Best Milwaukee Impact Wrench Review (Top 6 Choices)

Milwaukee Tool is known for its powerful line of cordless impact wrenches. In this review, we’ll give you a roundup of the best Milwaukee impact wrench to help you decide which model will suit your needs best.

The brand continued to expand its line by improving their line of hand tools and accessories. They also dabbled in the lighting category by creating the most extensive assortment of high-output lighting.

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 ½ inch Impact Wrench

If you are looking for an impact wrench designed for a wide array of functions, you may want to consider the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18. With its 700 ft/lbs maximum fastening torque and 1100 ft/lbs removal torque, this Milwaukee impact wrench is highly useful for all-purpose jobs.

Most users are afraid to invest in an impact wrench that has a powerful motor. This is simply because the higher the power the wrench delivers, the higher the chances that its machine will overheat. The good news is, that won’t be an issue with the use of this product.

That’s because Makita incorporated their REDLINK PLUS intelligence system into it. This system helps the machine to choose between two fastening modes through the company’s trademark Drive Control Feature. As a result, overheating and overloading can be prevented.

Its powerful motor is powered by Red Lithium batteries which are known to deliver extended run time. In fact, most users claim that its batteries can last twice as long as other impact wrenches in the market.

Another issue that you may be worried about with the tool’s powerful motor and the high-speed setting is having control over it. You will be happy to know that one of the modes that come with the drive control feature is the bolt removal mode which allows you to regain control, no matter how fast or powerful the machine is going.

Moreover, the tool is equipped with a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor which delivers the power you need but runs cooler than most motors in the market. Additionally, this type of motor does not contain wearable components so you are assured that it will last for long.

It won’t also be left behind when it comes to durability. The entire tool is covered with a premium rubber overmold which promotes user comfort but above all—protect its parts from harmful elements.

Aside from considering its performance, the manufacturer also took into consideration the comfort of the user when they designed this Milwaukee high torque impact wrench. Its ½-inch anvil comes with a friction ring that allows the user to change the socket in the most efficient way possible.

Lastly, this Milwaukee ½ inch impact wrench has a built-in LED light that would certainly come handy when working in the dark or poorly lit spaces. It can also provide you the illumination you need when operating on tight spaces.

The Milwaukee 2763-22 m18 wrench kit contains the tool itself, a hard case, two sets of batteries, a battery charger, and a few accessories.

With all these features, this equipment is an excellent option for fastening jobs that require high precision. That is why a lot of users claim that it is suitable for automotive and engineering work.


  • The run time of the battery is twice longer
  • Overheating will not be a problem
  • Comes with two fastening speed settings
  • Does not contain any wearable components
  • Brushless motor operates cooler


  • Some users claim that it is a bit uncomfortable to hold
  • Expensive
  • A bit bulky

‎2554-20 M12 3/8 inch Impact Wrench (Bare Tool)

With only 4.8 inches in length, the Milwaukee 2554-20 wrench is considered to be the most compact and lightweight wrench that you can find in the market today. Its size is designed to help users perform fastening jobs on tight and small spaces—in the corners that most full-sized wrenches can’t reach.

But don’t judge this wrench by its size. After all, it delivers a breakaway torque of up to 250 ft./lb. (which is industry leading!). With this much power, this small and light wrench will be able to unfasten even the most stubborn bolts and fasteners.

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with advanced features. Even if it is just a small wrench, the Milwaukee 2554-20 offers 4-mode drive control to the users. This means that you can customize its use and performance to suit your needs. It also indicates that you can enjoy unparalleled control regardless of how fast your speed settings are.

The first three modes allow you to use the equipment in three-speed settings. On the other hand, the fourth mode is the auto- shut off mode. This is a security feature which prevents over-fastening and would come handy when performing a reassembly job.

Considering its size and weight, this equipment is a great option for tedious fastening tasks. It will allow you to work for longer without causing any pain or discomfort to your hand and wrist.

The equipment runs on the trademark REDLITHIUM batteries of Milwaukee which delivers a run time that is 2 hours longer. Just like most of the Milwaukee impact wrenches you can find in this list, it also has a POWERSTATE brushless motor that contains no wearable components.

Sadly, this product is not sold as a kit—it is only available as a bare tool. This means that the charger batteries are sold separately.


  • Perfect size for small and tight spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Ergonomic design


  • Does not come as a kit
  • Not as powerful as other wrenches in the list

Milwaukee 2754-22 M18 VS Milwaukee 2554-22 M12

If you are on the lookout for a 3/8-inch impact wrench, Milwaukee gives you a lot of options. Here are the top two choices that you have:

Milwaukee 2754-22

Milwaukee 2554-22

This Milwaukee m18 fuel impact wrench is light and compact but it has all of the features that you can find in a full-sized impact wrench. Despite its small size, you will be surprised to know that it has 4-mode drive control. The first three modes deliver 0-900 RPM, 0-1600 RPM, and 0-2500 RPM.

The fourth one is an auto shutoff mode which shuts down the equipment when it has detected an impacted fastener. This feature helps to reduce the chances of material and equipment damage.

The Milwaukee 2754-22 Impact Wrench is sold as a kit which includes the M18 Cordless Impact Wrench, 2 REDLITHIUM 5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack, 1 M12 and M18 Multi-Voltage Battery Charger, a carrying case and belt clip.

This 3/8-inch impact wrench is as small and light as the first product. However, it delivers higher amount of torque—250 ft./lbs which many experts claim to be an industry-leading value.

Its drive control also has four modes. The first to third modes offers variable speed settings that allow you to enjoy control and precision for all types of fastening work. The last mode is an auto-shutoff mode which prevents over fastening of bolts and would come handy in keeping your fastening job intact. It is also incorporated with a technology that prevents overloading and overheating and keeps the operation as cool as possible.

The Milwaukee 2554-22 M12 wrench is sold as a kit which includes the stubby impact wrench itself, 1 REDLITHIUM CP2.0, 1 REDLITHIUM XC4.0 Extended Capacity Battery, Lithium-ion battery charger, carrying case, and belt clip.


  • User-friendly operation
  • Long battery life
  • Friction ring makes socket change as easy as possible
  • Four drive modes


  • Low Power
  • Heavy


  • Small yet powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in overload prevention technology
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Charging indicator works poorly
  • The steel ring is too sharp

Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 vs Milwaukee 2555-20 M12

If you are on the lookout for ½-inch impact wrenches, you may want to take a look at these Milwaukee products:

Milwaukee 2767-20

Milwaukee 2555-20

Equipped with a 4-mode drive control, the Milwaukee 2767-20 impact wrench gives the user the full control over its power and speed. The first three modes allow you to change the speed setting from 0- 550 RPM to 1400-1750 RPM to 1750 to 750 RPM. On the other hand, the last helps you turn the equipment into the bolt removal mode.

It has a ½ friction ting anvil that lets you change the socket as easily and quickly as possible. Another feature that promotes user convenience is its premium rubber overmold which improves grip comfort. Besides, it also protects the tool from corrosion and rusting.

You have two options when buying the Milwaukee 2767-20 impact wrench. First, you can buy it as a bare tool (no accessories and chargers). Second, you can buy it as a kit that includes the impact wrench, one M18 5.0Ah battery, a battery charger, and hard case.

The Milwaukee 2555-20 is considered to be the most compact wrench in the market. Even though it is small, it still has the same four-mode drive control that you can find in most impact wrenches in the market. This feature allows you to perform the job with the right control and precision. It also delivers a torque of 250 ft./lbs which is comparable to the other bigger impact wrenches in the market.

The Milwaukee 2555-20 Stubby Wrench is only sold as a bare tool. It does not come with a kit.


  • Most compact size
  • High torque
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great for long working hours


  • Available only as a bare tool
  • Low Speed


  • Already includes two types of tools
  • Helps the user save money
  • Contains powerful impact wrenches
  • Perfect for professionals


  • Not recommended for those who do not need to use two wrenches

Between the two, it is the Milwaukee 2555-20 that is shorter and therefore, the better option when it comes to maneuvering in tight spaces and corners.

Milwaukee Impact Wrenches

The Milwaukee

With the brand’s focus on developing innovative cordless impact wrenches, users have grown to embrace Milwaukee Tool as the go-to brand for cordless impact wrenches. Cordless/battery-powered tools used to be considered inferior to their pneumatic counterparts. However, Milwaukee Tool, as well as other brands, has developed ways to make the cordless impact wrenches able to compete with pneumatic tools without sacrificing power and performance.

They also came up with innovative technologies to improve their brushless motor and introduce more powerful tools in the market. Now, users can rely on cordless tools and expect to get high quality, high-powered, high-performing, fast, and durable cordless/battery-powered tools.

About the Milwaukee

Milwaukee Tool has been in business for nearly a century and has led the industry with its professional construction tools. The brand continues to manufacture innovative tools and systems to provide solutions to all kinds of users. The company was founded in 1924 and has been producing high-quality power tools designed to improve the productivity of users.

Being in the business for nearly a decade, Milwaukee Tool is reputably known for its heavy-duty and high-performing power and hand tools. Milwaukee Tool is known for producing highly-durable tools and equipment including wrenches and drills among many others. However, over the years, the brand struggled to keep its identity.

In 2005, Milwaukee Tool was acquired by Techtronic Industries Co. Since then, the brand focused on its strength in providing solutions in the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing sector. They were able to break away from their reputation as an electric power tool manufacturer. Now, the brand is not only recognized as an excellent manufacturer of power tools but has also crossed multiple categories in the tool, equipment, and accessory categories.

The Advancement of Milwaukee Power Tools

As the first to discover the technology that allowed lithium-ion to be used in power tools, Milwaukee Tool continues to find new solutions to address the toughest applications. This achievement became a huge step for the entire industry as the newest line of battery-powered tools began to enter the market.

Milwaukee Tool understood the market and where it was going. So, they began to develop cordless tools with the decision to make and design their own battery packs and motors. They also came up with the M12™ and M18™ Cordless Systems to deliver optimal performance for users.

Next, they also worked on producing the next generation of lithium-ion battery-powered tools which included the REDLITHIUM™ batteries and the M18FUEL™. Milwaukee Tool prides itself for delivering the

most advanced technologies in electronic, battery, and brushless motor.


Having a reliable and durable cordless impact wrench in your arsenal can let you go a long way when it comes to your fastening and bolt removal jobs. Lucky for you, Milwaukee designed their impact wrenches to be highly advanced and user-friendly equipment.

But which of these items in the list is the best Milwaukee impact wrench? Well, that would depend on your needs, of course. To help you with that, we recommend that you also consider a slew of other factors including weight, speed, power, safety features, and drive size.

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