Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop – Top 8 Choices Of 2021 Review

Most men love to play basketball. Whether you play with your friends at the town's basketball court, it is an excellent start to have the best in ground basketball hoop at your place and start practicing those shoots. You can also invite your neighbors and friends to play basketball with you any time of the day. 

A good basketball hoop will provide you with years of enjoyment. It's a terrific area for local youngsters to get together, practice their shooting abilities, and engage in competitive shooting.

But that doesn't rule out the possibility of grownups having a good time with it as well. To unwind and play basketball in your garage or lawn after a long day at work is priceless.

Most homeowners nowadays prefer portable in ground basketball hoops. However, they rattle and vibrate after each shot. If you have space, go ahead and build a fixed basketball hoop; you'll have a great deal of fun!

This article intends to assist you in locating the best in ground basketball hoop for your needs. I'll present you several of the most prominent basketball hoops mostly on the marketplace and explain what you should look for:

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Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoops


  • Backboard Size: 60 inches
  • Backboard Material: 5/16 inches Tempered Glass
  • Support Pole: 4 inches by 4 inches

This best in ground basketball hoop has the performance of an auditorium goal. You can experience playing in the arena, even in the comfort of your place. Fixture mounting combines the solid of concrete with the flexibility of unbolting and moving the goal. You can move the hoop with you when you move home.

This hoop comprises a tempered glass backboard and a field goal rim that is flexible against impact and made pro-style. You can try the "slam dunk" of the famous Michael Jordan without worrying about breaking your hoops. You can shoot all you want with its remarkable strength.

The pole has an all-steel activator that comes with a powder-coated shield for long-lasting performance. Not only that, you can adjust the height of the pole from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, depending on your desire.

This in-ground hoop has a pad on the pole and backboard to protect you during rough plays. You would not worry about bumping on the backboard in case an accident happens. The product comes with five-year warranty coverage and contains a backboard pad. An excellent buy to play basketball with your family and kids. Just make sure you follow the installation instructions to give full support to your in-ground basketball goal.


  • Offers long-lasting performance
  • Ideal basketball hoop for the family
  • Shows remarkable strength
  • Stable fixture making the hoop durable
  • Shock absorbent


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Bit heavy to move around

Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard


  • Backboard Size: 52 inches
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate
  • Support Pole: 3.5 inches diameter round, powder-coated steel
  • Adjustment rate: From 7.5 feet to 10 feet

This in-ground hoop has a 52 inches shatterproof backboard with steel frame made from a polycarbonate. Thus, making it strong and durable. You can assure that the backboard will last for a long time, even for more significant impacts.

The adjustment mechanism is equipped with the power lift where you can readily adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. With a simple squeeze of the handle, you may change the height of the backboard. The joint of the round pole is friction-weld that prevents unwanted movement and is suitable for a 3.5 inches diameter round base to keep the hoops from wobbling.

The steel of this product is powder-coated and has UV protection. You can put this in your backyard or front yard without having to worry since it can resist the weather to corrosion and discoloration. When you buy this product, a five-year extended product warranty is included. 

Are you looking for the best in ground basketball hoop under $500? Lifetime 718281 is the right choice for you. If you're on a budget but want to play basketball, it is an excellent choice. Follow the installation guide, and you can do it perfectly fine. Likewise, you can quickly lower the board for kids to play and return to its height again because of its height adjustment system.


  • The hoop is sturdy and can withstand a lot of hanging or dunking
  • The product is durable with little maintenance required
  • Great product for the price


  • Not suitable for inclement weather
  • Difficult to install

Spalding NBA Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard In-Ground Basketball System


  • Backboard Size: 54 inches
  • Backboard Material: 1/4 inches Tempered Glass
  • Support Pole: 4 inches by 4 inches

The steel board frame is made with aluminum trim. You can experience playing like a Pro with its breakaway rim. It features a U-Turn lift and a detachable handle for a quick height adjustment. This is built for outdoor so that you can place it just in your open backyard. 

Is playing basketball is your sport? Are you thinking of buying an in-ground basketball hoop but no place where to put it? Spalding NBA in-ground basketball hoop is the best in ground basketball hoop for driveway. Turn your driveway into a place to play basketball and start shooting the basketball on your day off.

Basketball thrives wherever a hoop and a dream can be found. The stage is prepared for your dunk battles and driveway confrontations with this in-ground hoop system. The tempered glass backboard offers the most consistent rebound of any rim material and includes a steel breakaway rim. The 2-foot offset provides ample space beneath the hamper, and the lifting system allows for simple adjustability with the flip of a handle.


  • Basketball hoop ideal for driveway
  • Can withstand dunk battles
  • The backboard made of tempered glass offers consistent rebound
  • The lifting system guarantees easy adjustments
  • High-quality product


  • Challenging to assemble
  • Not so good adjustment mechanism

Lifetime In-Ground Basketball Hoop


  • Backboard Size: 50 inches
  • Backboard Material: Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • Support Pole: 3.5 inches diameter round
  • Frame size: 50 x 33 x 1-inch
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

The Makrolon polycarbonate material of this basketball hoop is like the professional glass. You can also expect that the graphics printed in the screen is protected from the sun because it has UV protection inks. Thus, you can expect it would not fade soon. 

Putting the basketball hoop outdoor is never a problem because it can withstand the harsh elements. The frame made of steel is coated with rust-resistant paint. With this you can enjoy playing in the backyard rain or shine. It seemed like you’re playing in a professional basketball court. The net weight of this best in ground basketball hoop when assembles is 100 pounds.

The steel-framed shatterproof backboard is 50” x 33” x 1” in size and the frame pad is blow-molded with solid construction that blends well with its professional aesthetic. The distance between the pole and the backboard is 22 inches.

A Slam-It rim measures 18 inches with a spring using double-compression technology that shows spring-back or rebound action anytime you dunk into the rim of this great basketball goal. It also comes with a nylon net you can use outside despite of the weather.

This basketball set includes 3 pieces round pole made of steel3-piece that measures 3.5 inches with a proprietary friction-weld connection that keeps the pole without wobbling. All the steel poles manufactured by Lifetime are weather resistant and power-coated. It also features a unique adjustment mechanism that lets you modify the basketball hoop from 7.5feet  to 10 feet every 6 inches increments.

The Lifetime 71799 is primarily intended for use by children and casual play. The backboard is a little on the small side, and it's not exceptionally sturdy. You'll also have to deal with the hassle of pouring cement. It will, however, be more durable and realistic to play if it is cemented in the ground. It's also adjustable, and most families will find it reasonable. This is probably one of the best in ground basketball hoop under $500 and is more of a moveable hoop grade.


  • Offers spring-back action
  • Designed for casual play
  • Power resistant steel poles
  • Easy to adjust steel pole


  • Some parts are mislabeled
  • Durability is an issue

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System


  • Backboard Size: 48 inches
  • Backboard Material: Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • Support Pole: 3.5 inches diameter round
  • Adjustment system: action grip

The backboard is a 48" durable pro-glass look is achieved by combining a shatter-resistant Fusion backboard. The surface is Makralon and you can expect that the graphics would not fade easily. With the action grip adjustment system, you can alter the grip with one hand to adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet in a 6-second augmentation.

This is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The pole is powder-coated making it resistant to rust and corrosion.  It also comes with all-weather nylon net. The 18 inches rim is made of solid steel, a 5/8 inches ring, ½ inches steel braces, and springs with double compression that makes dunking a great experience.

A 5-year extended manufacturer guarantee is included, as well as a pole pad. There are 22" distance extensions between the playing surface and the pole. Lifetime 90020 is the best in ground basketball hoop built of durable, shutter-free pro glass materials for a lower price. You can shoot it as often as you want because it is impervious to damage. 

You can adjust the pole at various heights to suit all players, thus making it the best in-ground adjustable basketball hoops. This implies that even adolescent basketball players can practice with this hoop.


  • Well-coated pole to prevent corrosion or rust
  • Lightweight, you can install inside the house or in the backyard
  • Highly resilient hoop rim
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • Some customers complain about missing parts or accessories

Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop with Adjustable Height Backboard and Pro-Style, Breakaway Rim


  • Backboard Size: 54 inches
  • Backboard Material: 1/8 inches Tempered Glass
  • Support Pole: 5 inches by 5 inches 

The Goalrilla GS54 has a clear view backboard made of tempered glass with dimension of 54 inches by 34 inches. In terms of backboard materials, tempered glass is the preferred option. This type of backboard will provide a realistic rebounding experience. Over time, tempered glass will also maintain its clarity. Other materials, such as polycarbonate and acrylic creates fog-like appearance that makes the backboard unattractive. But this model of best in ground basketball hoop will never compromise with style.

They equipped the GS54 with a 5 inches x 5 inches one-piece steel pole with 11 gauge. Using a double pole make goals of lower grade. We do not encourage dunking or aggressive play with this pole. Overtime it will loosen. This will cause a learning goal that cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced at some point. A single-piece pole used in all Goalrilla basketball hoop, you can expect it is worth your investment and does not require replacement.

This basketball hoop features an adjustable actuator. All you have to do is turn the handle to adjust the height. The good thing is there is an indicator showing the height of the hoop. If you will buy this product it comes with a lifetime warranty for the adjustment mechanism.

 The flex rim of this basketball hoop is medium weight. For residential purposes, it is the best option. Like all Goalrilla systems, it has a sole anchor system. It is a worthy goal for those searching for a more compact system at a reasonable price.


  • Sturdy and functional system
  • Great playability and attractive appearance
  • Solid construction and sturdy anchoring system


  • Installation is challenging

Goalrilla FT Series Basketball Hoops


  • Backboard Size: 60 inches
  • Backboard Material: 1/8 inches Tempered Glass
  • Support Pole: 5 inches by 5 inches

The backboard is composed of tempered glass to give it a professional appearance. Tempered glass provides the most robust support of any conventional glass. The glass is available in sizes ranging from 54 to 70 inches. Another fantastic feature of tempered glass is that it does not shatter in the event of a break, ensuring a safe, competitive match. 

It takes a sturdy frame to hold up the thick glass, and this best in ground basketball hoop has a unique anodized frame that delights the arena-style with its clean finishing. Because hanging over the rim is an exciting element of a basketball game, the rim must be a breakaway rim that is both sturdy and flexible. It does not become starched during a dunk, but becomes elastic, keeping the players safe. If you enjoy dunks, you will enjoy this expert duck in-ground hoop review.

We find the most technological pole in the hoop. Each point on the pole aspires to be innovative in its way. The anchor secures the first and primary pole to the ground. The second pole ensures that internal mounting with long arms is stable. The external connection with the Triple Joint Connection, which provides the surface linked to the hoop, is the last pole.

The desire for a height-adjustable system is that the adjustability is flexible for rims ranging from 7.5 to 10 inches in height and that the system is moved very smoothly without using a crank. These features are available with the hoop. They fasten this basketball system around the reinforced concrete in the ground for maximum strength, and the rods are also rebar steel. Despite this, you can place the hoop in various locations just by loosening the last pole.

The proper adjectives to describe this basketball system by the brand Goalrilla are professional appearance and incredible performance.


  • The height of the pole is adjustable
  • Offers the incredible appearance and professional performance
  • Guarantees maximum strength
  • Innovative pole design
  • Guarantees stability


  • A bit shaky

Spalding "888" Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop


  • Backboard Size: 54 inches to 72 inches
  • Backboard Material: 1/8 inches Tempered Glass
  • Support Pole: 4 inches by 4 inches to 8 inches by 8 inches

The Spalding "888" Series is the best in ground basketball hoop with stability. This in-ground hoop is the most sturdy, resilient, and rigid of all the hoop types. The height is adjustable. It withstands the most wear and tear. For safety reasons, the handle can be removed. You may get to a height of 7 to 10 feet, which is perfect for kids and adults who want to dunk the basketball.

The backboard is 72" wide. This is the regulation size, which basketball fans want because it closely resembles what you'd find in a gym—the bigger the backboard, the better. We only found this rim on the highest-quality hoops on the market, and it's the same one used in the college and the NBA.

Its distinguishing feature is that it gives every aspect, whereas all other breakaway rims only show from the front to the back. This relieves even more strain on the backboard, making it ideal for dunking. It overhangs of 4 ft. The greater the overhang, the more room players must maneuver under the basket without colliding with the pole.

Most lower to mid-level hoops have 3-4-inch round poles divided into three pieces. The ideal option is a one-piece since it provides the most stability. For the same reason, square poles are superior to circular poles. Eight inches of support is enough to sustain a 72-inch backboard with a 4-foot overhang.

The best sort of in-ground installation is the installation of J-Bolts. Because they fasten the hoop to the anchor, but you can remove it if desired. It also allows you to build the hoop before using it thoroughly.

The Spalding "888" series is nearly all you need, making it the best in ground basketball hoop. It features a regulation-size backboard, a pro-style rim, a sturdy pole, a 4-foot overhang, and a j-bolt assembly. Tempered glass outperforms acrylic in terms of performance. Overall, it's still the top basketball system on the market.


  • Guarantees stability
  • The basketball hoop is durable because they made it of tempered glass
  • Has wide backboard
  • The breakaway rims allow enough room for dunking


  • Some crank issues

Before buying an in-ground basketball hoop

The first step in determining which best in ground basketball hoop to buy is to figure out what your needs are. For instance, where will it be installed? Is there enough room in your yard for an in-ground model? How often will you use it? Will there be serious games, or will the hoop primarily be used for shooting around? Also, who is going to use it? Check with your housing complex to determine what kind of basketball hoop is permitted. Only portable ones are frequently permitted.

There are three types of basketball hoops to choose from when purchasing one:

In-Ground Systems 

An in-ground hoop is self-explanatory: they bury the pole in the ground, either directly or through a mounted anchor, using cement. Directing the pole to be buried makes it entirely permanent, whereas using an anchor allows it to be withdrawn. This style is the most stable and robust while the installation is in progress. You can always engage a contractor to assist you or do the project on your behalf. 

These hoops have an overhang is a plus. This enables for play beneath the hoop, which is not possible with any other type. If serious games are played, a premium in-ground hoop is ideal, especially if dunking is involved. If you're seeking a long-term solution, this is also an excellent alternative. There is no better option for a basketball fan.

Installed Systems

They mounted a backboard on a garage or the side of a house in this sort. This is a more stable choice as well. It's perfect if there's no room for a pole in the driveway. It's also a decent pick if you just want to shoot around and need nothing fancy. They may be removed and re-installed, convenient if you don't want them to stay up indefinitely. The only issue is that it may be inconvenient to play games unless they extend the hoop a few feet.

Portable systems

A base, pole, backboard, rim, and adjustable bracket are included with portable basketball hoops. The height is usually flexible, and the bottom is mobile, thanks to its wheels. As a result, they're prevalent. There is no need to install it because all you need to do is fill the foundation with sand or water to stabilize it. They have the disadvantage of not being as strict as the other possibilities. 

The most excellent portable units fold up to make moving them more accessible. If you don't want to deal with installation and just want to move the hoop around, this is the best option. The realism that comes with an in-ground hoop, though, is lost.

Additional Points to Consider


Do you require a hoop that can you can adjust? Before buying, determine if it will serve you best. It's only necessary if you're planning to use it with youngsters under the age of ten or if you're an adult who wants to dunk. This won't be difficult because the adjustment is typically made with a broomstick or by hand. Keep in mind that this function will cost you additional money.


You'll need to decide on the size and material of the backboard. Acrylic, tempered glass, graphite, and fiberglass are some of the most prevalent materials. Tempered glass is the best, as they use it in the NCAA and NBA. Acrylic is good, but it isn't as heavy as wood and will show wear and tear. 

It's a no-brainer if you can buy toughened glass. The backboard is 72 inches across, 42 inches high, and 1/2 inch thick in regulation size. The general guideline is to gain the most significant and most robust backboard you can purchase, as this will provide you the most playing surface.

FAQ about in-ground basketball hoop

What is better, in-ground or portable basketball hoop?

More than whether you should dig a hole or find a decent patch of concrete is at stake in the debate between in-ground and portable basketball hoops. It's all about the materials' quality, the system's design, and how each component affects your total experience.

Both in-ground and portable basketball hoops can provide a realistic playing experience similar to that found on a professional basketball court. However, playability varies significantly between manufacturers. You must have a complete comprehension of each component while selecting which system is excellent and why.

If durability and realistic gameplay are crucial to you, an in-ground basketball hoop is the closest you'll get to a professional-level basketball system. A tempered glass backboard (mid to high-end variants), a pro-style breakaway rim, and a robust support pole are all standard features. All of this, though, comes at a price. You'll pay a lot more than for a portable basketball hoop, but it'll be well worth it!

If you only need a hoop for occasional use with the family, though, there's no need to waste that much money. A portable basketball hoop would be excellent in this case. You have the option to move locations or improve at a later time if necessary.

Is a 48-inch backboard big enough?

Backboards come in a variety of sizes to accommodate players of various skill levels. 32-inch backboards are ideal for teaching kids how to play basketball. For young players learning to shoot, 44-inch backboards are ideal. The rebound space of 48 inches to 52 inches backboard will aid young teens practicing drives to the basket and various bank shots.

If you are an adult, a 48 inches backboard is not enough. You can go for larger backboards with a size of 54 to 60 inches. It can create a realistic arena-styled playing surface for more advanced players wanting that type of play. 

Is a 72-inch backboard too big for a driveway?

Most institutions have 72-inch backboards, which are likely employed because players want to improve their skill level in real-world situations. A 72-inch backboard is too big for a driveway, and you can go for a smaller backboard. A 54-inch backboard is ideal because it is a midsize backboard with a large footprint that's perfect for 1-2 car driveways.

If your driveway has a larger area that can accommodate two to three cars, a 72-inch backboard is just the right size. 

Is a 54-inch backboard big enough?

The size of the backboard should complement the size and location of your basketball court. Because it is neither too tiny nor too large, a 54-inch backboard is a preferable choice.  It is both inexpensive and effective, particularly if you want to improve your basketball skills. As a result, it is recommended for young families because it can meet a variety of needs. A 54-inch backboard has a broader range of Pole possibilities than other backboards, making it more customizable. It's an excellent choice for adults and children with small backyards and driveways.

How deep should a basketball pole be in the ground?

Most of the best in ground basketball hoop come with an installation guide. This will show you how to install the pole and how deep you should dig to bury the pole in the ground. Digging a hole up to four feet deep and burying the pole together with a cement mixture to secure the pole in its place is an excellent idea. 

Should I buy a 54 or 60 basketball hoop?

Before buying a 54 or 60 inches basketball hoop, consider the size of the playing area. You can go for a 54-inch basketball hoop if your area is small. But if your playing area is more extensive, you can purchase the 60-inch basketball hoop. Consider also your budget since a 60-inch basketball hoop will cost more compare to a 54-inch basketball hoop.

Should I get a 60 or 72-inch backboard?

Whatever the size of the backboard is, it has the same consistent ball reaction and durability. The 72 inches and 60 inches are intended to accommodate the needs of a family who are basketball enthusiasts. 

The 60-inch backboard is their most popular choice for residential installations if you're looking for something in between regulation and child sizes. It's perfect for two-car driveways and is an ideal size.

If you are serious about basketball, go for the regulation size. 72-inch basketball backboards, which are the same size as those used in high school, college, and NBA competitions, will appeal to former and current basketball players. In a dedicated court or a substantial three-car garage, this backboard works well.

How much does it cost to install an in-ground basketball hoop?

If you have an in-ground system professionally installed, it will cost roughly $450.00 on average. Consider the trips, labor, and materials that are all included in the expenses. A wall-mounted basketball system is less expensive since you do not have to pay for concreting expenses. 

Can you move an in-ground basketball hoop?

There are in-ground basketball hoops that you can move when you move homes. Look for an in-ground basketball hoop with a hinge ground anchor system so you can quickly move it from one place to another.

How do you convert a lifetime portable basketball hoop to in-ground?

You can convert a portable basketball hoop to in-ground by simply digging a hole in the ground and bury the pole. Follow the instructions on how to install the in-ground basketball hoop to fix the portable one on the ground. You can remove the wheels at the bottom of the portable hoop before burying it on the ground.

How do you remove an in-ground basketball hoop?

Removing a basketball pole is challenging, but you can do it with a bit of effort and help from friends and family. Remember to take caution; ensure the space is free and ask for help because this is not a one-person task. To do this, dig the ground surrounding the pole. Once you are finished digging, push the pole back and forth to loosen the pole on the ground. The pole will fall over once it loosens. Make sure to remove first the rim and the backboard before pulling off the pole. If you like, you can reposition the basketball pole or replace it with a completely new hoop once it's been removed.

Where should a ground basketball hoop be placed?

You can place your in-ground basketball hoop in the backyard if you have enough space. You can also utilize the driveway since it already has a concrete surface. Whether you set the hoop in the yard or in the driveway, make sure you have enough space to take jump shots from each side of the basket. You don't want to put it in a small space where you can only execute short layups. That's not a lot of fun. You'll also want to pick a location with a relatively level surface.

Final Words

A basketball is a fun sport whether you are playing it on a competition or simply having your sweat out. You can install the best in ground basketball hoop at your place so you can practice those dribbling and shooting. There are lots of available in ground basketball hoop system in the market. Choose the right one for you to ensure it serve its purpose. But before purchasing, ensure that you have already consider the excellent in ground basketball hoop for you. 

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