Best Hitachi Miter Saw Review And Buying Guide

Not only are saws in this product range tough, they are also packed with essential components and useful practical features. With adaptable designs and power-cutting options, Hitachi saws have long held on to their brand excellence.

You will find compound miter saws, sliding dual compound miter saws, and dual compound miter saws, to name three prominent Hitachi saw models.

hitachi miter saw

Why You Should Choose A Hitachi Miter Saw

As we explore the accuracy, efficiency, adaptability, and other factors that contribute to Hitachi’s success in the field of miter saws, you will learn just what makes these amazing power saws click.

  • Assembly of all Hitachi’s power saw parts takes only 5-10 minutes. The flip over fence, standard pine, and rear stabilizer bar are three prominent parts in this regard.
  • The start mechanism is much simpler and quicker than most other non-Hitachi power saw models.
  • The Elastomer handles on Hitachi saws is fully vibration-resistant. You can work steady with absolutely no hindrance from the saw machine. In fact, once the blade starts to spin in earnest, any and all vibrations are cut.
  • The 5-year warranty attached to all Hitachi miter saws makes for an excellent deal where other brands can only offer 3 or so years.
  • While cheaper saws in other brands and categories can indeed get certain types of projects done, they do not have the same efficiency and range as a Hitachi miter saw, which is why spending that extra dime on one will be a good investment.
  • The laser guidance system brings outstanding precision to all your projects, saving you time, delay, and risk because you can clearly see the cut line indication. This of course varies with the blade and its kerf or thickness. But with Hitachi saws you can expect excellence thanks to the brand’s high compatibility levels.
  • Regular saws leave jagged edges on materials. The results cannot technically be termed clean cuts until after you have sanded these edges to smooth them out. A Hitachi miter saw makes some of the smoothest cleanest cuts out there and is unmatched by any other type of brand in its power tool category.
  • Durability among Hitachi miter saws is top notch. Whereas with reasonable maintenance these brands can last you several years, other miter saws act up after only a few years and require complete replacing or heavy maintaining for them to produce marginally good results. The Hitachi line of miter saws will not give you such trouble for an incredible amount of usage-time.
  • Portability is also quite high with these miter saws. Not only are several of them compact, all of them are lightweight. This means ease of moving, transporting, and handling.
  • You will not find more user-friendly features on any other brand. The Hitachi miter saw range makes it easy for anyone to understand and wield the saw; in keeping with safety standards and with some amount of technical knowledge, of course.

Below, we are going to explore a few Hitachi miter saw reviews to show you how different each model can be and yet how consistent.

The Best Hitachi Miter Saw Reviews 

1. Hitachi C10FCE2

Hitachi C10FCE2

A mix of flexibility and features, the C10FCE2 is a fine example of Hitachi power tool excellence. It provides accessibility and convenience in good measure. This saw is most reliable for woodworkers, carpenters, and framers.

Elastomer grip technology goes into the handle, making it extra easy to hold and maneuver the saw. In addition, the handle is specialized and prevents any vibration from the machine reaching you, meaning you have a steady hold free of hassle and inconvenience.

  • Aside from the flip fence being large it is also extendable and can be raised by 4 inches to help with vertical crown molding tasks.
  • Granting you easy access to the carbon brushes enables you to replace them when required while at the same time ensuring prolonged lifespan for the C10FCE2.
  • Both bevel and miter angle ranges are excellent and extensive. You can alter bevel range to the left 0-45 degrees, and make adjustable stops for accurate cutting. You can perform miter range changes 0-52 degrees left as well as right, adding to the flexibility of the power saw.
  • You have a standard 10” blade (24-tooth TCT) to perform smooth cuts and work with several different sized lumber widths; though not overly wide materials.
  • A dust bag collects a good amount of generated sawdust during projects.
  • One type of C10FCE2 comes equipped with a laser guidance system while another model is available without.

2. Hitachi C12RSH

Hitachi C12RSH

From mitering and crosscutting to its ability to work with plywood, decorative panels, wood in general, hardboard, soft fiber board, aluminum sashes, and crown molding tasks, the C12RSH is a game-changer among power saws.

  • Ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, and framers alike this saw comes equipped with a laser marker system that can be turned on before the blade is set in motion.
  • The laser line provides the most predictable blade placement and can be adjusted left or right of the cutting mark. Watch as the saw blade cuts exactly along that line.
  • The bevel scale has a range from 0-45 degrees left and right, and only the saw head not the material needs flipping. A micro-bevel adjustment knob and positive bevel stops increase precision like none other.
  • The TCT saw blade has a 12-inch diameter, meaning it can work with wider materials at no inconvenience to you.
  • The fence can pivot and attain a height of 4 11/16 inches, making vertical crown molding cuts a cakewalk.
  • The slide system is brilliant. Because it is designed to be compact you will find no rear clearance. The patented fixed rail system allows for smooth saw gliding along dual rails.
  • Promoting safety is the splinter guard feature that reduces tear-out for cuts.

3. Hitachi C12FDH

Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser

Known for its excellent mitering and crosscutting potential, this power tool lives up to expectations and performs some of the smoothest most accurate cuts out there.

  • The 15-amp motor does an outstanding job of powering the blade at a no-load speed of 4000 rpm. Even super-tough hardwoods do no stand a chance against such power.
  • Weighing in at 46.3 pounds, this saw is quite lightweight; indicating superior portability.
  • Designed as a radial arm saw, it can be wielded with expert ease.
  • At a height of 5 1/8 inches, the pivoting aluminum fence makes for precise vertical crown molding work. In tandem with other features, you can use the C12FDH to cut material 5 21/32 inches deep and 2 5/16 inches high effectively.
  • A laser marker system more than does right by this power tool. In addition to giving you a clear cut-line indication it also reduces error and wastage as a result. You know exactly where the cut is going and push the saw down accordingly, making adjustments beforehand as you see fit.
  • A vibration-resistant Elastomer handle is a superb addition to the C12FDH, allowing you to work for long hours without the machine’s work-vibrations coming in the way of progress. This in itself ensures accuracy and comfort.
  • The saw’s base is large and designed to prevent material warping. A built-in clamping system serves to grip the whole power saw in position so there is no tilting or unwanted movement.
  • The carbon brushes are easy to access and simple to replace, making it possible for you to extend the lifespan of the machine.
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