easy and quick to change the miter’s accessories. All you need to do is squeeze them on the lever, which will fit the blade right into the tool’s jaws. It also has an LED cut line positioning system that helps guide you while you work.

Craftsman V20 is available as a multi-tool kit and a bare tool at a price less than $200. If you pick up the kit, it includes a 2.0Ah battery and a 20V charger, along with a bi-metal and wood blade, some sandpaper, a sanding pad, and a scraper.


  • Easy and quick blade change system
  • Easy to grasp and comfortable handle
  • Compact and portable design
  • Good price


  • It works a bit slow
  • The vibration control could be better
  • Too light for heavy work

Metabo HPT 10-Inch C10FCH2S – The Best Compound Miter Saw Under $200

Highlighted Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Laser Marker System
  • 0-45-degree bevel angle range, to the left
  • 0-52-degree miter angle range, to both directions
  • Adjustable bevel
  • Large pivoting flip fence
  • Thumb actuated positive stops
  • Horizontal handle with elastomer grip

Metabo HPT C10FCH2S is a highly recommended compound miter saw from the brand Hitachi, which renamed itself to Metabo HPT in 2018. The company has since used this name for its full line of power tools, fasteners, and accessories sold in North America.

C10FCH2S is the best compound miter saw under $200 designed for woodworkers, carpenters, framers, and DIYers. It’s a miter saw focused on reliability and precision, which is evident in its accurate miter cuts, crosscuts, and compound cuts.

Since it is lightweight at 24.2 pounds, using this miter saw shouldn’t make you feel too exhausted. Even with this weight, it doesn’t compromise in terms of power thanks to its 15-amp motor that effectively makes it a reliable and durable miter saw.

It doesn’t have that bad of a blade, which is a 10-inch one with 24 teeth. This is a blade length that is easy enough to find in most hardware stores, meaning you can replace it easily. However, this size also means it will have limited cutting abilities.

As mentioned, this miter saw has a 15-amp motor, powerful enough to produce a speed of 5000 RPM. This speed gives the miter saw the ability to create nice, clean cuts as anyone would like. Combined with the blade, it should offer flawless performance.

C10FCH2S has several simple but noteworthy features, such as the thumb-adjustment lever. Using this, you can set the miter angle easily to any location between 0 to 52 degrees. There’s also the Laser Marker System, which guides you as you work.

Another great thing about this product is it includes numerous attachments besides the miter saw. It consists of the blade, a pivoting flip fence, a vise assembly, a dust bag, a 4mm hex bar wrench, a 10mm box wrench, and a material support extension.

You may even pick a kit with a miter saw stand included. However, it's only the C10FCH2S version that's priced under $200. If it's the one that contains a 10-inch finish blade, the price goes over $200, and the one with a miter saw stand is well over $400.


  • Rugged built
  • Powerful motor
  • Laser marking system
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Smaller table area
  • Dust collection system can be better
  • Changing blades is a bit difficult
Best Miter Saw Under 200

Best Miter Saw Buying Guide in Budget Price

So, you have a list of best miter saws under 200 as a starting point. But how do you know which one of them is really the best miter saw under 200 that suits you best? Well, it's a bit of a challenge, but this buying guide should help. Let us tell you about the different factors to consider when buying a budget-friendly miter saw.

Check out these factors below.

Type of Miter Saw

The first thing to consider is perhaps the type of miter saw. Each type has different capabilities, so it helps to know which they are. That way, you can pick precisely the kind of miter saw that would be most useful in your projects. There are five primary types of miter saws, which are:

Basic Miter Saw

It has a circular shape with a base or table. This miter saw’s blade is set straight at 0 degrees angle. You can saw a board with this bring the blade down in a straight motion, top to bottom. As it’s only a basic miter saw, you can only move the blade right and left.

Compound Miter Saw

Compound miter saw's difference with a basic miter saw and sliding miter saw is it cannot slide forward horizontally. Additionally, it can miter and bevel. This means you can move the blade left and right. It also means you can tilt it.

Sliding Miter Saw

This type is a bit better than the basic miter saw as it adds the capability to move the blade left or right. It also has rails, which means you can move the blade up and down, back and forth. 

Compound Sliding Miter Saw

This one combines a compound miter saw, and a sliding miter saw. You can move the blade left and right for angled cuts. This type can miter and tilt to right or left. As a combination miter saw, the blade also slides forward.

Dual-Compound Sliding Miter Saw

This type comes with many features and capabilities, more than a compound sliding miter saw. It can do miter cuts and larger cuts. But its most significant part is it allows you to tilt the blade at whatever angle to both left and right.


The best blade is sharp and cuts precisely. It would be great to pick a miter saw with a blade that's easy to replace. The available blade sizes range from 7 1/4-inch to 12-inch, with 8, 10, and 12 inches being the most common. Besides the length, you also want to look into the number of teeth as it tells you how fine the cut will be.

Fencing System

The fencing system is a vital factor because it secures the board you're cutting while you work. On that note, the best miter saw under 200 also has the best fencing system that can press the material tightly, so it doesn't move. This way, you can work and do all kinds of cuts with excellent flexibility.

Bevel Cut

The bevel cut is crucial in a miter saw as it also factors into the cutting capacity of the tool. With that said, you want to look for a miter saw with a bevel cut that’s more than 30 degrees. It’s better as well to choose one that can move left and right. With the bevel cut, you can ensure that your choice of a miter saw can cut a board in any style.

Angles Ranges

Miter saws can cut boards at a defined angle. Most you can find cuts at 45 degrees, which is for right-angle joints. Some only tilt to one side, but most can tilt in both directions. It would be great to pick a miter saw with positive dents as it locks the movement of the saw and gets you the most accurate cut.

Engine Power

The best miter saw under 200 has a powerful motor, even when its price is on the lower side. The ideal motor power is more than 15-amps, which is capable of doing fast work. With this, you can expect that the miter saw delivers the best cutting experience and long lifespan.


The ideal voltage for a miter saw is 120. This will allow you to plug the tool in just about anywhere. There are still miter saws with voltage more than this, which will need more powerful electricity. Those types of miter saws are generally more expensive, which is great if you're doing heavier work.

Other Features You Want for Your Miter Saw

If it's precise but flexible angled cuts you want, then there is no better tool to use than a miter saw. In this article, we’ve tried to provide you valuable information that will help you pick the best miter saw under $200. After reading it, we believe you can find the one that suits both your cutting needs and budget
Other Features You Want for Your Miter Saw

Besides the factors and features mentioned above, you may also want the following features. While they are not crucial, a miter saw with these features will make your job easier and faster.

Vibration Reducer

LED Lighting/Laser

With this feature, it should be easier for you to work in the dark. This is great if your work area is a bit dim. If not an LED lighting, some miter saws also have a laser guide. This also helps you while working, guiding the blade for a more precise cut.


Depending on your work type, you might want a lightweight miter saw with a compact design. This is perfect if you move from place to place, such as when working around the house. A compact miter saw is also easier to store.

Built-in Handle

Another feature that helps with carrying the miter saw is a built-in handle. The shape of a miter saw is somewhat hard to carry, which would need your two hands. But with a handle, you should be able to take the tool with only one hand.

Miter Saw FAQs

Do you have some more questions about the best miter saw under 200 dollars? This FAQ section should give you simple answers to the things confusing you about miter saws. Go ahead and give them a read.

What kind of a miter saw do I need as a homeowner?

A basic miter saw is the best for a homeowner since you don't necessarily need different cuts. But if you are a hobbyist, you might want to choose a different one depending on the kinds of cuts you want.

What kind of accessories or tools do I need besides a miter saw?

It all depends on what kind of work you are doing. There will be different types of tools and accessories that each job requires. You can look through the internet for some articles about your project to find out what you need.

How do I adjust a miter saw?

It depends on the machine itself, especially the brand or type. What you can do is read the product’s manual. If you cannot understand it, you can search online for how-to’s or check an instructional video on YouTube.

How do I detach the blade bolts?

This can be messy, so be careful and work slowly. If you are in a left-handed thread, detach the bolts in a clockwise direction. If you are in a right-handed thread, then you can unfasten the bolts in an anti-clockwise order.

What is a good miter saw under $200?

The best miter saw under $200 has all the essential features. It's durable and cuts accurately. You can't expect a $200 miter saw to have all the features mentioned above. However, the best of them have good enough engine power.

Final Words

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