Best Chainsaw Under 300 in 2021 – 7 Top Pick

A good-quality chainsaw will come in handy in helping you maintain your yard. It can be frustrating to find something you want and realize it is way out of your budget. The best chainsaw under 300 is a high enough price for a load of quality features while being low enough not to hurt your budget too much.

You can get a pretty good and versatile chainsaw with a good amount of power below $300. It can, can however, be quite tricky. You want a good enough chainsaw that can do the heavy work and not just a small bit of trimming. 

To help with your decision, here are some of the best chainsaw under 300.

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Greenworks G-MAXDimensions: 31 X 9 X 8.59/10 Buy On Amazon
Dewalt DCCS620P1 Dimensions: 25 x 9 x99.2/10 Buy On Amazon
Poulan Pro PR4218Dimensions: 24 x 10 x 11
8.8/10 Buy On Amazon
Ego Power+ CS1604 Dimensions: 32.1 x 9.4 x 9.89.2/10 Buy On Amazon
Ego Power+ CS1800Dimensions: 34 x 9.9 x 9.59.2/10 Buy On Amazon
Husqvarna 130Dimensions: 16.4 x 9 x 11.49/10 Buy On Amazon
Milwaukee's 2727-20 Dimensions: 33.6 x 10.6 x 109.4/10 Buy On Amazon

Top 7 Best Chainsaw Under 300 Review

To know more about the starter miter saws recommended in the table above, you can read our more comprehensive review below.

Greenworks G-MAX – Best Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks tools pioneered the use of the lithium-ion battery for outdoor appliances.  For the past decade they have built superior products that are a top choice in cordless power tool options. . The Greenworks G-Max is one of their amazing cordless chainsaws. 

This 40V cordless chainsaw can competently do 140 standard cuts on a 4” x 4” lumber on a single full charge. It is portable and lightweight allowing you to easily move around. It has a quiet operation and offers low vibration making it a great option for residential use. 

It is equipped with a brushless motor that ensures more power, up to 2x more torque, longer run-time, as well as an efficient and rapid operation. Its brushless motor also gives the tool less wear and tear leading to a longer motor life. 

The 16-inch bar and chain of this Greenworks chainsaw can easily cut limbs and trees up to 15 inches in diameter. It also comes with tool-less tensioning for easy maintenance of its chain and bar. 

This battery-operated chainsaw has better torque and up to 70% less vibration for user comfort as compared to other chainsaws of the same size. It comes with an electronic chain brake equipped with safety features that stops any accidental kickback. It also has low 

This cordless chainsaw is powered by a 2Ah battery that is compatible with over 25 other tool. Being battery-operated, this chainsaw has no oil, no gas, and no emissions making it an environmentally-friendly power tool.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Superb torque
  • Powerful
  • Low vibration


  • not suitable for big jobs

This cordless chainsaw with dimensions of 31 x 9 x 8.5 inches weighs 10.36 pounds. It requires 1 Lithium ion battery to run (included). 

If you are searching for the best cordless chainsaw under 300, the Greenworks G-Max is your best option. 

This DeWalt chainsaw model is the best in the list. It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor with high efficiency and a good amount of power output. It comes with a convenient design, and amazing safety features. More importantly, it is affordable. 

The DeWalt DCCS620P21 is perfect for all mid-sized projects in your yard without worrying about subpar performance and downtime. Its lightweight and compact design allows you to easily control the tool. It comes with a low kickback 12-inch bar and chain.

This 20V Max XR brushless compact chainsaw can make up to 90 cuts of 4” x 4” pressure treated wood in a single full charge. You can use any 20V Max battery regardless of its amp hour. 

This DeWalt chainsaw model is meticulously designed with the engineers focusing on making it convenient to use. 

Its handgrip is one of the best. Its rubber coating is soft yet sturdy, significantly decreasing vibration for a good deal of comfort. This chainsaw is, in fact, one of the few models with close to unnoticeable vibrations when you are wearing protective gloves. 

It comes with a pretty neat tool-free tensioning system featuring a somewhat retractable knob instead of a bulky one so you need not worry of it getting in the way when using the tool.


  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Tool-free bar tightening knob and chain tensioning
  • 25.2 feet / second chain speed


  • Tends to leak some bar and chain oil when not in use

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR (DCCS620P1 Chainsaw weighs 8.8 pounds and is 25 x 9 x 9 inches in diameter. It requires 1 Lithium ion battery (included). A battery charger comes with the set.

Poulan Pro PR4218 – Excellent Value for Money 

The Poulan Pro PR4218 is a heavy-duty chainsaw with an affordable price. Since Husqvarna owns Poulan Pro, they share many components and technology. This means you get a high-quality chainsaw but a lot cheaper than a Husqvarna chainsaw. 

This powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use chainsaw features an 18-inch bar and chain is deal for storm clean-up, lambing, cross-cutting, or cutting firewood. It runs on a 42cc 2-cycle engine that offers more than enough power for many tough jobs. 

This Poulan Pro Chainsaw is gas-powered equipped with the patented OxyPower technology that offers more power, 70% less emission, and more importantly, 20% lower fuel consumption. It packed in a lot of power as a larger engine in a compact and lightweight 18-inch chainsaw. 

The super-clean centrifugal air cleaning system of this chainsaw reduces the amount of debris that reaches the air filter, translating to longer engine life. It also extends the life of the air filter and allows the chainsaw reduced fuel consumption. All these without sacrificing the power of the chainsaw. 

 The inertia activated chain brakes of this Poulan Pro chainsaw automatically shuts-off the tool to reduce wear and tear. Its auto gear-driven oiler, on the other hand, keeps the chain and bar lubricated while in use, reducing wear and tear as well as minimizing the tool’s maintenance requirement.


  • Starts fast with few cord pulls
  • Accessible controls for easy use
  • Less handle vibration
  • Auto oiling system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower emissions
  • Ergonomic design
  • High value for money


  • Not so durable pull string
  • Carburetor could easily bog down

The Poulan Pro PR4218 combines size and power. At 42cc, it is a great affordable option for medium-sized jobs. This chainsaw weighs 13.25 pounds with a 24 x 10 x 11-inch dimension. It comes with extra Chain, built-in scrench, 2-stroke oil, and carry bag.

 EGO Power+ CS1604 Cordless Chainsaw – Most Powerful Battery-Operated Chainsaw 

The EGO Power+ CS1604 Cordless Chainsaw delivers a powerful operation with its 16-inch bar and chain along with a highly-efficient brushless motor. It effortlessly provides 90 smooth cuts on a single charge. 

This EGO Power chainsaw is powered by a 56V 5.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with a brushless motor that extends the run time and life of the chainsaw. This chainsaw is almost noiseless and does not release fumes and fuss. 

EGO may be a newest brand of chainsaws but it pioneered the use of battery-operated chainsaws with their EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium™ batteries to deliver Power Beyond Belief™. Its 56V Lithium battery. EGO proved that battery-powered chainsaws can offer the same performance level as the average gas-powered chainsaw. 

The brushless motor of this chainsaw has the power to cut an 8-inch pine log in less than 5 seconds. Its Oregon bar is 16 inches long making the tool ideal not only for home use, but for most commercial and industrial applications, too. 

This best chainsaw under 300 comes with many more high value features including a weather-resistant construction, a tool-free chain-tensioning system, a chain kickback brake, an auto lubrication system, a battery indicator light, tensioning knob, and an oil-inspection window. 


  • Efficient and powerful brushless motor
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Battery with long run time
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system


  • Chain tensioning system is difficult to adjust
  • Bucking spikes needs improvement

The EGO Power+ CS1604 Cordless Chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaws in the market. The set comes with the tool, 5.0 Ah battery, and battery charger. This chainsaw weighs 18 pounds with a 32.1 x 9.4 x 9.8 inches dimensions.

EGO Power+ CS1800 Cordless Chainsaw – Best Quick-Charging Battery

The EGO Power+CS1800 is an amazing cordless chainsaw. If battery life is your main consideration, this chainsaw is your best option. Its battery is quick to charge, notwithstanding its size, amp per hour rating, and voltage. 

This EGO Power chainsaw is equipped with a 56V brushless motor with up to 11,000 RPM making it more powerful than most 40cc gas-powered chainsaws. 

It has a quiet operation tempting you to keep the revs high although it is not recommended to put too much weight for every cut. It is best to just allow the blade to slide through the cut. The blade has a maximum cut width of 20 inches. 

The metal bucking spikes help you easily maneuver the extra-long 18-inch bar and chain when you need to make bigger cuts. It is also more durable and eco-friendly than the plastic spikes included in most chainsaws. 

If you are searching for the best option in terms of tool-free chain tensioning and bar lengths, this is the chainsaw for you. Its tensioning system is automatic because it comes with a large and easy-to-grip dial to adjust the tightness of the chain to create slack or remove the chain and bar. 

This chainsaw comes with a handy red bar that displays when the brake is engaged. This chainsaw practically needs no maintenance making it a great choice for those new to chainsaws. 

Its 5Ah battery offers efficient cutting of a lot of logs before recharging or switching to a fresh battery.


  • Does not emit gas fumes
  • Has the same power as gas chainsaws
  • Easy to start by pressing the trigger
  • Superb cutting performance
  • Balance weight distribution
  • Silent between cuts
  • Easy chain tensioning system.
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive batteries

The EGO Power+ CS1800 Cordless Chainsaw comes as a bare tool. It weighs 14.37 pounds and has a dimension of 34 x 9.9 x 9.5 inches.

Husqvarna 130 Gas Chainsaw – Best Lightweight Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 130 Gas Chainsaw is built especially for homeowners who want an efficient and lightweight tool to maintain their yard. This chainsaw is equipped with an X-Torq® engine ensuring low emissions and fuel consumption. 

This chainsaw is ideal for tree pruning, light tasks, and hobby work, but it can also handle some larger jobs. It is easy to start and simple to use. It is lightweight, too. 

This Husqvarna 130 gas chainsaw is equipped with a 38 cc and 2.0 horsepower engine with chain and guide bar. It has more than enough strength for trimming, limbing, and debris cleaning.  

Its 2-cycle engine with inertia activated chain brake ensures the safety of the user while the tool is in operation. Its auto chain oiler makes sure the tool does not run out of bar and chain oil to ensure effective and safe use. Its chain tensioning system quick chain adjustments. 


  • X-Torq® engine reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Needs less filter cleanings because of air injection system
  • Kickback reduces possible injuries
  • Reduced vibration


  • Bar and chain is not included
  • Carburetor is difficult to adjust

The Husqvarna 130 gas chainsaw has the power you need, the right safety features, and the quality engineering design the Husqvarna brand is known for. This tool weighs 5.67 pounds and with dimensions of 16.4 x 9 x 11.4 inches.

MILWAUKEE'S 2727-20 M18 Fuel  – Most Popular

Milwaukee has many chainsaw models all designed for cutting wood and gardening work. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel chainsaw delivers superb power to cut hardwoods and delivers up to 150 cuts for every full battery charge. 

This Milwaukee chainsaw comes with a Powestate brushless motor especially built for the M18 Fuel 16-inch chainsaw allowing it to generate enough power for a 40cc gas engine. The tool comes with a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. 

Heavy applications are not a problem for this tool because its REDLINK PLUS intelligence provides it with overload protection. This allows the tool and battery not to get damaged when used for heavy applications. 

This best chainsaw under 300 is powered by an M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD 12.0 battery that provides 50% more power than standard REDLITHIUM HD packs. It also runs 50% cooler. The construction of this battery pack is the best in the industry in providing protection when the tool is used in job sites.


  • Works with all M18 batteries
  • No need to mess with gas
  • Long battery life
  • No fumes
  • Low noise while in use
  • Low maintenance


  • Chain tends to dislodge easily from the tool
  • No battery included

The MILWAUKEE'S 2727-20 M18 Fuel comes as a bare tool. It weighs 18.02 pounds with 33.6 x10.6 x 10 inches dimensions.

How to Find the Best Chainsaw Under 300

Best Chainsaw under 300

It can be difficult to pick the best chainsaw when you are on a budget. The best chainsaw under 300 comes with many features you can find in their expensive counterparts.

Cheap does not always mean in quality, power, and efficiency. Although, admittedly, there are many cheap tools that turn out to be such a waste of many. To get the most out of your limited budget, here are the most significant factors you should look for in an efficient chainsaw even if it costs under $300. 


The power of your chainsaw is what will allow it to cut through tree trunks and tough branches. If you are a professional tradesman or a home DIYer, you will need to have a chainsaw that can efficiently cut a whole tree. 

It is better to go for chainsaws with brushless motors because they have more power and are more efficient. They last longer, too. 

Power Supply

The main difference between gas, battery, and an electric chainsaw lies in their performance, design, and portability. 

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Gas-powered chainsaws tend to cut more smoothly and quickly than their electric counterparts. Their faster chain speed also requires less pressure. Most gas-powered chainsaws, though, are noisier and heavier. The spark plug and air filter of the engine also requires regular cleaning. 

Chain bars of gas-powered chainsaws are typically 16 to 18 inches for home use and a little bit longer for the pro models. 

Overall, gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful than electric chainsaws. It is better to use gas-powered chainsaws for heavy-duty tasks. 

Battery-Powered Chainsaws

Battery-powered chainsaws offer portability. You however, need to have a fully-charged battery on stand-by or stop work to recharge your battery. The upside is, you do not need to buy fuel. 

Battery-powered chainsaws do not have to contend with a power cord. They tend to have slower speeds than gas-powered saws, short run-times per charge and slower speeds. This is the reason many battery-powered saws are for light-duty tasks. 

Bar length of battery-powered chainsaws are typically 12 inches long. 

Corded-Electric Chainsaws

A corded-electric chainsaw has a continuous supply of power. You do not have to deal with batteries and fuel. 

The major downside is, you will need to work close to a power supply outlet or drag around a long 14 or 12-gauge extension cord to get the amperage needed for maximum performance.   This can be inconvenient especially if you are working in a large area. 

Most corded-electric chainsaws cost less than gas-powered chainsaws, but weigh less. They also have an effortless and quick start by squeezing the trigger. They also have slow sawing speed limits making them ideal for lighter-duty tasks. 

Guide Bar Length

The guide bar length decides the efficiency and thickness of the wood your chainsaw can cut. A thicker tree and wide parts of the wood will need a longer guide bar. 

Typical guide bar lengths are between 6 to 20 inches. Thin wood cutting would require 6 to 15-inch guide bar lengths. Medium to big-sized trees would need a 15-20-inch guide bar length. 

Kickback Chain

A less aggressive cutting profile and extra guard links help the chainsaw’s chain from taking a large bite that often causes a kickback. It is also typical for most chainsaws to have a bar with a narrow nose or tip for a narrower cutting area that causes the most kickback. 

Chain Catcher

A chain catcher is a metal extension under the guide bar. A chain catcher prevents a thrown chain from hitting you. This is plus if the model you choose has it especially if improper tensioning makes the chain too loose.

Chain Brake

A chain brake stops the chain almost automatically when the chainsaw kicks back or when the front hand guard is pushed forward. This is a default feature of most electric and gas-powered chainsaws because the chain will continue to roll even if you shut off the engine. 

Bucking Spikes

Choose chainsaws with bucking spikes made of metal because they work better than plastic bucking spikes. 

Anti-Vibration Feature

Chainsaws usually vibrate because of the motor and chain operation. Too much vibration will make it difficult for the chainsaw to operate accurately. An anti-vibration system solves this problem. Every modern chainsaw comes with this feature. 

Safety Features

The chainsaw should include safety features because you can have serious injuries if anything goes wrong with the tool. Most manufacturers include safety features to reduce the risk of injuries. Take more time to check if the chainsaw comes with kickback bars and a chain break. These features prevent any injuries should you lose control of your chainsaw. 

Ease of Use

In the past, only professionals used chainsaws before they were challenging to operate. Today, modern chainsaws come with features that make them easy and convenient to use. If you are a new chainsaw user, choose a lightweight and ergonomic design that is simple to control and operate. 


That is an important consideration. A well-known braind means an honest-to-goodness warranty. It also ensures the availability of replacement parts. Renowned manufacturers also often partner with local distributors so repairs within the warranty period do not have to be always done at their headquarters.

Final Words

It is not difficult to find the best chainsaw under 300. The reviews above will help you pick the best chainsaw for you. Overall, however, the DEWALT 20V MAX XR (DCCS620P1 Chainsaw Kit. Costing less than $300, this chainsaw has a convenient design, superior performance, and great safety features. 

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