Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet – Top 9 Choices

Are you having flat feet health issues? Worry not; owning one of these best basketball shoes for flat feet will give you additional support and make your game more pleasurable. For those flat-foot basketball players out there, we understand how devastating it is to play sports with pain down the center side of your foot arches.

And luckily, worldwide footwear manufacturing companies like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour have considered this issue and offered more variants for flat-foot players, curbing common flat-foot symptoms like poor balance or inflammation tendons.

Out of all the top 9 below, our best basketball shoes for jumping dunk belong to the Nike Air Jordan 35 for their durability, ergonomic design, massive support in arches, ankles, and heels. Besides, the pair’s unique selling point lies in the stopping power and lateral and torsional stability.

Each of these pairs owns the specific unique features that can remedy flat-foot basketball player’s problems. Let's have a look and see which one best suits you!

Suppose you’re an avid basketball player who loves to stand out in the game. In that case, these top 9 basketball shoes made exclusively for flat feet will alleviate this common foot problem and enhance your agility, flexibility, and overall performance.

Nike Air Jordan 35 - Best for Lateral Movement And Torsional Stability

Nike Air Jordan 35

When it comes to Nike Air Jordan 35, many basketball players rate it for being more than just a pair of average good basketball shoes for flat feet. Here is why: 

The selling point of the shoes belongs to the advancement of Nike's famed Flywire technology called the new "Flight Wire" system and an updated EclipsePlate 2.0. It can keep you laterally protected, cup your feet in place, and minimize heel slippage while assisting your heels. 

We all know that flat-foot players have a high risk for injuries. But with the superb torsional support of Nike Air Jordan 35, the shoes will help combat the improper flexing of the non-arch players, allowing more twisting and bending without causing legs, feet, or hips fatigue. 

It provides adequate forefoot flex to perform rapid maneuvers on the fly without feeling rigid. It houses an extra level internal padding and Zoom Air cushion where players can significantly improve their on-court and jumping experience. 

You will benefit from the best of both worlds in these shoes, as suede and leather materials are mixed to make the upper structural. This durable and open-textile construction accomplishes better confinement than the AJ 34, providing better ventilation.

However, the traction is not designed for outdoor activities since it’s thin and wears down quickly. Even though its traction patterns of herringbone are pliable and stick well (offering amazing stopping power), it’s not long-lasting.


  • EclipsePlate 2.0 for extra heel stability
  • Excellent torsional and lateral stability
  • Prevent the non-arch players from twisting incorrectly
  • Mixed materials for enhanced breathability
  • Internal padding and Zoom air cushioning for maximum comfort


  • Quick-to-wear traction
  • Not suitable for outdoor courts

Under Armour Curry 7 - Best as Supportive Shoes

Under Armour Curry 7

To be comfortable for dunking, basketball players require a lot of support and boost cushioning; this statement is especially true for basketball players with flat feet. 

Those with falling arches in their feet are more likely to fall short of that degree of comfort. They suffer from tissue inflammation and uneven distribution of body weight that leads to unbalanced movements when playing basketball. 

Under Armour has released its newest model, claiming to be the best basketball sneakers for jumping dunk that offer a good lockdown and partially solve all basketball players’ problems. 

These Curry signature shoes can precisely wrap up the sidewalls and ensure your feet don’t slide off the footbed, thanks to the mix of Micro-G and HOVR incredible cushioning. To help stabilize the footbed, there is an inside heel counter and a TPU moderator plater.

What you should expect from these Curry shoes is the tight wrap around your feet and the level of support that makes up for poor lateral confinement with strengthened side panels. 

With the high ankle cut, their ankles collar are well-padded, superior fit, and firmer. Even though the support of these low-top sneakers is great, their cushion is not as bouncy as their previous models. Another drawback of this model is the poor ventilation and not enough arches support.


  • Herringbone pattern traction
  • Supportive and excellent foot lockdown
  • Great stability with wide base and outrigger
  • Improved ankle stability
  • Unique asymmetrical lacing mechanism


  • Poor ventilation
  • Not sufficient arches support and cushion

Adidas Men's Harden Stepback - Best for Responsive Midsole

Adidas Harden Stepback

If Under Armour Curry 7 does not give you the cushion level that you expect, this Adidas Harden Stepback might be what you’re looking for with its responsive soles.

First of all, the shoes are lightweight but assist with full-length Bounce cushioning, ideal for outdoor or on-court players. This boost cushioning will keep your flat feet comfortable on a hard surface for numerous hours. It also contains ample cushioning in the midsole and proper padding on the heel area.

And due to these numbers of bounce cushions, the Adidas Harden Stepback is quite responsive and suitable for fast and shifty players.

The second factor that is worth mentioning is support. Support should always be a priority for a pair of basketball sneakers, even more with flat-foot sportspeople, and we were astonished to see how the Harden Stepback exceeded our expectations. 

Torsion support is provided by a narrow, Z-shaped bar at the midfoot, while lateral support is provided by a midsole and outsole that grip the feet heavily around key places. 

A high-quality, cushioned midsole will distribute flat-foot players’ weight evenly, offset overpronation, and reduce the impact of each step or jump in the arches. With this pair’s responsive soles, you can have more control of how your feet interact with the ground, delivering energy and safeness. 

This model even has a toe guard that completely excludes any pain or blister.

Your agility should be supported no matter what position and moves you want to make during the game. Let Harden Stepback allow you to score with your explosiveness!

The traction might be its main problem when it picks lots of dust and requires some time to break in. Though some suggest that it’s suitable for outdoor use, its traction will wear off easily and shortly. And even though the midsole is quite responsive, it might be too stiff for some players.


  • Responsive with Bounce cushioning technology
  • Offset overpronation and distribute weight evenly
  • Superb support in heel and ankle areas
  • Responsive midsole for enhancing the jumping experience
  • High performance and lightweight
  • Stylish design


  • Stiff and firm midsole for several players
  • High chance of getting counterfeit

Adidas Coll3ctiv3 2020 Low - Best for Outdoor

Adidas Coll3ctiv3 2020 Low

Going through 3 product reviews about traction, you might have wondered which one on this list can be compatible with outdoor basketball? Well, basketball isn’t always indoor, is it? The answer to the former question is the Adidas Coll3ctiv3 2020 Low.

These shoes are sturdy, which makes them helpful in all kinds of conditions and on rocky terrain. In addition, Coll3ctiv3 Low is very quick to break in with a sharp appearance and comfortable construction. 

Its materials are weather-resistant, making it ideal for hot and humid environments. The robust soles and synthetic structure contribute significantly to this, allowing players to dribble and spin without losing traction. 

And because it’s designed for outdoor courts, you won’t expect to have the same bouncy cushioning Harden Stepback has. But a good outdoor pair of basketball shoes must have ample support in the ankle, forefoot, and heel areas, which are quite vulnerable and require safeguarding. 

When it comes to flat feet, it's difficult to find a pair with a heel cut to prevent tendon damage while handling rocky terrain like the Coll3ctiv3. How do they fare in terms of support? 

Not only are players’ heels securely locked down and excluded from the excessive foot pain in the tendons and ligaments, but they also benefit from the forefoot support with exceptional energy return. In short, you won’t experience any slippage, which also actively reduces blisters and hotspots. 

However, the low cut of the shoes is unable to give enough ankle support.


  • Weather-resistant materials with durable and comfortable construction
  • Great lockdown in heel and forefoot
  • Prevent flat feet burden in the heel tendons and ligaments
  • Great for outdoor sports
  • Quick for break-in and sturdy


  • No premium cushioning
  • Not compatible with wider foot players due to the synthetic material

Nike Men's Air Visi Pro VI - Best for Wide Feet

Nike Air Visi Pro VI

We all know that the majority of basketball sneakers are made slightly narrow to offer a secure fit for athletes. But what about the wide feet players or flat feet users who have wide feet? Worry not; the Nike Air Visi Pro Vi will give you moderate arches support and a nice wide base that fits all player’s sizes. 

In order to find the right basketball shoes for flat wide feet, wide-footers must consider stretchy materials and top support. Undoubtedly, Nike Air Visi Pro Vi shoes are evaluated as the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet for their roomy interior. 

But “suitable for wide feet” does not mean “loose shoes that will be misshaped in time” but excellent in lockdown and gripping.

Though these wide basketball shoes do not come with woven or knit material for the stretchy effect, it provides extra interior room for the toe areas. Aside from a spacious inside, it also has air-cushioned heels that absorb the majority of the impact of the shoes. 

The patented air sole provides the optimal protection so you won’t feel the impact getting transferred to your joints and ankles, taking your basketball game experience to the next level. Especially when you land from a long jump, the reed pad inside will prevent blisters and ensure a precise feeling of fit.

However, Nike should do a better job choosing materials. This pair of shoes does not come with woven or knitted materials that can stretch in the long term for extra room.


  • Ample support in the ankle and arch for flat feet players
  • Compatible with big-foot performers
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Grippy outsole
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Fast and punctual delivery time


  • Material is not stretchy

Nike KD Trey 5 VII AT1200 - Best for Soft Cushioning

Nike KD Trey 5 VII

Two factors that make this unit the best basketball shoes for jumping dunk are cushion and traction. 

This design is bouncy, low-to-the-ground, and provides a significant amount of impact protection. The cushion does not get mushy easily but utilizes the total setup for the shoes and tightens the foam, providing firm stability for flat foot users. 

Normally, flat-foot players would be afraid of jumping high since they cannot keep their balance, and their feet are likely to be injured once they strike the ground. But this shoe's cushioning has such an outstanding shock absorption that players with fallen arches can maintain their balance even from jumping and twisting.

It's comfy and offers a lot of full-length impact protection. Not only can you jump high, but you can also move quickly and efficiently in multiple directions with this pair of basketball sneakers.

The sturdy midsole of Nike KD Trey 5 VII comes up somewhat in the midfoot area for extra containment, and the base of the shoe is rather wide, which aids stability. The upper includes various overlays for added support and to keep your foot in place.

And for traction, it has impressive patterns. It’s multi-directional traction that rips both concrete and a synthetic rubber surface equally well. And keep in mind, there are no dust issues or serious slides out.

We suspect that because the Nike KD Trey 5VII is low-cut, there are some complaints about how uncomfortable some players feel around their ankles. Although, this issue only happens in the first few practices.


  • Fantastic traction
  • Great shock absorption
  • Help maintain body weight and balance
  • Renew cushion that boosts jumping and dunking experience
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight shoe


  • No ankle support
  • Material is not durable
Under Armour Jet 2019

Apart from having comfy shoes, most basketball players aim for an iconic pair of shoes with an excellent grip on the court. Thus, some even determine owning killer traction is more significant than having a pair of comfortable basketball shoes.

As for flat feet’s benefit, this pair of shoes has an integrated midfoot shank that supports the arches, relieves tensions, and prevents the feet from rolling.

If you prefer sudden and quick twists and stops, it’s better to opt for this pair of Under Armour Men's Jet basketball shoes. It has a strong grip on the floor and does not easily lose when playing outdoors. Especially, users don’t have to sacrifice any performance or support factors to own this pair of Under Armour.

These Under Armour basketball sneakers include a durable rubber outsole with a unique and amazing traction pattern for increased grip. 

When making lateral motions, this excellent traction pattern is designed to provide maximum grip. You can create wiper-blade motion or sudden acceleration and smoothly stop without any difficulties.

Due to the wide grooves, dust escapes as soon as it settles. Another point to add to these amazing performance shoes is the compression-molded EVA midsole that is lightweight and extremely responsive. 

However, we witness some problems with the cushion as many players claim that it’s stiff and firm even after several days of use.

Even though the wide base helps with landings and jumps, the stiff cushion makes landings so painful that it prevents players from jumping.


  • Durable material and sleek design
  • Insert midfoot shank for arch support
  • Lockdown and gripping power are sufficient.
  • Killer traction with a high possibility of stopping power


  • Stiff and firm cushioning
Grade School UA Unisex-Child Lockdown 5

Kids play basketball, but not as intensely as adults; therefore, we have different criteria for evaluating their shoes.

The first factor to consider is the materials. You would want to buy a durable yet stretchy pair so that it has more room for the growth of your child’s feet. Good ventilation and support will also eliminate all the odor-causing bacteria for the junior shoes.

The Under Armour Kid Jet satisfies all the factors that your child needs.

The second factor relates to the flat feet issues. Just like other arch shoes in the market, this pair of sneakers provides padding on the heel collar and tongue that gives additional comfort and stability to the ankle. 

Flat-footed players can avoid harm and the possibility of collapsing after performing a series of quick actions.

Unlike adults trained to deal with sudden and quick movements on the court, children require high-quality shoelaces to aid their actions. Thus, this model remains a popular choice for kids when it’s paired with comfortable laces. 

The sneakers have a Die-cut EVA in terms of cushion, providing soft underfoot cushioning and shock absorption. 

The only complaint we have is that the chunky style of the shoes might not fit all children’s tastes.


  • Outstanding ventilating materials
  • Compatible for teenagers with various shoes sizes
  • Ample ankle and heel support for steady balance and injuries prevention
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Appear to be bulky

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5 - Best for Budget  

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 5

This decent shoe option is a little simple in terms of characteristics, yet they provide everything you need in a pair of well-rounded basketball shoes at a soft price. They are comfy, have a durable sole for arch support, improve performance, and provide good mobility for flat feet.

The Lockdown 5 is an excellent choice for dedicated players looking for a high-quality model with an attractive price. You won't have to pay a fortune for this, and you'll still receive many useful features.

One of the most appealing points of this model is that it can combat overheating. The mesh design upper allows players’ feet to dry and breathe easily, and the separate perforations provide even more airflow and extra comfort level while playing.

Flat feet might make you walk and play awkwardly when most of your body weight is stressing in one area. This issue will cause nerve damage and a burning sensation down the feet. Having adequate arch support and good ventilation material like our Under Armour Lockdown 5 will ease the pain from burning feet of flat foot players.

However, the support and cushion of this pair of shoes are quite basic and cannot compete with other basketball shoes on the list. It only incorporates a tough sole, a TPU film toe cap, and a cushioned sock liner, which is understandable at such an affordable price point. 

Whereas many more cost-effective choices reduce shortcuts, the Lockdown 5 compliments all players regardless of position. But if you’re aiming for more dunking, jumping, twisting movements, we suggest you opt for other higher-priced choices on the list.


  • Reasonable price
  • Alleviate the pain of flat-footed athletes' burning sensation
  • True to size
  • Stable support and average cushion


  • Traction, cushion, support, and material are average.

Below are the buying guides for the flat feet basketball players. Beyond these factors include other crucial elements like your shoe sizes, budget, and even the color styles. If you prefer functional and comfy yet fashionable basketball shoes for jumping dunk, don’t miss out on these aspects.


Basketball requires countless jumpings and hard cuts, so basketball players’ feet, especially heels, need to be well-padded to cope with the impact.

If the cushion is set too high, flat-footed players can’t maintain their level of stability, and they risk injuries when landing. Otherwise, the court feel will be superb with a too low cushion, but the cushion's impact protection and lockdown will remain minimal.

The same with the level of bounce. If you opt for soft cushioning, your feet are comfy but not responsive for jumping or speeding. On the other hand, a rigid cushion will not provide adequate impact protection and will not support jumping players such as forwards.


The 3 common areas that require the most support are ankle, heel, and forefeet. While playing, all the three mentioned places are vulnerable and must be safeguarded. A decent pair of shoes with enough support helps prevent potential injuries and other problems when running or leaping.

But when it comes to flat feet shoes, we need a model that can provide extra arches support. This support can prevent overpronation and inflammation for flat-foot people. It will especially help you maintain your balance throughout the game.

If you have low arches, try to look for shoes with low arches support. But if you have no arch in your feet, what you need is a pair of shoes with high arches.


Depending on your purposes and the duration of use, you can determine the type of materials you need for your basketball shoes.

For example, if you are a wide footer, you might want to opt for shoes with woven, knit, or leather material where you can easily stretch your feet after several times using. 

A good ventilation material is also a must if your flat feet often stress on one side, causing nerve damage and numb feet.

Final Words

Out of all the products listed above, we hope you have found your best basketball shoes for flat feet. 

Flat-footers surely have the disadvantage of needing more support, but don’t let such a minor issue (that can be fixed with proper footwear) stop you from pursuing your dream of playing basketball and performing your best during the entire game.

If you are still uncertain about your purchase, the pair of shoes that can alleviate a flat footer’s pain and support you best in a basketball match is the Nike Air Jordan 35. It’s the best basketball sneakers for flat feet for its ample support, responsive Zoom Air cushion, and herringbone traction.

Now, it’s time for you to boost your basketball career with a suitable pair of kicks!

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