Best Miter Saw For Homeowner (Top 7 Sliding Choices)

A miter saw is a power tool that helps you cut long boards into smaller lengths, and then cross-cut those lengths to create various angles. A great miter saw for home use should be compact, lightweight, powerful enough to do the job easily, accurate in its cuts and have features that make it easy to change between different cutting angles. We share our top 3 picks of the best mitersaws for homeowners below!
The importance of investing in a quality miter saw can't be overstated if you are doing any type of woodworking at home. The right model will make your life easier by allowing you to work more efficiently without having to worry about damaging your expensive tools or running out of space on your workspace.

This article will explore the top best miter saw for homeowner and which ones we recommend based on our research.

Hitachi C10FCE12 Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Exceptional bevel and miter angle ranges make this machine a dream to work with. 0-45 to the left for bevel, with included adjustable bevel stops, and 0-52 left and right for miter make the C10FCE2 accurate and reliable.

You have convenient access to the carbon brushes, giving you the chance to replace them easily and, therefore, increase the saw’s very lifespan. The flip fence, yet another good feature, is large and extendable. It can go up 4 inches, making vertical crown molding quite smooth.

The handle is where some single bevel compound miter saws go wrong but not the Hitachi C10FCE2. With an ergonomic design and Elastomer coating, you can wield the saw without having to worry about vibrations making the blade head unsteady. The coating keeps things comfortable.

A smart addition is the dust bag that while capable of collecting a goodly amount of debris and sawdust during work sessions is a bit too small and needs external vacuums to help complement its use.

Relying on 120 volts to function and weighing in at 35 pounds, this saw is as energy efficient as it is compact and portable. Throw in a 5-year warranty with that and you have yourself a machine that brings superb value for money. 

Best Miter Saw For Homeowner ($150 - $300)

Dewalt DW715 Bevel Coupound Miter Saw

You get 11 positive stops on the stainless steel miter detent plate; this is adjustable. Powering the blade at 4000 rpm, the 15-amp motor is excellent addition to this saw.

A base fence support and miter system adds to the efficiency and precision the DW715 can provide. A tall sliding fence makes a lot of things possible. You can crown mold up to 5¼” nested materials. You can also base mold vertically upto 6 ½”.

Sliding out of the way to perform bevel cuts is quite simple as well. The range for beveling is attractively practical. You have 0-48 degrees to the left and 0-3 degrees to the right to work with. Miter capacity is similar sufficient. You have 0-50 degrees to the left as well as right.

Not only do these adjustment options get you the great versatility you also have the outstanding accuracy to look forward to where the Dewalt DW715 is concerned. This is one of the best miter saws in its category.

Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw

With 1950 watts of output power, you can find excellent value in the 15-amp motor. A laser marker system is perfect for getting those cut lines spot on. It clearly indicates where the blade is going to land for the cut and of course you can make adjustments accordingly to either the right or left of the laser marker.

An elastomer compound coats the handles, imparting a strong grip and denying all vibrations to hamper your work and accuracy while the machine is going at it. The aluminum fence is both tall (5 1/8”) and capable of pivoting on a smooth axis.

Using the Hitachi C12FDH, hardwood cutting is not a problem. You can also crown mold vertically, adding to the flexibility of this machine.

Where the bevel scale is concerned, you have 0-48 degrees in both directions (left and right) to work with.

You can certainly flip the saw head to make opposing cuts, which us much easier than flipping the material and getting a slightly inaccurate slice.

Best Miter Saw For Homeowner ($300 - $500)

Dewalt DW 717 Double-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

Cut accuracy is exponentially enhanced thanks to the crosscut stop positions exclusively designed into the cutting head that promotes elevated vertical cut capacity. The bevel detent system is also exclusively made for the Dewalt DW717; it has 7 positive stops to ensure precision, speed, and cut repeats.

On a similar note, the miter detent plate (stainless steel) has 11 positive stops and is adjustable. The twin horizontal steel rails come equipped with linear ball bearings and clamping mechanisms that are quite innovative.

Fence perpendicularity is well maintained thanks to the base support that allows the blade to perform accurate cuts. The saw is specially designed to make bevel cuts keen and fast.

Weighing only 51 pounds, it is quite lightweight compared to other products in the same category. With the Dewalt DW717, you can base mold 6” materials set against the fence and crown mold 6 ¼” materials nested vertically.

Best Miter Saw For Homeowner ($500 - $600)

Dewalt DWS780 10 inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

With a stainless steel miter detent plate that can be adjusted to 10 positive stops, you can see an increase in accuracy and productivity. Miter saw review are incomplete without reviewing this product. Designed with an XPS cross cut positioning system, you get clear cut-line indications, thereby reducing risk and errors.

Over 75% of generated dust is collected in the dust bag. A back fence design exclusively made for the DWS780 enables 2×16 lumber cuts at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees.

Aside from these, you also have other cut capacities: a 7 ½” nested crown capacity, 6 ¾” vertical capacity, and 13 7/8” horizontal capacity. With an oustanding 15-amp motor, you can power the blade at 3800 rpm to make some of the smoothest most sophisticated cuts around.

While it does not come with a stand, the sturdy base has a good center of balance. There is little to no slide interference thanks to the power cord being routed through the back rail.

Bosch GCM12SD  12-inch DB Glide Miter Saw

Equipped with Bosch’s patented Axial-Glide System, this saw is both compact and highly precise. Not designed with the traditional rail setup, this feature takes up at least 12 inches less space than other saws.

Its trademarked Squarelock fence is accurate beyond compare, capable of an aligning fence to table at 90 degrees. In addition to having a one-touch lock/unlock feature to control slide movement, it also needs no adjusting.

The GCM12SD packs different and rather enviable cutting capacities: 6½” vertical, 14” horizontal, and 6½” crown mold cuts are all possible with this saw. The ergonomic trigger handle lets you use this device with comfort and easy. It is also ambidextrous, meaning it can suit the grip of a left- or right-hander, as the case may be.

The bevel and miter scales (stainless steel) are uniform, have crisp sight-range, including clear roof pitch angles and marked detents. With an ace 15-amp motor powering the 12-inch (diameter) 60T blade at 3800 rpm, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish at the workshop with this marvel.

Weighing in at 65 pounds, the saw is double the weight of most compact sliding miter saws on the market but somehow pulls of portability.

Best Miter Saw For Homeowner Over $600

Hitachi C12RSH 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser

Its slide system has become quite the modern addition to power saws in this type and range. The system is compact and lets the slide-head slip smoothly along Hitachi’s patented fixed rail system.

No rear clearance is required, adding to the usefulness of this feature. A laser marker system eliminates risk of error or delay by letting you see where the cut is going to go and if you want to alter the angle at all.

A 15-amp motor makes revolving the blade with 1850 watts of power seem easy. As a result of all this, accuracy is quite high. In addition to working with the Hitachi C12RSH on small spaced worktables, you can make some of the smoothest most precise cuts out there.

A dust bag collects a good amount of dust though not all of it. The carbon brush region is readily accessible, making it possible for you to extend the life of the machine at no hassle. 

Feature Things To Look Out For A Best Miter Saw For Homeowner

There are many facets to miter saw and they all work in conjunction to help make the machine or model what it is. Here are some accessories and components to keep an eye out for when selecting miter saw.

  • Laser System: Not only do they ensure that your blades are lined up properly with the cut line you need performed, a good laser system can also save you mistakes and risk. Whereas a single laser saw shows you the line of cut a dual laser system shows you the entire width (kerf) of the blade being used; essentially the width of the cut.
  • Wide Miter Range: You have optimum miter cuts ranging anywhere from 50 inches to 60 inches. If you feel this width is great, go for the machine. If you want something wider, check the specs to see if it can cut the way you want it to.
  • Sliding Fence: To avail full height support for miter cuts, the sliding fence does an excellent job. It also slides out of the way for bevel cuts.
  • Dust Port: This is different from a dust collector in that it lets you connect a wet/dry vac or larger dust bag to your saw. It goes about collecting sawdust as you work and helps maintain a clean environment and worktable.
  • Positive Stops: Positive bevel and miter stops can be seen on the machine itself. These help speed your work along and let you make quick adjustments.

As long as you make small alterations near the positive stops, you can get started cutting any standard angle.

  • Blade: You must be able to change the blade. Some saw models have one-step blade changes. If you know that you are going to regularly shift between blades get a product that makes changing blades easy; or it will only take up valuable time.
  • Clear Indexes: Both the miter and bevel readings have indexes on the machine using which you can make accurate cuts. See if these indexes are easy to spot and at a viewable position while working with the machine.
  • Electric Brake: Helping stop the blade in, say, less than 5 seconds electric brakes greatly improve safety and reduce risk. Look for trigger release brakes.

>> Discovering more information to pick the best miter saw stand for your woodwooking plan <<

How To Buy The Best Miter Saw For Homeowner

Miter saw review are incomplete without a comprehensive buying guide in it. With all that you have read and learned about miter saw so far, this step has been made easy and simple for you. Here is a component/feature-wise breakdown of things to look out for when buying miter saw.


Mitering, or the ability to make angled cuts, is part and parcel of miter saw. You have to be able to preset the saw to adjust a range of angles from 0-45º to help with right angle joints. Whereas some saws can only miter to one side, others can do both left and right.


Beveling, or the ability to cut wood and other materials at an angle, you can use this feature to slice one side then rotate the saw head to the other side and perform a uniform cut.

Single bevel saws can tilt only to one side while double bevel saws can perform both left and right tilts. The wood therefore needs no flipping or turning, adding great convenience to your work.

From furniture making to crown molding, beveling and compounding options allow you perform compelx angled cuts.

Bear in mind that this can sometimes throw off alignment. Choosing the Best Sliding Miter Saw brand will curtail that risk.


This in turn decides what kind of materials the blade can saw through; aluminium, mild steel, wood, etc. There are of course multi-purpose blades to help with general cuts.

If a blade has plenty of teeth, it can perform fine cuts; more teeth mean finer cuts. Miter saw usually come equipped with mid-grade blades for wood cutting purposes. You can always buy different ones and attach them to a compatible miter saw.


Sliding action capability on miter saw means you can cut wood or other materials that have wide stocks. In other words, you can cut materials that have greater widths.

A quick look at the machine specs will tell you what capacity it can handle. If you prefer cutting dado, sliding capacity can be moderate; you will not need too much.

When it comes to fencing posts, however, a bigger blade and a bigger cut capacity width is called for. Sliding miter saw are important for those. Those aws that do not have slide action are cut-off saws or chop saws.

Advantages of Using Miter Saw

You will have seen actual hardcore saws at work at high-end contractor firms and other professional settings. What makes miter saw any different or as practical and efficient as they do?

  • For one, miter saw are comparatively cheaper. They are not as big as large-scale saws and obviously weigh less. These and other factors impact the price and bonk a few numbers off it.
  • Power models among miter saw are more than capable of performing the cleanest and smoothest cuts you will not find on big-bad-dangerous saws.
  • Miter saw can perform multiple cuts from different angles. Such flexibility and ease of use is exclusive to these power tools. Almost all their main features come ready to deliver promises along these versatile lines.
  • There are very few safety issues concerning miter saw. Fire risk due to the sawdust, kickbacks during operation of the saws (reading the instructions can resolve this problem), and breathing concerns (nothing a work mask and goggles cannot solve to keep all that sawdust out of your lungs and eyes).

  • The best safety feature is the machine itself that has electric brakes, lock mechanisms, blade guards, ergonomic handles, and more to help smooth the flow of your work or project.

  • Accuracy is unmatched with miter saw. Once you know what you are doing and you have a multi-featured power saw that can bevel both ways, the sky is the limit to what you can craft; and do so to precision.

On the disadvantage side, miter saw are not capable of ripping through thick lumber to width nor can they handle wood pieces that have overly wide stocks. Many miter saw can only tilt one way. However, the fact that they come designed with sliding arms means they have extended reach capabilities. With those saws that can tilt two ways, complicated cuts are no longer a challenge.

Tips & Tricks When Buying Miter Saws

  • Just because you have a dust vacuum or dust bag to collect sawdust as you work does not guarantee a perfectly clean environment. A good portion of sawdust is going to be blown behind the machine, so see that you have an easy to clean space at the rear of the saw you plan to buy and install.
  • Make in-feed and out-feed table extensions with adjustable stops and permanently fixed measuring tapes. A rolling stand helps as well.
  • Blade size and other factors are crucial. Do not always rely on the blade that comes with the miter saw you select. Bigger blades make longer cuts. More teeth on blades mean finer cuts. A laser guidance system attached to blades ensures accuracy. Electric brakes help stop the blade quickly in case of emergencies.
  • A stand, while not necessary, can be immensely useful. With it, you can support longer lumber pieces while cutting, and thereby keep the workpiece steady.
  • While working with the blade do not pull it down into the wood or other material. Press the material against the saw fence and push the blade gradually into the wood. After that let practice and instinct take over. You want the blade to do the work.
  • If you work area is at any time going to pose problems with power outlets (either they are faulty or unavailable nearby) a cordless miter saw can save you much hassle. If you do need a cordless, get extra power packs because if you are going to do heavy work or are involved in grand projects, the power can drain rapidly from cordless saws.


The best miter saw for homeowner are the best outstanding power tools. Not only are they innovative and reliable, but they also bring excellent accuracy and fine cutting capacity to your projects or hobbies. Whether you are a DIY fan or a professional carpenter/contractor, miter saw are indispensable tools to have in your arsenal or collection.

Take advantage of the features, options, and flexibility of miter saw you read above. Shop smart and be patient until you find the ideal miter saw for your requirements. While purchasing the perfect miter saw can take time, research, investment it can save you loads of trouble, error, delay, further expenditure, and more once you get the right one.

You have to consider long-term use when it comes to miter saw, and our website is designed to impart guidance through its miter saw reviews as efficiently as your future miter is going to impart excellence

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