Best Cabinet Table Saw Review (Top 7 Cabinet Choices)

Wondering what’s the best table saw for beginners? Worry no more, discover the best cabinet table saw by reading this post.

Cabinet table saws play a huge role in the whole maintenance of a business. It is not only the fund that matters when establishing a shop like this. 

Some things must be considered for us to choose the best cabinet saw. It is good for us to always look at the best value cabinet table saw to avoid the waste of money. 

Even small shops need to consider this. The best cabinet table saw for small shop is an ideal thing to consider. We can opt to check cabinet table saw reviews for guidance. 

We cannot always jump to a decision. We must consider the best affordable cabinet table saw when buying. But, this does not mean that we are going to sacrifice the quality. Always choose to check cabinet saw reviews and we will surely get the best budget cabinet saw.

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JET 708675PK85 x 36 x 38 inches8.8/10 Buy On Amazon
GRIZZLY G1023RLWX29.5 x 30.5 x 39.75 inches9.2/10 Buy On Amazon
JET 708674PK65 x 36 x 38 inches8.4/10 Buy On Amazon
SAWSTOP PCS31230-TGP23644 x 29.75 x 34 inches9.6/10 Buy On Amazon
DELTA 36-L35240 x 44 x 50 inches7.8/10 Buy On Amazon

Top 7 Best Cabinet Table Saw Review

 Jet 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 50" Rip

Noise and vibration are not a problem in this cabinet table saw. These features make it the best cabinet table saw for fine woodworking. It possessed optimal power that provides ease in working with any kind of wood. 

This table saw also features a Poly-V belt drive system that reduces the hassle of noise. It also has a wide diameter for dust collection. The most significant cut is not a problem in a very good rip fence of it.

It is not only good for practical purposes. It also comprises features that are meant for safety. It features a magnetic switch that does not restart automatically. Thus, it has great protection from damaging the material when the power cuts unexpectedly.

It operates through a 3HP motor power and a blade diameter of 10 inches. It also has a fence with 50 inches as its length. The port for dust collector measures 4 inches. Its table is extendable and its entire structure encompasses a weight of 510 lbs. 

The structure may seem to be a deluxe one which is actually it is, but it works beyond that. It comprises multiple features that make it very significant in dealing with any woodworks or any dense material. 

The following is the additional information you can use to describe its strengths and weaknesses.


  • It includes an effective cord for power
  • It features safe storage
  • Inspires versatility and runs smoothly
  • Ensure stable and smooth operation
  • Less hassle in dust collection
  • Blade is easy to be changed with its push-button system of locking


  • It is quite expensive in price
  • The mobility of it is hard
  • Requires a lot of time for assembly
  • The amp power motor is low

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

The best thing about this cabinet table saw is the capability to give the best quality without spending too much. But this does not mean that it is in the least of cheapest one. It has a Poly-V belt drive system that lessens the noise that it creates when in use. It also features a dust collector that is automatically switched off when in an emergency.

The Poly-V belt drive system gives a greater capacity for the power of the motor. It is in the list of table saw that works quietly and ensures high accuracy. Its key features include a motor power at 1 – ¾ HP. It is best to describe with a fence length of 0 inches with its table being extendable. 

Upon observing, some might tell that having a motor power that ranges from 1 – ¾ HP is not good enough. However, the Poly-V belt drive system ensures the maximum efficiency of motor power. So, nothing should worry about. It also reduces the vibration of the blade that makes it more durable. 

They also equipped it with a rip fence that is 50 inches. It can rotate and work for about 60 degrees with its miter gauge. Its features never expose the blade of the table saw. Thus, ensuring the safety of the user.


  • It has a very high level of accuracy
  • It allows the buyer to save money
  • It is made up of flawless materials and quality
  • It has an adjustable riving knife
  • The cut-off switch provides ease as it is big


  • The size of its powerful engine is smaller
  • It lacks its power at a horsepower of 1.75
  • There’s a restriction on the material that can be cut

Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX - 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

This cabinet table saw best feature is its extendable table. This is something that is unique to it and cannot usually found with other table saws. It can extend for about 27-40 inches. This means that it can give a wide range of usage. It has a glide fence that is easy to use. It possessed a magnetic switch and a triple V-belt drive system.

It requires a high level of RPM when the tasks are heavy. It has 5 horsepower motor that enables multiple functions. The blade diameter is 10 inches in size. It has a fence length of 32 inches. The overall structure weighed about 580 lbs.  

This model is the newest one in the Grizzly family of a cabinet table saw. It expresses its uniqueness through its built-in router table. We can opt to simply add a router to maximize our workplace. This cabinet table saw comes with the best table saw fence, the Shop Fox Classics rip fence. It offers a wide range of space for different materials. It also features huge handwheels that provide ease in adjusting the angle and height of the blade. 

This cabinet table saw perfectly works for furniture and on any woodworks. Its capacity ranges in tackling the toughest tasks because of its very high revolution per minute.


  • It ensures a very high RPM with 4,300 punch
  • Power is not a problem and we’ll never get short of it
  • The wide range of extendibility of its table improves versatility
  • It is best on making furniture


  • The rip capacity was reduced
  • Not so good at high power
  • It restricts the capability to cut when placed at high power

JET 708674PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 30" Rip

This provides an easy and efficient way of doing woodwork. This deluxe cabinet table saw features different parts that serve its unique structure. It also has a Poly-V belt drive system that is already upgraded. It ensures a smooth and fine operation as a product of its upgraded features.

This saw weighed 490 pounds, and it has a 3 HP motor power. Its blade can come across 10 inches in diameter. And, its fence length has 30 inches in size. It is also extendable in terms of its table. 

It is considered a smaller version of this Jet cabinet saw model. However, just like the other model, it comprises some common characteristics and features. The only thing that makes it different from the other one is its smaller cast of the iron table. 

The table saw has a fence that features great accuracy and safety measures. XACTA fence that is 30 inches offers these features. Its main description is having a perfectly straight structure that makes it very ideal for accurate and precise cuts.  

It ensures our safety through its rail-mounted switch that is magnetic. It also has a hinged cover that protects the interior parts from the dust of a cabinet. Its arbor locking mechanism and riving knife provide ease in changing the blades. 

The rail-mounted switch makes sure that power surge and accident will not happen. We can also have a place for our material in doing the woodworks with its storage draw.


  • It has a very high standard and excels in accuracy
  • It has an extra accessory to provide more service
  • It features a saw gauge that makes it a more ideal one


  • Smaller version
  • Expensive in price

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

Having a fast blade guard, riving knife, and splitter assembly make a cabinet table saw an ideal one. And this is what this table saw possessed. It gives an assurance of a quality cut through its T and miter fence. 

It has a rip capacity of 29.5 inches and possessed a magnetic switch. The motor power is 3 HP and a blade of 10 inches in diameter. The fence length covered almost 29.5 inches. Its table and wings are extendable, having 542 pounds as its entire weight.  

This is a durable cabinet table saw that can last for years with no problem. It has a cast iron table and wings that can extend when we need it. It has a precise height and a polished component. It has an adjustable blade that can range for a height of 10 inches and an angle of 45 degrees.  It has a maximum of 29.5 inches on it rip capacity that makes it ideal for all users. Cam lock and riving knife is present in the rip fence to make an impeccable cut.  

It features a flip stop that can allow us to create successive accurate cuts. We don’t have to worry and check the cuts all the time. In terms of it switch, it is magnetic. It has a thermal overload feature that prevents interruptions or problems in power.

This cabinet table saw has a clear guard that is polycarbonate in nature. This enables us to see the blade thus protecting our fingers from any cut.


  • Less expensive in price
  • Features high quality brand
  • It has a simple foundation and setup
  • The mobile base on it makes it the best one


  • It only has a 29.5 rip fence
  • Not good for cutting lumber

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch

When working, safety is our key priority. This cabinet saw is considered being the most ideal one. There is something on it that makes it to be on top. And, this is the safety features that it possessed.

This cabinet table saw is the best one to buy when our safety is our major priority. It can stop the blade when someone comes in contact. It has the thickest arbors that make it the most durable one. 

We can consider this an expensive one. But it does not mean that it is the priciest one. It belongs to the upper end of the price list.  The key features include a motor power of 3 HP and a diameter of 10 inches’ blade. It has a fence length of 52 inches and an extendable table and the overall structure weight is 449 lbs.  

It stands out among the rest because of its safety features. It is a system of revolutionary break. It has a great sense in cutting that stops when it senses that a finger is about to touch it. A 3 horse power can sustain enough power to conduct cutting. It has a solid and fine platform brought by its cast iron table.  

This cabinet table saw features a circular blade that makes it universal in any application. It has a durable motor. Respiratory diseases are not a problem as this ensures an excellent system of dust collection. It offers a unique method of collecting dust and makes sure that it will not mix on air.


  • They built it to last for years
  • It ensures our health condition
  • Reduces the hassle of dust collection
  • Removes dust as much as possible


  • It is expensive in price range

Delta 36-L352 3 HP Motor 10 in. UNISAW with 52 in. Fence System

This cabinet table saw runs through a 3-horsepower motor. It provides high stability and balance through its huge cabinet base. This table saw is good for any woodwork. It can serve and perform the functions well with its different features.

It is easy to adjust its position as it has a dual front crank. Accessing its switch is also hassle-free. A 3 HP motor power, a 10 -inch blade diameter, a 52-inch fence length, and a weight of 661 lbs. are some of the key features that it possessed. 

This saw is ideal to have as it was made by experts and professionals. With its 3-horsepower motor, we will never run out of power. It has a hairline pointer that precisely gives the location of the built-in tape. 

It provides very high accuracy and precision when used. The cam-lock provides ease in mobility with precise location. No matter what the flooring below the saw, it is always solid footing due to its large sturdy cast iron. It can best work with a mobile stand and they usually make the structures from plywood.


  • It is a very well packaged machine
  • Has a higher level of dust collection
  • Guarantees professional usage and accuracy
  • The precision of the material’s location is high
  • The mobility is easy to achieve
  • It provides a high level of support and stability by having a unique stand that is tubular
  • It can handle larger projects
  • Smaller in size


  • It is reasonably high in price
  • It has a reduced horsepower and thus, restricting the capacity of suitable material

Cabinet Table Saws and Their Features

A cabinet table saw is a kind of table saw that is uniquely enclosed. It has a unique purpose, and that is to provide the demands of people in dealing with woodworks. It serves a high standard of performance and durability.  

Cabinet table saw is very important in the whole construction compare to other types of table saw. They are usually made up of cast iron and steel, a heavyweight trunnion, gearing, motor, and an assembling arbor. It comes in various types and models. But they all share the same characteristics and features. The following are the features that a cabinet table saw possessed. 

An enclosed and powerful motor

The motor is one of the most significant features of a cabinet saw. Without this, it would be nothing at all. This motor has to be enclosed to reduce the noise that it makes through the process. If this will not be enclosed, it can cause a lot of disturbance in the surroundings.

Different cabinet saw comprises varying power of the motor. However, these are all strong and powerful. It runs the cabinet table saw all throughout the cutting process. The powerful it is, the higher the capacity of a cabinet table saw to perform tasks. 

An enclosed base for dust collection

This makes cabinet table saw very helpful as our health is our key priority even in working. An enclosed base for dust collection makes it an ideal one as it lessened the hassle of cleaning up the mess after the process. 

A working switch

It allows easy access to the major purpose of the cabinet table saw. If this becomes disabled, it would be hard for us to switch on and off the cabinet table saw. This can be magnetic. But we can also make it up of other types of material. A magnetic switch however is more common on cabinet table saws. This feature is very important as it prevents an automatic restart from power outages.

Extendable Table

Its larger surface of the table increases the versatility of this saw to deal with different materials. The larger the capacity of it to extend, the bigger the chance to manipulate the materials we are going to cut. 

Having a storage of accessory

This feature is important in making sure that the materials we have for woodworking are kept in one safe place. This part is crucial in establishing secure storage for our materials. 

An adjusting wheel

This wheel allows us to manage the height of the cabinet table saw we desire. And, this is something that is very important as the height is the one that controls the depth and quality of the cut. It also allows us to manipulate the direction on where we want to tilt it.

The cabinet table saw is very good in manipulating and the best one that is capable of elevation and adjustment. This is something that other table saws can’t make. Different it comprises a varying number of wheels.

How to Choose the Best Cabinet Table Saw

We cannot just simply buy a cabinet table saw without considering some factors. The following are the things we have to consider for us to get the best cabinet table saw that we desire.

Be able to choose a power that is strong and durable

Having a cabinet table saw that has a weak power makes no difference from not having it. Make sure to equip your cabinet table saw with a sufficient supply of power. We cannot utilize an electric-powered material without power. Thus, it is important that we consider this factor when buying a cabinet table saw. 

Find a place for its stability

A cabinet table saw as we all know is a heavy-weight table saw. It makes a big difference when compared with other types of a table saw. 

As this possessed a huge mass, proper placement of it is very important to consider before buying it. We should not habituate changing its position for our own sake. The fact that is a heavy-weight material tells us the right thing to do.

But this is something that we should be disappointed with as being heavyweight means that it supports high stability. 

Opt for Accuracy

Make sure to establish a good foundation of accuracy by choosing the right and ideal cabinet table saw. We can do this by checking the weight, size, and placement of the cabinet table saw. An ideal one comes in heavyweight, large, and low mobile features. 

Check your safety

A cabinet table saw that ensures safety is the best one that entices people to buy.  When working, our safety should be our main priority. We cannot express our creativity and productivity on anything if we are wounded. Thus, a cabinet table saw that ensures not only quality but safety is the best one to choose. 

A dust collector is a must

Check it out when buying. It is not the most crucial part but it also plays a great role. Without it, the process will be filled with mess. It reduces the hassle of cleaning up the place when woodwork was done. 

Get a cabinet table saw with sharp blades

Dealing with woodwork is our main goal when we are planning to have a cabinet table saw. We knew that we have to consider a lot of things. But this one is one of the most important things to check.

It plays a vital role in the quality and accurate cut for materials. When buying, we do not only check the sharpness, but also its durability. If there is something we should not forget when buying this material, these are the blades.

Be able to get a size that suits your workplace

We all know that the cabinet table saw is heavyweight and huge. However, we also know the importance of it when we are dealing with woodworks. Setting the placement of it before buying is crucial as this material will be nothing if we lack a proper place for it. 

The cabinet table saw is stationary once assembled. That’s why choosing the right size for your place is a must to avoid regretting it at the end. 

Frequently asked questions about cabinet table saw

Q1: What leads among the cabinet table saw in terms of features and price?

Ans. As we are always regarded, safety is the most important thing to consider when working. Though we are after the quality and durability, it is the one that best entices people to buy. Thus, SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 leads among the others.

Because of its features, it leaves a mark on the cabinet table saw industry. It is known as the one that possessed the safest features and assure the safety of workers. Not only that, but it is also the one that gives the best service in terms of dust collection. 

Q2: What best describes the difference between a cabinet saw and a table saw?

Ans. The cabinet and table saw both possessed a blade that works with metal and woodwork. The only thing that makes it different is the required amount of power. Cabinet saw needs a high amount of power compared to a table saw. 

The cabinet saw is meant to be stationary as it possessed a heavyweight feature. The table saw is lighter where you can opt to change its place where you feel comfortable. 

Q3. Does choosing a grizzly as your table saw a good one?

Ans. Choosing this table saw makes sense. They prove it to have an excellent quality because of its high rating in customer service. And, they are actually on top competing on the best deals of other table saws. 

Q4. What is the importance of having a cabinet table saw?

Ans. Carpentry is the main reason individuals have their table saw. This provides ease when dealing with wood and metal works. Owning a cabinet table saw lessen the expenses when having a project, especially in carpentry. And, this is something that makes it an ideal material to own.

Final Words

We always find and look for the best when buying something. A cabinet table saw is an important thing that we should have when we are fond of doing carpentry. 

The best cabinet table saw can be achieved with proper guidance. Let’s be wise in choosing. Consider these cabinet table saws as these lead the top. We should not waste money on a less durable product. 

Spending a little more to ensure the quality is better than choosing a cheap but have low assurance. Saving money from buying cheap material does not make any difference.

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