Finding 11 Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginners That You Need To Have

Carpentry is one of the essential professions in today’s life. In the carpentry profession, woodworking is the most important step. However, many people often wonder about the tools required to meet the requirements of the woodworking profession.

Therefore, we will bring to you the information about 10 must-have tools for beginners in woodworking.

Top 11 basic woodworking tools for beginners

Electric drill

An electric drill can replace tools like a pen screwdriver or a chisel. An electric drill is a tool that you can use to drill holes in your wall.

Screw everything in its place, then you just drill, and everything will fall into place exactly as you planned.

Power drills are an absolute must-have power tool for anyone looking to do woodworking both indoors and outdoors. A device that beginners in woodworking should have.


basic woodworking tools for beginners

The router is another tool that you will find handy while working with wood. It can be used to hollow out dadoes, holes, decorative patterns, and cut wood edges as desired.

There are two types of routers, namely law, and fixed routers.

According to many user reviews, it is unnecessary to have both of these sets, as their functions are quite similar. However, in individual cases, it still has some stand-alone functionality that you will desperately need.

Therefore, every woodworker should have these two types of routers on hand.

Saw Miter

The miter saw is a good tool for a beginner to do basic woodworking tasks. You will have to use a miter saw to make diagonal cuts and corner cuts. Besides, with a miter saw pattern, you can also perform bevel cutting and joining.

The miter saw is a pretty handy tool to do woodworking, furniture, and repair floors.

Circular saw

If you do not have a table saw to work with plywood or MDF, a circular saw will be essential in this case. In addition, the use of a cheap saw may not be of good quality to cut large wood panels, and at this time, circular saws are very useful when sawing a variety of types of wood.


For those with better financial conditions, they can consider buying a table saw. It provides a cleaner and more precise cut than many saws on the market. Its saw blade also reduces the risk of kickback or blade pinching in case of too hard woodworking.

Table saw

As analyzed, the table saw is one of the necessary equipment for woodworking workers. Table saws are capable of producing more precise and beautiful cuts than other saws.


The table saw is designed like an upside-down circular saw; the blade is always exposed under the saw table. The depth and angle of the blade can be easily adjusted to the user’s will.


There are three main versions of the table saw, all suitable for those new to woodworking. Besides, depending on the nature of the work and the type of wood that you will use, these 3 versions are also separated and have different functions depending on each case.


With a table saw, you will have to spend a lot of money to have a quality blade to use the table saw most effectively. For example, users often have to use a saw blade in combination with a carbide tip or a Lucite Saw saw blade.


A hacksaw is a carpenter’s saw commonly used to cut rough wood or create complex curved cuts. The hacksaw is a combination of a circular saw and iron rod. And the saw blade is fixed on a steel strip, repeated continuously, and rotated around the upper and lower pulleys. 


Besides, between the inclined pulleys will be mounted a flat table, used to perform corner-cutting. A flat table is mounted between the inclined pulleys for corner-cutting.

The hacksaw has quite a few sizes, suitable and diverse according to the needs of users.

Hand saw

Every person who works in woodworking, whether new or old, needs a hand saw to serve his or her job.


A hand saw is a fairly simple, easy-to-use saw for processing wood quickly or for precise cutting of thin wood. The advantage of the saw is that there is no bulky weight, no long cords, or dead batteries. Therefore, users also easily move the hand door, take it everywhere.


Every beginner woodworker should spend money on a good quality hand saw. A good hand saw can satisfy you and more. With a sharp blade and excellent serrated shape, it can almost cut the wood to your liking.

Smoothing machine

This is a product that can be used to smooth or flatten and reduce the thickness of wood by pushing the blade across the surface of the wood.


For those who are new to woodworking, it is recommended to buy a jack plane number 5-1/2. The main function of this machine is usually to smooth the wood and the joints between the boards. This is the simplest and easiest-to-use aircraft.


Then, when you get used to using the above tool, you can think about buying other types such as aircraft designed for connection (planes 7 or 8), or planes that specialize in flattening. the wood….

Nail gun

In the simplest terms, a nail gun is a tool used in place of a hammer. This means that instead of using a hammer to drive individual nails, just use a nail gun and drive nails continuously.


This product is very necessary for people who are working in woodworking. Especially those who are making wooden planks or assembling pieces of wood according to their own needs.


It is an important weapon, serving the maximum work of a carpenter. Therefore, a nail gun is one of the essential pieces of equipment for beginners.

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Orbital sander

In woodworking, the sanding stage is quite important. You will spend a lot of your time sanding wood furniture by hand. And so, owning an orbital sander is essential unless you want to go 100% manual sanding and feel completely miserable.


A built-in orbital sander will be a better choice than other sanders, especially the corded type. Wired types will not interrupt the sanding session because they can always be ready to use without running out of battery, sudden shutdown.

Airless spray

Finally, a paint sprayer will be the most necessary to finish the woodworking process. If you’re painting a piece of furniture and need a fresh coat of paint, spray paint can think of your favorite color. And a paint sprayer is just what you need.


A paint sprayer will help you paint wood surfaces faster, easier, and more evenly than a regular spray bottle. Besides, it also helps to limit the smell of this chemical. And at the same time, it also reduces the negative impact on the health of the sprayer users.


Above are 10 Basic woodworking tools for beginners. Hopefully, this list of essential handy equipment for woodworking beginners will satisfy you.


Besides, according to many surveys, the tools on the list above are essential, which can make your woodworking experience safer and more enjoyable.


Reference source: 5 Must-Have Woodworking Tools For Beginners DIY | Woodworking Quick Tips


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