6 Best Corded Reciprocating Saws 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you enjoying watching DIYs? Do you have the urge to get your hands working? Do you feel like creating your masterpiece? Do you want to start your journey as an amateur DIY person but don't know what kind of tools are the best corded reciprocating saw?

Don't worry because we got you covered. Let us introduce to you the best corded reciprocating saw with the best corded reciprocating saw reviews.

But before we start, let me introduce to you what a corded reciprocating saw is. This tool is a machine-powered type of saw. The word "reciprocating" refers to the blade's motion. This type of saw is commonly seen and used on construction or when performing demolition works.

Read further to know which reciprocating saw is the best for you!

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Dewalt DWE305DeWalt, yellow, corded-electric, 120 volts, 8.02 lbs9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
Dewalt DWE304DeWalt, corded-electric, 1 Lithium-ion battery required, 7.87 lbs9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
Dewalt DWE357DeWalt, yellow, corded, 120 volts, 7 lbs9.2/10 Buy On Amazon
Makita JR3070CT Makita, teal, corded-electric, product-specific batteries required, 10 lbs9.2/10 Buy On Amazon
Milwaukee's 6519-31 Milwaukee's, red or black, electric-powered, 120 volts, 7.1 lbs9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
Makita JR3051T Makita, Corded, 120 volts, 7.28 lbs9.6/10 Buy On Amazon

Top 6 Best Corded Reciprocating Saws Review

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw (DWE305) 

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 Amp powered motor, heavy-duty application
  • 4-position blade clamp flushed cutting, increased versatility
  • easy blade changes, keyless
  • 2,900 SPM, 1-⅛ inch stroke length
  • variable speed trigger

DeWalt's DWE305 has a 12 Amp powered motor. It is designed for a lot of heavy-duty applications. Its variable speed trigger can almost provide 2,900 strokes per minute and has a stroke length of 1-⅛". The trigger also allows the users to control their speed instantly. 

Its blade clamp has a 4-position specification that allows an increase in versatility and also makes flush cuts. It's a lever-action that has a keyless feature. It makes it quick and easy to change the blades in 4 directions to create application varieties that include flush cutting.

This reciprocating saw has an anti-slip comfort grip feature for easy handling of the users. Its length is 17.5 inches and weighing only 7 lbs. It also has a fixed shoe design.

While some improvements are needed, DeWalt has a higher level of cutting speed if you compare it with a power class of other brand models. Its vibration control may need to be upgraded to a higher level. You also have to consider if the shoe design is not inconveniencing your eyesight if it blocks your line of sight.

This well-known reciprocating saw can get the job well done. But you might still want to check out a couple of cheaper models of reciprocating saws. 

Corded tools are more graceful in aging compared to cordless models. DWE305 12 Amp, this particular model of DeWalt is included in the top 10 best sellers in Amazon. This specific model has a unique shoe design. It has been tested against other models of the same level of power to see its performance comparability.

Its cutting speed has been tested while cutting a nail-embedded wood. Its vibration control was also tested by cutting through different kinds of materials. It also has a lot of missing features compared to other models.


  • 4-position blade lock
  • most compact among its class
  • comfortable grip


  • vibration control is poor
  • shoe design is very unusual that can cause sight blockage
  • basic features

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw (DWE304)

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 Amp powered motor, heavy-duty application
  •  4-position blade clamp flushed cutting, increased versatility
  • easy blade changes, keyless
  • 2,800 SPM, 1-⅛ inch stroke length
  •  variable speed trigger

We have another DeWalt product here. DWE304 is another reciprocating saw that has good potential. But compared with the first DeWalt model that we introduced, this model has a lower motor power. It only has 10 Amp, and its strokes per minute are only 2,800. 

Aside from the two things mentioned above, the other features are similar to the first one. Its lever still has keyless features for flush cuts and to be able to change blades very quickly. Its speed trigger also has a variable that allows users to control the speed instantly.

It also has an anti-slip grip feature for easy handling. It also has a length of 17.5 inches and a weight of 7 lbs. This reciprocating saw is a model used for heavy-duty applications. 

It's a 4-blade clamp feature that helps in facilitating blade changes. A fast and very efficient power tool that can be considered a fast cutter. This model is designed for DIYers, builders, households, painters, carpenters, plumbers, and masons. It can be used by anybody who needs a good cutting tool at home.

DWE304 can be used in different ways because it is a multi-purpose device that has versatile applications. This tool is used to cut nail-embedded wood and it can also be used to cut light or heavy-gauged metals. You can also cut plasters, fiber walls, and other things that need cutting. 

Its blade has a 4-way feature that makes cutting for users incredibly easy. It can cut into different directions easily. It's an ideal tool for homeowners, and even carpenters find it easy to facilitate while working. It also helps professional carpenters in working fast. This model has been simplified so that even a homeowner can change its blades easily when it is necessary.


  • solidly built
  • right weight
  • has excellent price
  • adjustable cutting speed
  • user-friendly


  • locking's system is inconvenient
  • four-way systems do not work always

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw 12-Amp (DWE357)

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 Amp power motor, heavy-duty application
  • 4-position blade clamp flushed cutting, increased versatility
  • easy blade changes, keyless
  • 3,000 SPM, 1-⅛ inch stroke length
  • variable speed trigger

If you are looking for another DeWalt product, we give you DWE357. A 12 Amp motor that can deliver as much as 3,000 strokes per minute. Its length is very compact, measuring 14.5 inches. A lightweight that can cut between studs and other compact places.

Its handle and front boot have been molded with a soft grip for easy handling. Its pivoting shoe can also provide good leverage when used in different applications. Its weight is 6.8 lbs compared to the previous two models. Its soft grip gives the users additional comfort and also reduces vibration. 

DWE357 is among DeWalt's durable tools when it comes to output. You might have experienced having reduced power when you used another small model with a lightweight feature of a reciprocating saw. But DWE357 might give you some vibrational kick. With this small tool that has brute power, expect a possible vibrational kick.

Its pivoting shoe can sustain greater leverage when used in different applications. Safety is always the priority in power tools - a thing that is neglected by the world. 

This pivoting shoe can help reduce your body stress while working. It can also increase your skills when cutting materials. You can now make cuts that are previously out of your range. A sample of those cuts is overhead cuts and other complicated positions of cutting.

Different materials need a different speed of cutting and a different blade. Using this reciprocating saw can help you create premier cuts. This can help you in keeping your tool safe and harm-free. 

This best corded reciprocating saw can also help you in how fast you want to cut with its speed trigger. You can choose how soft or how hard, how slow or how fast your cut be. It's as easy as it can be.


  • easy to carry
  • easy to operate
  • fast and accurate cuts
  • affordable


  • no dust blower
  • no LED

Makita JR3070CT AVT  

Highlighted Features:

  • anti-vibration technology
  • 15 Amp power motor
  • 2,800 pm, 1-¼ stroke length
  • built-in clutch

This Makita model has superior power when it comes to delivery and performance. It also has an Anti-Vibration Technology that reduces vibration while working. It has an engineered system within the tool that has an internal counterbalance that reduces vibration. It makes faster and efficient cutting results.

Its motor maintains the tool's constant speed while working. This reciprocating saw has six presets on its speed dial. It helps the saw in matching the speed during work. Its clutch system helps in extending the shelf life of the tool. It protects the gear if ever the blade binds.

The tool's counterbalance system helps in reducing vibration to produce cutting power that is much better than before. The tool's body has been designed to keep dust and lots of debris to keep the motor safe. 

This tool is versatile and is engineered to perform demolition, cut various materials, and be used in renovating. It's an ideal tool for contractors, remodelers, builders, and other jobs that need a reciprocating saw that is best-in-class. It weighs 9.7 lbs to 10 lbs. 

This reciprocating saw has been in the market for more than a decade. Its performance when it comes to cutting can be said as absolutely relevant. Compared to the newer model, it still can boast its excellent vibration control when tested. 

This tool can still boast of its heavy-duty feature even if more than a decade has passed. This tool also has a boost due to orbital action. It gives other options aside from just turning on and off. You can also choose the aggressive level before proceeding to cut so it will match the demo.


  • excellent speed for cutting
  • excellent vibration control
  • one hand blade loading
  • spring ejection


  • most expensive in the same class

MILWAUKEE'S 6519-31 12 Amp

Highlighted Features:

  • quick-lock technology
  • gear protecting clutch
  • 12 Amp power motor, 3,000 spm
  • vibration reduction

Despite its antiquity compared to some of the newest reciprocating saws in this class, the Milwaukee is still a handy instrument. It's outstanding for a gadget that's almost 15 years old. 

In a nail-embedded wood test, this tool is the slowest. The result of this tool is the second average tool when it comes to nail-embedded cutting. Its test result surprises everyone due to it being 6 seconds behind the other competitor.

This model does not have any orbital action. If this tool will have this feature, it will create a significant impact on this industry. This tool may have experienced difficulty in cutting nail-embedded wood, but it changed when it cuts through metals.

This tool is the fastest among the group when it comes to metal cutting. When it was tested against thicker metals, it had a decent performance.  So the conclusion here is that this reciprocating saw is the best if you are going to cut thin-wall material compared with other models with the same class. 

Milwaukee is the longest among the reciprocating saws measuring 19.2 inches, and also weighs 7.6 pounds. This tool's features are pretty basic. The only noteworthy specification of this tool is its pivoting shoe. 

Even though Milwaukee's age can be noticed because of the new reciprocating saws in the industry, it can be said that it is still one of the relevant tools on the market. 

It might have missed being among the top best products in the industry, the tool still works impressively even after 15 years.


  • excellent vibration control
  • an outstanding cutting speed for thin-wall materials


  • the slowest cutting speed for nail-embedded wood
  • basic features
  • most expensive among its class

Makita JR3051T 12 AMP

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 Amp power motor, 3,000 rpm
  • 1-3/16" stroke length for fast cutting
  • tool hook for not in use
  • "tool-less" blade change for a quicker installment and removal
  • speed trigger for a variety of applications

Another Makita model shows good power and reduced vibration while working. The JR3051T has a lower power compared to the first Makita model mentioned above. It only uses 12 Amp to power the motor and can maintain its speed constantly due to its speed control even while working.

It has a durable body. It prevents dust and other debris from entering to keep the motor safe. It also keeps the water out by putting seals made out of rubber or/and felt. This helps users use the tool for an extended period. 

This tool weighs 7.3 lbs. This reciprocating saw is engineered for demolition, renovation, and other cutting necessities. Due to its versatility and power, this tool is ideal for roofers, general contractors, and another profession that needs an industrial machine of good quality.

This tool is well balanced that helps the user do a lot of cutting jobs in a day. It also reduces fatigue while working. It is double insulated and has a soft grip for the user's increased comfort. For additional convenience, the handle has a big 2-finger trigger. Users can also hook the tool in a safe place whenever there is no demand for it to be used.

Compared to the first Makita mentioned above, this tool does not have vibrate reduction. It is also lighter than the JR3070CT. It may be missing a few functions that the previous model has. 

You can still consider its power and the efficiency in performing as superior.


  • tool hook for safekeeping
  • excellent metal cutter


  • no vibration reduction

Best Corded Reciprocating Saws: Buying Guide

A powerful tool that goes forward and backward while cutting is known as the best corded reciprocating saw. It is used in the demolition industry, to break down various materials and many other jobs that need a powerful tool. This tool uses electricity as the primary source. 

Corded reciprocating saws are usually found inside toolboxes that professionals within workshops or the demolition industry carry around while working. This tool can be dangerous to carry on job sites and can also be a burden due to the heaviness and no electricity. 

As a beginner, you would want to choose which reciprocating saw is best for you. We have created a list that can help you begin your journey as an amateur DIY person. 

Driving Power

There are different kinds of driving power in each reciprocating saw. Always remember that a 10 Amp motor is very different from a 15 Amp motor. Both can be called best when it comes to the reciprocating saw. It all varies when they are cutting materials.

10 Amp up to 12 Amp has a lighter design but has a high value, and its performance is a trade-off. It is chosen for light-duty demolition, or you need to perform an overhead cut. 13 Amp is found between light-duty, 10 - 12 Amp, and heavy-duty, 14 - 15 Amp. They are used as a good compromise when it comes to performance between the upper and lower classes. 

14 Amp to 15 Amp is heavyweights when it comes to power motors. This is where you will find the best when talking about vibration control. They are often the best choice when it comes to good performance, despite being heavy.


Another thing to remember is the size of the tool. Saws have different sizes that are fitted to do specific jobs. Always make sure that the saw you will buy is appropriate for the job.

Control and Speed

Always remember what kind of motor speed you want when you are working. It will give you an idea of what saw you need and how fast it can cut. It will also determine how long you will get the job done.

Cutting Capacity

Determine the cutting depth of each angle while you are using the reciprocating saw. It will determine if you are using the proper model in cutting any materials.

Best Corded Reciprocating Saws


The best corded reciprocating saw can be used easily by amateurs and professionals. They are created to help users improve their cutting abilities while performing their tasks. Different tasks need different kinds of tools. Each tool is made to help you do efficient work and enjoy what you are doing.

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